Lingering Souls

Lingering Souls


Create two 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with flying.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Lingering Souls Discussion

Jackfrost23 on A Very Meaty Massacre (Dagger Burn)

3 weeks ago

Good idea but not for a budget deck :) I feel like because there is so much Illness in the Ranks doesn't hit and it kills our Lingering Souls tokens its not worth it. We already have The Meathook Massacre as well.

deaddrift on Mardu Monkeyblade

1 month ago

0-2 drop last night, deck kinda crapped out on me. Lost to a Jeskai Murktide pile and to Burn again. Still soft to Burn, though to be fair I have not drawn Kaya's Guile yet in that pairing. Also, Spyro can be awkward on T3 or 4 when I don't want to discard.

Weirdly, I haven't seen a Ragavan in hand in five straight matches. The variance is real. Without that cheap pressure and ramp, it's tough to keep up and hard cast that Batterskull in time, unless I draw more lands than I have been seeing. And last night I never had more than three lands in play. Chalking it up to variance.

Changes: -1 Seasoned Pyromancer, +1 Lingering Souls.

zAzen7977 on Merchant, Marauder, Murderer

2 months ago

Hey StoryArcher, I have a lot of experience with black devotion - I’d like to share my thoughts with you (I am making suggestions regardless of budget considerations, since I don’t see the budget tag):

I concur with the other users above - you need to seriously consider mainboarding more cheap removal. Rider is good, but it’s expensive at 3 mana and also costs 2 life. It’s ok to run 1-2, but there’s a reason why Fatal Push is a mainstay in black decks. Especially if you run a few fetch lands to thin the deck and trigger revolt. Another good option is Dismember, which kills the germ created by Kaldra Compleat and other pesky indestructible creatures for as low as 1 mana. The new Infernal Grasp looks good too.

You are running too many Gray Merchant of Asphodel - 2 is enough. You don’t want them to clog up your hand, and your land count is lean at 22 lands.

Additional lifegain is also important. Consider a couple Collective Brutality to gain life and as backup removal/discard. Cling to Dust on the sideboard is very useful for lifegain and card drawing.

Sign in Blood is a weak card because it doesn’t further your board state. Phyrexian Arena is slower, but it draws you a card every turn and adds to devotion. Also Liliana, the Last Hope helps fish for creatures from your deck/graveyard. She is complimented well by Liliana of the Veil, which discards your own cards but her ultimate is game-ending. Geralf's Messenger is good but slow. I would cut them in favor of the Lilianas.

I don’t see the usefulness of Knight of the Ebon Legion. You aren’t running a tribal vampire deck, and it seems out of place. Consider Dauthi Voidwalker to add to your devotion and for built-in graveyard hate. There are more graveyard based decks than ever in today’s meta.

Other good choices are Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet for lifegain and zombie generation, and Tourach, Dread Cantor for discard and protection from white.

I concur with wallisface - splashing a little white for better removal on the sideboard is a big help in today’s meta. Lingering Souls is very useful to generate pressure in the early game and can be discarded by Liliana and Collective Brutality. Also Silent Clearing is a great way to draw additional cards. If you run 1-2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, you can turn your fetches and Silent Clearings into swamps and save life.

Here is a link to my list, for your reference:

TWIN LILIANA CONTROL - Black Devotion [Primer MH2]

Hope this helps! :)

K0rt on Angels ♡ That need some help

2 months ago

Get ready for a long post. I put way to much effort into this.

Depends on what direction you want to go and how competitive you want to be. Currently, Ephemerate doesn't really give you much value for flicking your angels, meaning that it isn't worth the card it is taking up over just another angel. I see two different ways to take this deck, either leaning into Angel synergies with life gain or a Ephemerate deck.

Ephemerate decks are great, and if your looking for a budget deck for a kitchen table or low powered modern games then you can build something pretty cheaply by just looking around for cool cards on Scryfall. The issue is that if you want more than that and want a more powerful deck the creatures that work well with Ephemerate are generally really really good and become very expensive by being played loads. In competitive modern these are often 80 cards Yorion, Sky Nomad decks that run Stoneforge Mystic and Solitude as there main cards, which are very expensive. You can try something with Wall of Omens, Thraben Inspector and Charming Prince to generate value but it won't be very powerful with Stoneforge. I think if you want bang for your buck you probably want to try and build the deck around Angel's synergies, although if you want to upgrade into competitive Modern deck at some variable point in the future it is less good.

