Sigil of the Empty Throne


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology (PCA) Rare
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare
Planechase 2012 Edition (PC2) Rare
Conflux (CON) Rare

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Sigil of the Empty Throne


Whenever you cast an enchantment spell, put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield.

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Sigil of the Empty Throne Discussion

acbooster on Doubling Season & Sigil of ...

1 week ago

It would only make one token.

Sigil of the Empty Throne triggers on cast, meaning that your Doubling Season is still on the stack when the ability goes on the stack. The ability will resolve first and get you a 4/4 Angel, then Doubling Season will resolve and enter the field.

Enral on Doubling Season & Sigil of ...

1 week ago

If I have a Sigil of the Empty Throne in play and cast Doubling Season, will Sigil produce two or just one angel token? If yes or no would appreciate if you can break the process down for me. Thanks!

Suns_Champion on Seeking Immortality

2 weeks ago

Hi! Love the Faerie idea!

You'd probably be safe cutting:

Brainstorm cantrips arnt' as useful in EDH I feel. Same for Ponder and Preordain. Pick one I'd say.

Rest in Peace(unless your meta is really tricky with the 'yard)

Search for Azcanta  Flip only seems just okay to me.

Sigil of the Empty Throne my be considered as a cut. It doesn't work when Zur cheats out enchantments and is higher up on the curve. Still, It's a good card.

Stoneforge Mystic, as good as she is, can probably be cut to focus the deck on faeries. She deserves to be built around.

Nectar Faerie seems kinda weak. You have mostly 1/1 faeries.

Hope this helps! It was difficult; this is a pretty tight list!

P.S. you have the Top but no Land Tax??

tetsuothecat on Mistress of the Forest (Infinite Enchantress)

2 weeks ago

I personally don't see the need for the Vedalken Orrery in here. You don't really need to keep mana open for counters and throwdown random stuff before your next turn... but that's me. I personally would ditch Into the Wilds because its costly and doesn't do enough. I'm also not sure if you need a Chromatic Lantern and could swap it for Prismatic Omen. Also, if you're going to count to 100 for Altar of Dementia... that means that you've most likely have gone infinite and you have many ways to get infinite mana (colorless mana typically) without too much to do with it... if you really need an alt wincon for that maybe swap for Helix Pinnacle? Play Exploration over Burgeoning as you will be drawing lots of cards and then don't rely on other people dropping land... its better late game IMO. For other ideas... other creature generation maybe Sigil of the Empty Throne or again, Monastery Mentor? I've personally used Rites of Flourishing with success, also makes people less likely to murder you - maybe fit that in. For mana base, I don't like Cabal Coffers in decks with more than 2 colors... but you seem to have quite a bit of search for the tomb... I would remove it for something else. I would also remove some of the lands that enter tapped - like the man lands they are too costly mana-wise. your base is fairly diverse though so i would just take those out as when you start needing to ramp a land coming into play tapped might slow you down just a bit too much.

slvstrChung on Solar Flare

4 weeks ago

I'm a little confused about why you aren't taking advantage of the "enchantments matter" theme. Kor Spiritdancer would be a heck of a bomb. Sigil of the Empty Throne too. Check out my W/G Bestowtempole and Avatar: The Last Enchantmentbender for other cards that might benefit you.

Philoctetes on Strengthening Saint Traft

1 month ago

Also, I think Sigil of the Empty Throne really wants to play with either more enchantments or enchantments that can be recurred.

Flickering Ward would be a great inclusion if you keep the Throne, as it works well with your commander already. Gossamer Chains is another pillow fort type effect that also works wonderfully with it.

Pieguy396 on Modern Enchantments

1 month ago

Hey there! Cool deck you have here! I have some comments for you:

The way your deck is currently built, it looks like a hybrid of two of the most common enchantment-based decks in Modern: Bogles and Enchantress. I would recommend picking one to focus on, and ignoring the other. Bogles plays small, hexproof creatures (such as the namesake Slippery Bogle), and then buffs them with four or five Auras, such as Ethereal Armor, Rancor, and Daybreak Coronet. Enchantress, on the other hand, is more of a prison deck, ramping quickly with Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl, then dropping Ghostly Prisons and Story Circles to prevent your opponents creatures from attacking, then drawing a bunch of cards with an Eidolon of Blossoms, and closing out the game with a Sigil of the Empty Throne.

You might have noticed that both of those decks have something in common: Green. Green offers a lot to an Enchantress deck, ranging from ramp Auras (Utopia Sprawl), buff Auras (Rancor), and card-drawing engines (Eidolon of Blossoms). There's even cards like Herald of the Pantheon and Courser of Kruphix if you want to get really deep. I would strongly recommend adding Green to your deck, even if you don't choose either of the above routes, as there are so many good options the color has to offer.

If you do want to go the Enchantress route, I have an Enchantress deck that I love playing: Modern is Enchanting.

In any case, good luck with your deck, and welcome to the site! If you ever want feedback on one of your decks, feel free to leave a comment on my profile!

CaptSillva on Zur, Enchanter

1 month ago

Here are some sweet cards that I think you could consider for this deck. Serra's Sanctum, Replenish, Retether, Daybreak Coronet, Steel of the Godhead, Vanishing Important to note that Phasing out takes all attached cards with the creature, Pariah, Rest in Peace, Energy Field Combo's well with Rest in Peace, Doomwake Giant, and Sigil of the Empty Throne.

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