Spreading Plague

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Spreading Plague


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, destroy all other creatures that share a color with it. They can't be regenerated.

SufferFromEDHD on Tsabo Tavoc Havoc

1 month ago

Thanks for stopping in prophet of profits.

I too love Tsabo. I think the high CMC scares people away but there is no denying that this is a powerful card well before the power creep.

Extra activations = Patriar's Seal, Puppet Strings, Magewright's Stone + Staff of Domination

No you are right Spreading Plague is necessary.

Crystal Chimes Urza was the "enchantment block" after all haha! Good eye. Definitely useful.

I would statistically get better mileage out of both Jet and Ruby and I will be updating the deck to be more efficient based off your observation. That said... Heartless Summoning is a pet card of mine. I love that permaSol Ring. It turns 3 drops into 1 drop weenies and it turns 4 drops into hate bears! Tsabo 6/3 @ feels good.

Profet93 on Tsabo Tavoc Havoc

1 month ago

SufferFromEDHD +1

Do you feel you have enough ramp? Your commander costs 7, 2 colored mana + tap for activated ability. No haste to even use it. I actually love your commander, I just wonder how often you get to use him.

Jeska's Will - Draw/Ramp

Spreading Plague - Could be super fun....could backfire.

Command Beacon/Volrath's Stronghold - Recur expensive commander

Crystal Chimes - Recur 25% of your deck

Why run gamble over an omni tutor, low cost?

Thaumatic Compass  Flip - Could be too slow, but ensuring basics could be nice. The land transformation works with your defense theme.

No Mercy > Sunstone? - Or do you need the lack of damage?

How has heartless summoning been working for you? You only run 2 creatures, why not just run a Jet Medallion instead? Easier to cast, affects all black spells rather than just 2 cards. Is an artifact so it might be more susceptible to removal but the benefits far outweigh the costs IMO.

hootsnag on Oloro White Blue Black Creatureless Control

1 year ago

Glad you enjoy seeing the decks I make. I will answer your questions and give some insight into my decision making. First, I considered Expedition Map a long time ago and decided to go with more normal tutor cards such as Demonic Tutor etc. The map only grabs a land so it is limited in use. Mindslaver is one of those cards that can definitely cause all kinds of chaos but I chose to go for a faster win condition and less of cards like this. It takes too long to set up and get going. Lethal Vapors isn't a card I would run honestly. I would prefer a card like Spreading Plague or The Abyss instead. I chose exile as my main removal in this deck. Doing so counters graveyard strategies somewhat and indestructible. As for Static Orb and Winter Orb, these also interfere with my own win conditions. I'm trying to cast Approach of the Second Sun as fast as possible. This deck is very much control based and not really built to be a stax deck. Lastly, I've been asked before about why I don't run Yawgmoth's Will. I just don't think this particular deck is built to get value from it. It's an amazing card but I just didn't build this deck to support using such a card. Honestly, it would be more of a filler card for me.

Now, for the next set of questions. You are correct when you say that someone can still play one creature with Ward of Bones in play. The idea is to stop people from flooding the board with more than one. It is just a card to stall my opponents until I can draw or tutor my win conditions. This is the same reason why I use Portcullis. It keeps more than two creatures from being on the battlefield. Any creatures played on the battlefield beyond two get exiled until Portcullis leaves the battlefield. Again, I'm just slowing down and stalling my opponents so I can tutor or draw my win conditions. I feel that any creatureless deck should always run Portcullis. The value is just too insane. Energy Field is a card that I use to stall as well. It may last a couple of turns and that may be just enough to survive and tutor/cast my win condition. Null Brooch is such a fantastic card. A colorless artifact ability that just counters a non-creature spell is insane. It also combos crazy good with Ensnaring Bridge so that no creatures can attack because you have zero cards in hand. Witchbane Orb is just nice to have. It prevents a lot of bad things targeting you. It comes in handy more than you realize. You can't die to Grapeshot or other things with it in play. Norn's Annex forces people into a bad decision. They either pay white mana, lose life, or they can't attack you at all. Also, because of the Phyrexian Mana cost, you can play this fast to get value out of it quicker. Remember, if you make someone lose at least 8-10 life just to attack you, they are more vulnerable to other players killing them. The only other card I would put in place of this is No Mercy. Lastly, Mox Tantalite and Lotus Bloom are great for this deck. If I play them early enough, they allow me to cast Approach of the Second Sun very fast. Also, both suspend cards synergize with Tolaria West. Since the cards have a mana value of zero, you can use transmute from Tolaria West to search for them. I hope that shows you some of my reasoning and decision making. If you need to know anything further, feel free to ask.

IHATENAMES on Tariel wrecker of holes

1 year ago

For decent salt but fun game I'd focus run some staxy type card.

Archfiend of Depravity weep tokens decks

Sepulchral Primordial steal 3 creature at once

Molten Primordial steal 3 creatures

Tymaret, Chosen from Deathgrave hate that works well with commander to limit the randomness

Altar of Dementia free sac plus many more upsides

Syr Konrad, the Grim with cards entering and leaving graves a decent wincon

Hofri Ghostforge double use etbs with other upside

Sire Of Insanity especially in a low budget slowing down the game works well in your favor. Also a blue players nightmare

Burnished Hart ramp

Ruinous Ultimatum sorcery speed mardu Cyclonic Rift

Tragic Arrogance you choose kinda boardwipe

Command the Dreadhorde Greatness at any cost

Victimize 1 bad guy fir 2 good guys. Seems legit

Dread Return 4 mana Reanimate you can cast for free* the 2nd time.

Painful Truths draw 3

Skullclamp for all the dorks out there. Let's make them useful

Helm of Possession trade your borrowed creature for a newer model

Smothering Tithe do you pay the tax?

Leonin Arbiter did you pay that tax

Wayfarer's Bauble ramp

Ruthless Technomancer ramp reanimation

Hoarding Ogre budget ramp

Persist reanimation

Fracture flexible removal

Stinging Study good with commander

Archon of Emeria 1 spell per turn

Rule of Law 1 spell per turn

Any of the Fleshbag Marauder effects

Visions of Ruin ramp kinda but mostly removal

Thrilling Discovery card draw

Echo Chamber fun card

Spreading Plague neat includes not great

Grave Betrayal steal creatures

These are just a few ideas. You'll have to mess with it from there.

Another deck to take ideas from

SufferFromEDHD on

1 year ago

I like your build. I too have been exploring the interesting strategy Myrkul allows. Some enchantments from my list that have been really strong:

Heartless Summoning speed up the strategy.

Last Laugh value for all the creatures coming and going.

Necropotence guarantees Myrkul trigger and a handful of tricks.

Sphere of Safety self explanatory.

Spreading Plague we get enchantments, opponents get nothing.

Sterling Grove self explanatory.

Tainted AEther we get enchantments, opponents get nothing.

FormOverFunction on Token Wipe

1 year ago

There are a few natural disasters that come to mind: Spreading Plague works, but you risk collateral damage and they’re always left with one. Virulent Plague is very nice, but only dings for two. Two of my favorites, but that’s because I don’t usually have any creatures when I play them.

SufferFromEDHD on Myrkul, Bone Daddy

2 years ago

This dude and the Boros legend piqued my interest the most. I've been brainstorming all weekend and stumbled on your list. Weathered Bodyguards is clever and something I overlooked that will be added to my list. Here's some enchantments that really fit the strategy that you might be interested in:

Tainted AEther, Last Laugh, Lethal Vapors, Spreading Plague, Sterling Grove, Sphere of Safety

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