In the angel's direction, the main payoffs in Modern are being able to play Aether Vial, Resplendent Angel and Archangel of Thune which are all, presumably, out of your price range. To make a budget version you probably want to make out on Youthful Valkyrie, Speaker of the Heavens, Seraph Sanctuary and Bishop of Wings for additional synergies with Angels. You probably want to play some Serra Avenger as a cheap beater and source of Angel related triggers. Some other cards are Sephara, Sky's Blade, although with would be best with a source of tokens such as Lingering Souls and Spectral Procession and cheat it in more consistently if you want to build around it. Archangel of Tithes is greater in creature matchups if you play against them regularly and can easily win races combined with your lifegain. Angel of Invention is a 'Lord' effect that also can create chump blockers and have value if your creates all die. Honor of the Pure is a pump effect that is difficult to interact with. Starnheim Unleashed is one of the most powerful cards in standard Angels and can win games by itself.

As much as it pains me to say it as a big fan of Meld Gisela, the Broken Blade and Bruna, the Fading Light  Flip aren't really that good, either dying to the most played removal in the format like (Lightning Bolt) for no value or costing 7 mana for too little upside. The same is true for Angel of Destiny which seems like a massive win more card 90% of the time. Starnheim Aspirant seems good but considering the number of white symbols in your costs I doubt this will be legitimately save on mana enough to warrant an inclusion. With your current mana base, you only going to draw double black to cast Sign in Blood 53% of the time by turn 6 and I doubt increasing the number of tapped lands is worth the card draw. Speaking of which making out on Scoured Barrens is probably worth it alongside a couple of other dual lands of your choice, maybe Silverquill Campus if your going to be running the Firja's Retribution which I recommend as that card is very very good.

TLDR: Add good cards cut bad cards.

zapyourtumor on White Therefore Superior

3 months ago

Maybe consider splashing B?

Gives you access to Lingering Souls, Bitterblossom (synergizes with Timely Reinforcements), Zealous Persecution, Sorin, Solemn Visitor

If you stay mono white: Raise the Alarm, Venerated Loxodon

amicdeep on The Necronomicon: Budget Mardu Reanimator

3 months ago

I would consider a couple of other creatures as one offs as alternatives for when you need an answer and not a threat. Ashen Rider springs to mind. As a good catch all. Another thing that may be worth adding is a few more shambling vents as needle spire is not great.

Lastly I would add at least 1 Unburial Rites. As I can be tutored with unmarked grave and used from the gy.

I would also look for a couple of winds of abandoned as solid mb removal spells that also can act as boardwipes against midrange. (As currently I feel like you may struggle against a more aggressive oponent, especially with only 1 reanimation target)

Lastly having something like Lingering Souls or Smiting Helix as alt wincons that also function well in a discard heavy deck. (At the moment you pretty much fold to surgical extraction, and/ and we'll times gy hate.) They would also allow you to stall games against aggro and still provide pressure when your combo gets countered/removed/discarded.

zapyourtumor on Mono Black Pox Control

3 months ago

I'd drop a nether spirit. Nobody wants to end up with two nether spirits in the yard at the same time.

Without the win conditions of BW smallpox (Bloodghast, Lingering Souls, various walkers) you should probably add a playset of Shrieking Affliction as those above me have suggested. 4-rack is just not a viable strategy -- and it especially sucks against any low to the ground aggro deck where they dump their hand, all your discard is useless, and you somehow can't draw into a rack effect to race them. IF you're looking for stuff to cut, I'd probably cut the 2 Thoughtseize, since targeted discard becomes very bad in rack decks after turns 1-2. Cutting a nether spirit and an extirpate/wrench mind would give you 4 slots for affliction.

Regarding the manabase -- you do have a lot of lands, but I think you have enough ways to discard them that it isn't too bad. Personally, I don't see why anyone would play a deck primarily built around smallpox without using Flagstones of Trokair, but okay.

zapyourtumor on 8-Rack BW

3 months ago

You have smallpox but aren't really leveraging it to break symmetry with your opponent. Definitely go 3-4 Lingering Souls since you can discard it to smallpox or lili. Also, you're running BW with 4 urborgs and smallpox yet no Flagstones of Trokair ? I'd add at least 3-4 of those as well. You can probably cut down on some Thoughtseize because having 8x full targeted discard effects isn't really necessary since you should be emptying your opponent's hand pretty fast anyways. Plus they are crappy late draws if your opp only has lands in hand.

Running Lingering Souls (and Raven's Crime ) might have some nonbo with Rest in Peace , so you could use Leyline of the Void or Dauthi Voidwalker instead for grave hate. You could also run Delirium Skeins in the sb against Leyline of Sanctity .

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