Cartouche of Solidarity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Cartouche of Solidarity

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control

When Cartouche of Solidarity enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Warrior creature token with vigilance.

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has first strike.

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Cartouche of Solidarity Discussion

ancientskull on Catchantments

23 hours ago

I love the idea of the deck! However, you won't get your value out of Stone Haven Outfitter and Kemba, Kha Regent, as your aura's don't count as equipments (and therefore won't trigger their abilities). I would recommend something like Cartouche of Solidarity, Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, and Sram, Senior Edificer as some decent auras and creatures, as well as possibly running Path to Exile or Oblivion Ring as some removal. Overall, I love it! +1!

TheGoldenTim on Jeskai Auras

1 week ago

I would personally take out Cartouche of Solidarity, and put in Favorable Winds. Make it more flying eccentric. Put in Cobbled Wings. Also with the ammount of buffing you get for all of this, I dont see a need for Shield of the Realm even though its a great card, I would rather side board it for going up against burn decks.

FastIsFaster on Simply Enchanting

2 weeks ago

Might have to wait until Hashep Oasis rotates out and you put more Forest in, but Blanchwood Armor might be interesting in this deck. Not sure how many copies, but it might be an interesting replacement for Cartouche of Solidarity

razelfark on Enchantment deck

4 weeks ago

Two creatures I would highly recommend for the deck are Vine Mare and Carnage Tyrant. Both creatures have hexproof making them hard for your opponent to remove from the board and make for strong enchantment targets. Just by using Dub on either one of these creatures will make it hard for your opponent to defend from them; because of the trample built into the creatures default and Dub's Firststrike on such large bodies.

Other cards that may be helpful

Danitha Capashen, Paragon: Good value body for its abilities and it also reduces the cost of your auras

On Serra's Wings: an enchantment that makes it hard to block your creatures because of flying and offers lifelink as well. Careful with this aura as it is legendary (only one copy allowed on board at a time).

Cartouche of Solidarity: is a strong one cost aura that is a cheap pickup, but it will rotate when next set releases.

These are some of the better cards that I could find that might help your deck idea. Best of luck with the deck.

Funkydiscogod on Uril, the Miststalker Help

1 month ago

For Aura removal, Galvanic Arc, Lightning Diadem.

To prevent sacrifices, make some disposable critters with Cartouche of Solidarity and Fists of Ironwood

RoyaleWithCheese on A satyr, a spartan and a fiery cat...

1 month ago


I tried to make a Boros version, with Ethereal Armor and other cards like Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, Cartouche of Solidarity and others. But since this deck is mono-red, Ethereal can't be used.

Honestly, this deck doesn't suffer from lack of damage output too, but lacks evasion.

Quiet_Listener on Nvm

1 month ago


kamarupa on Might of the Masses ($13)

1 month ago

I think since she's legendary, you could cut 2xShanna, Sisay's Legacy. After that, I think the next spell I'd go after would be Cartouche of Solidarity - it just doesn't give you enough tokens.

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