Lotus Field

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Lotus Field



Lotus Field enters the battlefield tapped.

When Lotus Field enters the battlefield, sacrifice two lands.

: Add three mana of any one color.

kirbysan on [Primer] Helming the Host of Heaven: A Giada Guide

1 week ago


I love your deck and have been using it as a template as my regular deck for random pub games. While it performed pretty well without any upgrades, I found it ran out of steam mid to late game after I get blown out by a board wipe. After a game or 2, players would usually exile Giada the moment it hits the board, slowing down our ramp signifcantly. Also, if we miss a land drop mid-game, we're basically stuck waiting for a good draw. I realized that building an early oppressive board state begs for a board wipe when everyone else is still building but it sets us back significantly. With that in mind, I cut a lot of the lower CMC angels and built more towards value/recursion. Based on your comments it seems that this deck is more budget focused but since I'm making this my main, I've decided on pulling the best cards from other decks for some spicy upgrades. Let me know what you think below (sorry for the wall of text):

Mana Crypt - What's better than a Sol Ring? A free Sol Ring. Life loss is not concerning.

Mox Amber - With Giada on our board turn 2, this is like an additional land drop.

Mox Opal - I'm currently running 19 artifacts so hitting metalcraft isn't hard.

Land Tax - This card is just straight up good in mono-white. Not so much for never missing a land drop but also so we don't draw into lands on later turns.

Archaeomancer's Map - This one isn't as good as Land Tax but it can help us keep pace with Green ramp and drop the tapped lands on opponent's turns when we can't use them efficiently.

Smothering Tithe - I've played this card in 2 other decks and it's always been great. It usually pays for itself by the time it comes back to you and if not removed can add plenty of mana over the course of the game.

Smuggler's Share - I have mixed feelings about this card. The smarter opponents will play around it, but should still give us some card advantage overall.

Sensei's Divining Top - Helps keep tempo in the game for the cost of 1.

Scroll Rack - Wheeling away a mediocre hand for 1 is strong. Particularly good with Land Tax or Windbrisk Heights.

Lotus Field - I loved Lost Vale so much I wanted another one, especially when someone blew it up.

Flagstones of Trokair - Comboes with Lotus Field.

Thespian's Stage - Copy Lotus Field or Lost Vale.

Vesuva - Copy Lost Vale or Flagstones of Trokair or Myriad Landscape.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Value with a strong board presence.

Ancient Tomb - Helps with the artifacts and equip costs, life loss is not a concern in this deck.

Cavern of Souls - I hate when blue counters our big angels, so this stops it.

All the fetch lands - Arid Mesa, Fabled Passage, Flooded Strand, Marsh Flats, Prismatic Vista, Windswept Heath. This reduces our number of basic Plains to 11-12 but I haven't had issues with it yet so far as long as we have access to colored mana in my starting hand.

Enlightened Tutor - I swapped out Search for Glory as it can hit my rocks early game or stronger equipments mid-game.

Stoneforge Mystic - Amazing with Sword of Hearth and Home. Keep blinking it and grab the rest of your equipment package for free. Second target would usually be Lightning Greaves just to get some protection on the board or make some hasty angels.

Weathered Wayfarer - Comboes well with the newly added lands. Fetching Lotus Field helps guarantee activation while keeping pace with the ramp.

Recruiter of the Guard - Prime targets would be Stoneforge or Wayfarer but can also hit Starnheim Aspirant or Karmic Guide. Also gets the cost reduction from Herald of War which is nice.

Pyre of Heroes - While Search for Glory can fetch some of our legendary creatures, I prefer getting them straight onto the battlefield. I wouldn't use it on the lower cmc Angels, which I mostly pulled out, but on the higher cost ones to cheat out big angels. The dream is to target the one-off 5 cost angels like Karmic Guide or Sigarda's Vanguard to pull Sanctuary Warden for the card draw into Emeria Shepherd for the recursion or Bruna, the Fading Light  Meld to bring out Brisela, Voice of Nightmares  Meld  Meld

Sword of Feast and Famine - This card is probably the best addition to the deck so far. Having the pro green & black which are both popular colors in Commander usually lets us have a free target. The resource denial isn't super relevant but getting an extra untap for lands is super strong. It's even better if we drop a tapped land before attacks and getting all that value on second main phase. It does draw a lot of hate, but even getting 2 swings off is well worth it. We can also recur it with Serra Paragon or Emeria Shepherd.

Sword of Fire and Ice - I haven't added this one in yet but I think it's a strict upgrade over Rogue's Gloves. Getting the pro blue/red and pinging things off the board is just so much more value for the extra 1 cost.

