Maelstrom Archangel

Maelstrom Archangel

Creature — Angel


Whenever Maelstrom Archangel deals combat damage to a player, you may cast a spell from your hand without paying its mana cost.

Maelstrom Archangel Discussion

multimedia on jodah archmage eternal

1 month ago

Hey, nice list of cards on a budget. You have several good cards, but also many stinkers.

Do you really play this deck? Or it is a deck you made here for fun? I ask because I don't see how this deck can win a game or consistently function well enough in a real game of multiplayer Commander. If Jodah gets disrupted you're done because your deck is relying way too much on Jodah. Problem is Jodah will be an instant target for removal when he's on the battlefield as your opponents can't let him stick around letting you take over the game. You want your deck to be able to function in gameplay without Jodah.

There's a basic deck structure you can use for a causal Commander deck that's a starting point for building a deck.

This structure doesn't cover everything, just the basics to help to make a functioning deck. For example with Jodah you will want to dedicate quite a few card spots for protection such as Boros Charm and Swiftfoot Boots for him and the big stuff you cheat onto the battlefield. Some areas such as number of lands, lands used in the manabase and ramp become much more important than others. Especially when playing five colors, needing one of each color to cast spells with Jodah and having many high mana cost cards you want to cast.

You have Command Tower which is good, one of the best lands in Commander. When playing five colors then more color fixing from lands in the manabase and ramp sources that can make any color of mana are areas to focus more on and allocate more funds to make gameplay better with or without Jodah.

For lands on a budget if basic lands are the lands you count on most then include ramp and other lands that have interaction with basic lands.

Glade and the four others are called Tango lands and they care about you controlling two or more basic lands for them to ETB untapped. Farseek can search for any one Tango land and put it onto the battlefield tapped.

You have Jungle Shrine which is good, it's called a Tri land and on a budget these lands are some of better lands you can play for color fixing. Consider more Tri lands?

I can continue with more advice in another comment. Would you like me to continue?

Good luck with your deck.

TypicalTimmy on New Format for EDH: Rule …

1 month ago


Maelstrom Archangel was someone I've always wanted to build.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Music of the Spheres | Jodah, Archmage Eternal

3 months ago

This looks very Timmy and very cool. I like how you just randomly jammed some majestic fatties a la Koma or Piru in here. A card you could consider is Maelstrom Archangel . It's another way to cast some big spells for free. Considering all these multicoloured monstrosities, Sisay, Weatherlight Captain could be useful. One final thought: Thalia's Lancers or Time of Need maybe?

Guerric on Dream Tribal Commanders

4 months ago

So, question of the day. If you could pick one tribe to get a great new commander for, what would it be and why?

For me, the answer is easy: Angels, preferably in five colors so we can get play any one we want, and most definitely in green so that we can ramp properly and draw cards. This commander would need to be a legendary angel, and either cheat angels into play (like a legendary version of Maelstrom Archangel ), or discount the cost of our angels (like the eminence ability for The Ur-Dragon .

What tribe would you pick, and what would you envision the commander doing?

andil on Angels EDH

7 months ago

Maelstrom Archangel isn't really a legendary card, so it can't be your commander for legal. But I also had build that deck in mind. ^^

libraryjoy on Looking for a fun budget …

8 months ago

Xianling69 I think you're expecting a bit more competitive playgroup than ours. There is some fragility built into my decks intentionally so I don't annihilate everyone every time. These are long, drawn out, multiplayer games. While taking out the creatures does hamper me some, there's enough redundancy with Maelstrom Archangel, Jegantha, and Orochi, that they can't stop me for long, and have to contend with the rest of the table. They can't run enough creature removal to take out all my stuff and not let someone else get out of hand. My decks are budget, casual, and fun to play and to play against. And we have a house rule that occasional board wipes are ok, repeated board wipes are not. Kaheera will work well in the Quartzwood Crasher deck because it gives my creatures vigilance. I'm in a multiplayer environment. If I want to attack every turn, I have to be very careful about leaving myself vulnerable to crack back - because there are at least 3 others that can attack me. I'm not running a full playset of Kaheera, but I have it in the side as companion and one in the main deck for now, although the maindeck one may get dropped. I'm considering Garruk's Uprising in the deck, too, maybe as a 1 or 2 of. It would help with Keeper of Fables for card draw, although I've got a couple of copies of Garruk's Companion, so in flux on that part of the package. It's still a work in progress for sure, and may change quite a bit before it's finished. I probably need to come up with some form of lifegain and artifact/enchantment removal, and still finalizing the ramp package. We have a bit of Torpor Orb and similar effects running around our meta right now, so I try to avoid depending on too many enter the battlefield effects.

LittleBlueHero on Jumpstart Spoilers

1 year ago

The new legends they have revealed so far are all pretty cool designs. Kels, Fight Fixer and Neyith of the Dire Hunt both do things that I have wanted their respective colors to do (dimir aristocrats, gruul fight lord) that they haven't done well out of the command zone before.

Tinybones, Trinket Thief. I mean come on Legendary Skeleton! It's so darn adorable. Its not a new design space but its definitely an interesting direction.

The Witch of the Moors is yet another amazing payoff for lifegain decks and I couldn't be happier.

The new lands that come one per pack are easily budget staples for 3+ color decks.

Its always nice to see Reanimate and Maelstrom Archangel.

As for the rest of the spoilers they are all interesting cards that seem like they could be really fun when you think of jumpstarts themed boosters... im noticing a witch/sacrifice theme and im curious to see where it goes.

Moriaatti on Jumpstart Spoilers

1 year ago

Wasn't Maelstrom Archangel reprinted in Mystery Booster('s?)?

Tinybones seemed fun, I could try it out in my Nath deck.

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