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For now, I dont have more to say than: I'm an illustrator who likes playing magic for over 10 years now. A longer time ago I won some regional tournaments, but this time is over and I focus on studying and leave Magic where I love it: A fantastic hobby which I casually play, most often Commander. The most exciting new thing is: My girlfriend happens to like it, too - which gives me the chance of having an absurdly fast learning opponent around...

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Said on Yasova Dragonclaw...


Commander's Sphere ist strictly better than Temur Banner. =)

July 10, 2017 7:07 a.m.

I just included another Sac-outlet, description above (Spawning Pit).

Bonehoard won me 3 games. Although he doesn't look like much, he is incredible to a point I'd have never imagined. This was never a dead card and can function on its own.

Homura has me on the fence - as you ut it with something else. It is possible he will go for Memnarch or something else. I don't know yet, but I'd love a good buff on a stick here that will stick.

Eternal scourge is something I want to try. Never got to play with this in, but if it doesn't work this will be easy to cut. Even as a blocker, with Mimic Vat and exiling it I can play him again and just grab the next thing in the vat that dies.

Demonmail Hauberk is way better than Grafted Wargear simply how it is worded. I can sac other things to equip the same creature (Yasova) again and again. This isn't possible with the other one since it would die. It doubles as a buff, too. And +4/+2 pushing Yasova to 8 power is very noteworthy.

Berserk will stay. I had a Blood Frenzy in before and knew I wanted a Berserk at some point. It not only works on each creature but my Yasova only dies if it attacks. So it can give +4/+0 and won't kill the creature if it doesn't attack. Also, it is destruction and not sacrifice, which can be important sometimes. Eldritch Evolution is nice, but no match for Birthing Pod here.

Last of all I'm completely with you on the fun part. This isn't meant to be competitive, but fun in multiplayer games. It heavily depends on the board state and proved to be very adaptive to problems.

Next few things most likely to change are Dack's Duplicate that will likely be replaced by Altered Ego / Aura Thief and Hero's Blade that will definately make room for another equipment in the Maybeboard. Either Fabricate or Whir of Invention will see places in the deck at some point, too. Academy Ruins will be in there, too; but there have to be more 'any color' lands to fix stuff (they will likely replace Lotus Vale).

Suggestions? =)

July 9, 2017 11:40 a.m.

Thank you very much, Teal_Fox! =) Yes, I've considered some of these for a while now. I know how important sac outlets are in Commander, but I (at least until now) haven't missed one in a game. I'm considering Grafted Wargear (instead of Hero's Blade) as an outlet to sac for stolen stuff ATM because it can also pump my commander if need be, but I don't like the sorcery speed on it...

I'll keep an eye out for your suggestions. Whenever the need arises I will consider some of them. I'm also interested in your opinion on what to cut! =)

July 6, 2017 4:16 p.m.






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