Lightning Greaves - Short of board wipes, single target removal is the bane of this deck. I usually voltron Giada with all my equips and let the other angels synergize the board.

Angel of Destiny - Needed an alt-win con option and this can provide a way out to knock out combo players. The double strike is also relevant as most of our equipments are based on combat damage so we get 2 triggers.

Emeria Shepherd - Especially strong recursion with fetches. Dropping this on the right turn with a fetch in hand can be game ending.

Serra Paragon - Doubles as a Crucible of Worlds and can grab our swords back when destroyed, and it's an angel to boot. Definitely an auto-include.

Steel Seraph - Haven't playtested this one yet but I like that it's a 3 drop with relevant abilities. The dream is to cheat out Emeria Shepherd with Pyre of Heroes as a turn 3-4 play.

Dcappitize on Hexproof

2 weeks ago

There were no effects causing the Lotus Field to lose hexproof. I got Lay Claim on the field by casting Brilliant Restoration and this allowed it to come onto the field and when it did Lotus Field was targetable.

Rhadamanthus on Hexproof

2 weeks ago

You can use double square brackets around a card's name to create a reference link: Lay Claim, Lotus Field. It's the best way to make sure everyone understands what's going on in your question.

By themselves, this shouldn't have worked. In the case of auras, the word "target" is in the full rules explaining the "Enchant [N]" ability. An aura cast as a spell does have a target.

However, there are some other effects that may have been involved that would have allowed this:

  • Was your opponent also playing Blood Sun? This would have removed the hexproof ability from Lotus Field (as well as the ETB-tapped and ETB trigger to sacrifice) but still allow it to make 3 mana
  • Were you putting Lay Claim onto the battlefield with some other effect besides casting it as a spell? An aura put onto the battlefield in an alternative way like that doesn't target, and can get around hexproof (it can't get around protection, since that specifically restricts attaching auras and equipment)

9-lives on Manabase: Urzatron and Filter Lands …

1 month ago

wallisface I intended to include the bare minimum. Generally, yes, Sylvan Scrying and Arboreal Grazer are all useful for both manabases.

The problem with Lotus fields that urzatron doesn't have is that you have to start out with nominal lands and then use them to make Lotus Field. This is quite difficult compared to running a few filter lands or even urza with filter. Also, I don't have to untap anything. The worst thing that can happen with Urzatron is that I have to pay for 2 mana colors on one card. Other problems are that I don't have enough urza's lands to build up my colorless mana amount, or don't draw enough filter lands. However, I think it's quite balanced enough for this issue in the very ratios of cards there are.

wallisface on Urzatron and Filter lands vs …

1 month ago

So, assuming you’re wanting a lot or coloured mana, these are some thoughts:


  • Urza lands are great at making loads of colourless mana, but terrible for providing colours. There’s good odds you’re going to create something really clunky.

  • Your current package only includes one playset of land-fectching cards (Expedition Map), which is woefully inadequate. Normally tron also needs to include playsets of both Ancient Stirrings and Sylvan Scrying (as well as 8-10 cantrip-artifacts) to reliably get tron online in any kind if timely matter.

  • Added to the stresses of getting Tron online, you’ve compounded the issue by needing coloured mana, meaning you’ll still need to fetch up the lands that provide that. You’ve created a LOT of unnecessary hoops to jump through, imo.

Lotus Field:

  • Like the tron package, i’m not sure you’re running enough ways to get the Lotus Field. Without that card in play, it really feels like your deck will be doing a lot of nothing. It might be instead that you just need to go less all-in on assuming you’ll draw that land early, however (i.e ditch the gimicky untap effects).

  • Your package really should be including a playset of Blood Sun, so that you can benefit from not having to deal with Lotus Field’s sacrifice trigger.

9-lives on Urzatron and Filter lands vs …

1 month ago

I'm wondering if Lotus Field combo works better or worse than using Urzatron with filter lands? Here's my manabase with Urzatron:

28 cards total

Here's the minimum manabase and cards to make Lotus Fields work:

36 cards total

Also, I can use filter lands themselves to make more colored mana. Urzatron with filter is even better. Lotus Fields requires that they are untapped artificially, which seems to giv the urzatron an advantage.

to_regatha_and_beyond on Cash is King

1 month ago

Nice deck. I like the way you're combining multiple approaches here.

If we're looking at wincons, the traditional Amulet Titan approach seems like the best you have here, so I would probably add in a Boros Garrison as a way to activate the Slayers' Stronghold. Without the Garrison, the stronghold sort of sits there unless you can find a way to make it work with the Lotus Field, which can be annoying. While you don't need to play a competitive deck, it's important to learn from competitive builds.

TheOfficialCreator on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

enter image description here

Make a new lotus land, a la Lotus Field.

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