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The Golden Cube



Creature (158)

Land (69)

Enchantment (30)

Instant (52)

Sorcery (37)

Artifact (14)

Welcome to the Golden Cube!

A "Cube" is a set of cards that you draft and play as a tournament. The set of cards are randomly assembled as "packs" of magic cards. There is only one copy of each card. There are exactly 360 cards, meaning that 8 players will have 3 15-card packs to draft. After the draft portion of the tournament, we will play best-of-3 matches according to a standard bracket. There will be a rules book available for anyone's reference.

Once all 3 "packs" have been drafted around the table, each player will build a deck to play in a tournament. The theme of this cube is COLORS. The deck must be at least 40 cards, and typically consists of 17 lands [basic lands will be supplied] and 23 non-land cards (generally, the non-land cards will consist of 15-17 creatures, and the rest should be non-creature spells). These are general guidelines that need not be strictly followed.

Every card in the Golden Cube (except for a few favorite gems) affects lands, affects colors, or is multicolored. The goal was to have a cube that is fun for newcomers and veterans alike. There are very few combos, and I tried to limit the number of mechanics, to keep things less complicated. There are no planeswalkers. Graveyards are rarely important. There is no real artifact deck. I expect most decks will be 3 to 5 colors and on the slower side; there are no real aggressive decks.

When it is once again safe to gather at a kitchen table, and I have 7 solid friends who can commit a day to playing a tournament (or 2), we will draft the Cube.

Until we can get together, you are advised to learn about the cards.

Good luck!


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