Sigil of the Empty Throne


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Magic Origins Rare
Planechase 2012 Edition Rare
Conflux Rare

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Sigil of the Empty Throne


Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

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Sigil of the Empty Throne Discussion

baermudas on Control and card advantage without blue? Oh yes!

2 weeks ago

Thanks for all the suggestions! I played Sigil of the Empty Throne in an older version of this deck, but it wasn't that good. GSZ is so important, because it gives me the carddraw I need to close the game quickly. Mana Bloom seems interesting, I'll give it a try. Myth Realized is a target fo spot removal, so i.e. STP isn't a dead card anymore and Plea for Guidance is to slow for legacy.

ruy343 on Control and card advantage without blue? Oh yes!

2 weeks ago

I know that your deck is designed to go fast and become indestructible quickly, but because you're playing so many enchantments, you might consider Sigil of the Empty Throne as an alternate wincon (i.e. each time you cast an enchantment, you get more angels until, eventually, you can overwhelm the enemy).

Something else to consider for card advantage might be the lowly Mana Bloom, which can be cast with X=0 so that it returns to hand every turn, and giving your Argothian Enchantress and Enchantress's Presence yet another trigger each turn.

Also, if you'd like to get some more blockers or attackers out there, but aren't drawing your invulnerability enchantments, a good alternative might be to include Myth Realized. Also, rather than Green Sun's Zenith, which is a risky move with only 5 creatures in your deck, you might consider something that brings you enchantments such as Plea for Guidance, although that card does have a high mana cost for little immediate return.

JararoNatsu on

2 weeks ago


I agree with you on Baleful Eidolon. I'm trying to find a replacement for it at the moment. There aren't many Enchantment creatures that work for that slot, so I'm on the hunt for something viable. I'm just trying to remove as little Black from the deck as I can. That being said, Nyx-Fleece Ram could work here. I'll see what I can do.

I actually just removed Sigil of the Empty Throne from this deck. I originally had this deck way to spread between what it is now and generating tokens, and I removed the tokens to focus completely on how it functions currently.

Eidolon of Rhetoric was just a potential idea. I don't think I'll follow through with it, because it wouldn't work as well as I would like it to.

Thank you for your comment!

Hydrax on

2 weeks ago

This looks pretty sweet!

I do have a few suggestions though:

  • Baleful Eidolon seems a bit out of place, considering you're not exactly relying on combat to win, but more so grinding out the game. I think Nyx-Fleece Ram would be a better choice here. 0/5 body blocks a lot of early game creatures like Goblin Guide and Monastery Swiftspear while also gaining you Life every turn, independent of anything else. It's a great card against aggressive decks.

  • Personally I'd replace just 1 Sphere of Safety with a Sigil of the Empty Throne or Starfield of Nyx, as a sort of finisher or alternate win-con.

  • I noticed the Eidolon of Rhetoric in your sideboard. I'm assuming this is for Storm decks? The problem is that they can just kill it and continue as they please but if you use Rule of Law instead it's much harder for them to get rid of.

That's all I have really, the deck looks good. +1 from me!

vibrabones on Bruna, Auramancer

3 weeks ago

It seems like you're trying to build Bruna as a Voltron commander, so you'll want to focus your cards around her. You won't really need basic creatures like Serra Angel; consider replacing them will creatures that have more helpful abilities for Bruna, like Sram, Senior Edificer, Mesa Enchantress, Umbra Mystic, and Aegis Angel. As for enchantments, I have a few suggestions that you haven't included here: Sigil of the Empty Throne, Gift of Immortality, Spirit Mantle, Sphere of Safety, Spectra Ward, and Flickerform. You'll want to run a couple of counterspells, like Counterspell and Rewind, to protect you from your opponents' spells.

EDHREC is a great, wonderful website that offers lots of helpful card suggestions for every possible commander, including Bruna! I would highly recommend checking it out for further suggestions to refine and improve your deck. Good luck with your deckbuilding!

lagotripha on Protection Circle

3 weeks ago

Interesting setup, but not quite modern. I'd consider Luminarch Ascension or Sigil of the Empty Throne in place of the absolutes as they aren't modern legal, with Porphyry Nodes in place of another couple. Angel's Feather would be practical to replace staff&cup, and a sideboard of Stony Silence/Rest in Peace/Starfield of Nyx could hold together well enough to steal a creature heavy friday night.

Good luck and happy playtesting.

NV_1980 on Kaalia, Draconic Angels

3 weeks ago

If you don't mind, I'd also like to comment on some other things. I'm not sure whether you're on a budget, so I've recommended both cheap and more expensive cards. So, first your creature choices.

I think you should remove Angelic Overseer. Her hexproof/indestructible bonus only works when you have Bastion Protector in play, because he's the only human you've got.

I'm not sure whether I'd keep Corrosive Mentor either. Sure, wither works well against creatures that have indestructible, but there are easier ways to deal with those; especially when you're playing white and black. Merciless Eviction, Unmake, Descend upon the Sinful and some of the cards I mentioned earlier are great in this regard.

I think Deathpact Angel and Oros, the Avenger are way too expensive for what they can do; I'd consider other creatures in their stead.

I get that Reassembling Skeleton and Typhoid Rats are in here because you wanted some cheap creatures, but I think there are better choices that will fit the theme of your deck a lot better.

Having said all of this, here are some suggestions I have for other creatures:

I'd also recommend some demons but as you said in your description, you don't want any. So I'll refrain from doing that.

I'm not sure why you've chosen some of the enchantments in this deck. Grave Pact for instance. You're not (really) using a token deck that sacrifices its own creatures left and right, so other players (especially those who ARE playing token decks (check out Meren's Returning Army)) will laugh this off. For a similar reason I question Sigil of the Empty Throne. Sure there are some enchantments in this deck that allow you to generate Angels, but enchantments aren't really the main theme of your deck.

Instead, I'd build some more on your recursion theme and add cards like Sigil of the New Dawn or Debtors' Knell. Also, it wouldn't hurt to add some card draw to your deck. This is the reason why I would add some demons because they have inherrent card-draw abilities. But if you don't want these, you could keep cards like Phyrexian Arena, Underworld Connections or Greed in mind.

In terms of artifacts, I'd consider some more mana artifacts. Otherwise you're too dependent on Kaalia; especially in the early stages of a game. Also, if you can add Strionic Resonator which can makes Kaalia use her ability twice in one attack. I think Quicksilver Amulet would do very well too, as this is basically a second Kaalia.

JararoNatsu on

4 weeks ago

cornpie987387, thank you for your suggestions! I considered Luminarch Ascension but found that I prefer Sigil of the Empty Throne. Open the Vaults and Mesa Enchantress, however, are worth looking into. I'll experiment a bit and see if those are worth mainboarding or at least sideboarding. Thank you again!

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