Perilous Vault

Perilous Vault


{5}, {T}, Exile Perilous Vault: Exile all nonland permanents.

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Perilous Vault occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Perilous Vault Discussion

elkion on

3 months ago

I don't think Sage's Row Savant is worth a slot in really any deck, and especially not this one as you are not beating down and you have the opportunity to basically blank your opponent's removal without it. I think one or two Perilous Vault is a fantastic idea, really completes the deck IMO and it does have a pedigree in control decks. Radiant Fountain is also a great idea if you aren't going to lean into the Mystic Sanctuary package and the ability to cast Warden if you're playing it.

I think this is deck is really shaping up into something uniquely powerful!

If you're not into Quench, Censor or Warrant / Warden (just ignore the Warden side) might fill the 2 drop hole. Or it might even be worth slotting Golden Egg back in for the great Disappearing Act combo.

ChrisHansonBiomancin on

3 months ago

I like the control direction this is heading in, but I think you're a bit overloaded with counterspells while missing a couple key control elements.

One strength of playing control is that your opponent's removal spells become dead cards, but that means that your win condition needs to be resistant to removal since your opponent will likely be loaded with removal by the time you play it. AEtherling is practically untouchable once it resolves with a few mana up, and can quickly finish an opponent with its various abilities. Shimmer Dragon is another interesting idea if you went harder into an artifact strategy.

You'll probably want a little more board interaction as well to catch things that get by your counterspells, and ideally have something that can act as a board wipe. Perilous Vault is slow but reliable, and AEtherspouts is probably better than bounce-to-hand effects since your opponent will have to sacrifice their draws if they decide to put the creatures on top, giving you some card advantage. Void Snare might be better than Unsummon despite being a sorcery, as it can hit noncreatures as well.

Lastly, you might want a big, top-of-curve draw spell to give you a little more than just Witching Well for card advantage. Dig Through Time is probably the ideal option, but for a budget choice you could look at Precognitive Perception or Finale of Revelation . Also consider adding in 4x Radiant Fountain to your land base to get a little life gain in there (hard to find in Blue) - it would combo nicely with Disappearing Act.

Profet93 on Let the Nightmare Go On..

4 months ago

Cut Swamp to go to 38 lands, 39 is too much

Cut swamp for Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - Upgrade and goes with coffers and non-swamps

Cut swamp for Thespian's Stage - Copy coffers or any utility land like cradle, strip mine, etc...

Murderous Rider > Hero's Downfall

Hellfire is such an expensive card that hurts you, cut for something cheaper like Dead of Winter , Mutilate or Toxic Deluge .

How are you dealing with artifacts and enchantments? One Rest in Peace and you lose unless you make them proactively discard it which isn't always possible. Some suggestions of budget and nonbudget include....

Karn Liberated , Ugin, the Spirit Dragon , Ratchet Bomb , Lux Cannon , Nevinyrral's Disk , Oblivion Stone , Boompile , Ratchet Bomb , Perilous Vault , Blast Zone etc...

Ill-Gotten Gains seems like it can backfire a large portion of the time. What is the purpose of it, to put creatures in yards or general recursion? If you're looking for recursion of black cards, Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed can do the trick. General recursion can be down with Yawgmoth's Will . Artifact/Creature recursion can be done with Beacon of Unrest (not suggesting beacon, but just an idea to note).

Profet93 on The Toxic Deluge: Erebos, God of the Dead

4 months ago

IMO, the real reason I like Kukusho is for the lifegain. Getting 15 life allows you to get that much more card advantage. With ALL the ramp black has and all the card draw your commander provides, you should be able to win very easily. If your group knows you're going to cast repay in kind due to all your lifeloss, I wouldn't be surprised if it got countered or if they killed you prior to you being able to do so. Idk about your meta and the lvl of interaction but that's worth noting.

Thought Vessel > Charcoal Diamond - You already have enough black sources and the no max hand size is extremely useful for digging.

Reliquary Tower > Barren Moor - Utility > Looting. ESPECIALLY with necropotence, idk why it isn't in the deck already.

Again, Sol Ring , why isn't it in the deck?

You're also EXTREMELY vulnerable to artifacts and enchantments as you haven't slotted any removal for them. Some budget and non-budget options include....

Karn Liberated , Ugin, the Spirit Dragon , Ratchet Bomb , Lux Cannon , Nevinyrral's Disk , Oblivion Stone , Boompile , Ratchet Bomb , Perilous Vault , etc...

Profet93 on Pin Cushion

5 months ago


This looks similar to the famous Yawgmoth on the Rocks deck. I actually play against the famous deck daily so I know this can be brutal if given a chance to. +1

I agree with above comment, phyrexian tribute is weak. Gate to phyrexia is ok. But I would rather add Nevinyrral's Disk , Oblivion Stone , Ugin, the Spirit Dragon , Karn Liberated , Ratchet Bomb , Perilous Vault , even Unstable Obelisk all depending on preference and budget. Reason being it hits troublesome enchantments like Rest in Peace. All you have at the moment is blast zone, meteor golem and ulamog which IMO aren't enough.

Then remove the other phyrexian card for Imp's Mischief . Counters counterspells, reidrect removal, change extra turn target. Lots of uses and rarely expected. Now people need to be careful if you have 2 black open!

Yawgmoth's Will

DuTogira on Red artifact help

5 months ago

Oblivion Stone , Nevinyrral's Disk , and Perilous Vault handle enchantments for starters...
look man, I totally get the blue hate thing, but red artifacts can be good too. The problem with artifacts in general is that they’re not that good unless you’re willing to spend a small fortune on them.
I’m talking Crucible of Worlds + Wasteland locking people with Mana Web + Winter Orb , Ensnaring Bridge , cheating in a Darksteel Forge . Blue has better artifact support sure, so it can be cheaper to build a decent artifact deck in blue. But red can still get nasty, you just have to drop a lot more money into the deck for it to feel good.

SmudgeDredd on Ezuri, Renegade Leader

6 months ago

Protection for Ezuri:
Swiftfoot Boots , Mask of Avacyn , Alpha Authority , Swiftfoot Boots , Swiftfoot Boots

Why go big, when you can go infinite?
There's a few combos out there but the most budget one I've seen goes: Elvish Guidance and your Arbor Elf , and Sword of the Paruns plus any three elves you've got. If you've got Ezuri out you can pump your boys silly.

Some board wipe options:
The Great Aurora , Perilous Vault , Nevinyrral's Disk , Setessan Tactics , Wave of Vitriol , Ratchet Bomb , Worldslayer , Polukranos, World Eater (sorry it's not an elf but you'll have the mana for sure). You'd probably only need 2/3.

Some removal options:
Beast Within , Desert Twister , Krosan Grip , Deglamer , Scour from Existence Nature's Claim is a straight upgrade to some cards already in your deck.
These might be better if you don't want something bouncing back to the command zone or something similiar Lignify , Song of the Dryads and there's a new one Kenrith's Transformation in case you want to turn something into an Elk.

More lads:
Drove of Elves , Skyshroud Poacher , Nettle Sentinel

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