Felidar Sovereign


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare
Zendikar Mythic Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Felidar Sovereign

Creature — Cat Beast

Vigilance, lifelink

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 40 or more life, you win the game.

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Felidar Sovereign Discussion

Delta-117 on cats

1 day ago

I started putting together a deck like this too. I think it's worth using Anointed Procession here and maybe even Oketra the True.

Other considerations are Cast Out, Sandwurm Convergence, and Heroic Intervention.

The Felidar Sovereign is a neat addition here that I hadn't even thought of. But anyways here was my list even though it wasn't done:

G/W Cats

solarPULSAR on Deck of walls

1 day ago

Personally I feel the best wall decks are usually mono green, focusing on cards like Tree of Redemption and Assault Formation, using Axebane Guardian and Overgrown Battlement for massive ramping. If you're interested in that kind of deck, you can check out my eldrazi wall ramp deck Climb the Vines to Ulamog. The only win condition I see in your deck would be Wall of Hope with Felidar Sovereign but I feel like you'll need more lifegain than just that one wall to activate the wincon there. I love seeing people with wall decks tho so itll be cool to see if you can make this deck into a beater!

xyr0s on Stomping the ground

1 day ago

@mahdik Not to be a know-it-all or anything, but... erhm... winning is pretty well defined in magic. You know: Reduce your opponents life total to 0 or less, or have your opponent attempt to draw a card without having any cards left in library - in both of these cases, you win the game. Other than this, there are a few cards with their own conditions for winning, like Felidar Sovereign. And playing a game like magic, poker or parcheesi, actually has some fairly clear conditions for determining when the game is over, and what the results of this particular match was, including who won. And while some players may appreciate other things you can do in a game like magic other than winning (splashy plays, theme decks), those that mark their deck with the "competitive" tag, probably care about winning, at least with this particular deck. Those that also mark their deck "budget" cares about winning, but without having to sell their firstborn to do so. What can seem a little odd, is a long and eloquent essay about how you find the urge to make every deck competitive hard to tolerate - you could see the "competitive" tag, so... why bother complaining about it? There is a whole pile of casual decks, that you could comment on.

Regarding this deck: Yes, it's possible to classify decks in terms of their approach to winning, and many cards are only played in one type of deck. This deck is an aggro deck. That defines how it's going to win. It's also a budget deck. Like a couple of other decks, it's a metacall: Sometimes the local environment shapes up in a way, where certain decks would be easy to win with. This one would be pretty good if there's a lot of burn decks, I think. But in a UW-control heavy meta, it wouldn't really shine. It's probably one of the decks, that are that little bit too fair to be really competitive. but it does have it's uses.

I agree on a couple of your opinions: 4 cmc cards are hard to play in modern, at least if you are going to do so on curve - you don't suggest Wilt-Leaf Liege as a 4 cmc creature, but a way to deal with discard, right? Also, this deck might have a bit too many buffing cards - and a correspondingly low creature count (it's a bit of interpretation, but that's what I think you meant).

The single copy of Groundbreaker I really like. At a single copy, it's unlikely to clutter your hand. And it's the type of card, that can end a game against an opponent who runs out of removal, or thinks he is safe for some other reason. More than 1 copy would be too much, though. And I think a point about it could be, that some opponents might hold back removal specifically for this, and let some of your other creatures live.

PipPipMagulager on W/B Tokens

2 days ago

I agree with pretty much everything said! It looks like you're going in the right direction, here's some more options to choose from incase you want more:

Allied ReinforcementsCaptain's ClawsOath of GideonDesolation Twin would be pretty sick as a finisher if you make it that long, probably not a good idea, but thought I'd mention if your local meta is slow.Ethereal Guidance or an instant equivalent could be sideboard-able in my opinionI also like me some one or two of's Unruly Mob and Inspiring Captain for the same reason, but don't let ANY creatures distract you from token generation, that is number one, any synergies that don't generate tokens are just icing on the cake. Focus on tokens FIRST.If you find you have great early game life gain Felidar Sovereign is an option as a one or two of.Call of the Bloodline Shamble Back From Under the Floorboards and Gisa's Bidding are all things in standard.

I'm not saying any of these will be the answer to your problems, but options are always a good thing, and you can mess around to see what works for you! Can't wait to see what you do!

warwolf831 on Karlov Life Gain 1.0 (Any feedback appreciated)

3 days ago

I would recommend Felidar Sovereign and Test of Endurance; you have a lot of ways to gain life, but these will help you win the game with all that life.

Catpocolypse on Mono White Angel Lifegain

3 days ago

Felidar Sovereign is possibly the best win condition for this deck as it is centered completely on your life total. Or Test of Endurance. They would both be great editions to this deck. Rhox Faithmender would help your life total spike which would make the earlier win conditions much more likely.

Argy on

5 days ago

Your lands are weighted towards , yet your early spells are weighted towards

Also, if you have Attune with Aether in a deck then you drop that number of lands. Attune with Aether is the same as hitting a land drop, because it fetches one for you.

I would change your lands to:

4x Aether Hub
2x Canopy Vista
7x Forest
3x Fortified Village
4x Plains

I wouldn't just stick 4 of every Creature in a deck. That is a classic building mistake.

You want 4 of Creatures that will make you win more consistently.

I would cut Felidar Sovereign and Regal Caracal down to 3 copies each.

In their place I would try 2x Gisela, the Broken Blade. Her life gain might help you to win with Felidar Sovereign.

Since you have 4 less cards I would fill those spots with removal.

To me the best removal spell at the moment is Declaration in Stone.

It can Exile Indestructible Creatures and also wipes Tokens off the board.

I would put 4 of those in.

See how those changes go and tag me if you want me to take another look.

Oloro_Magic on Life Gain/ Lifelink - Mono white

5 days ago

6 tap lands may be a little steep for a deck with this low of a curve. Felidar Sovereign and Aetherflux Reservoir are cool win-cons for this deck you can consider.

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