Lotus Field

Lotus Field



Lotus Field enters the battlefield tapped.

When Lotus Field enters the battlefield, sacrifice two lands.

: Add three mana of any one color.

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Lotus Field Discussion

twechsler on Messing with Lore

3 weeks ago

Hi libraryjoy it's great to see you are still active on this site. I think the budget is probably around $50. I love the idea of basalt with zirda but I think it just may require a lot of change in order to have every permanent have an activated ability. Im not as sure about Elixir of Immortality because essentially I want the biggest GY so I can have the most options of artifacts to clone. I really do want to pony up for a 10+ dollar card I just done know which yet, either Darksteel Forge, Akroma's Memorial, Grinding Station, Panharmonicon, Mishra's Bauble or Unwinding Clock I think are frontrunners there. Or Ethersworn Canonist, Inventors' Fair, Lotus Field, and Esper Sentinel for nonartifact expensive ones. Puppet Strings or anything like that I think is a must-have so thank you for that one. I've also added some other cards I think are essential and cut some of the insanely expensive ones so I can cut your work on this down a bit haha.

nbarry223 on Score Points and Make Friends (Modern Prison)

3 weeks ago

Seems pretty good. Maybe Trace of Abundance to make your On Thin Ice less vulnerable, and ramp you at same time. You could also do more enchantment ramp and minimize on lands so you could play something like Land Tax to feed the hand advantage you would want for your Solitary Confinement strategy. Maybe even Lotus Field would fit in if you want to go that route.

I think that would fit your deck theme, not sure how many Lotus Field would fit etc. but it seems worth testing.

edit: Land Tax isn't modern legal, my bad...

Trace of Abundance should fit though.

DawnsRayofLight on you don't need mana to play magic!!!!

1 month ago

I have been toying around with this deck idea and I have some suggestions now!

Lotus Vale and Lotus Field are invaluable with Hokori

I would drop howling mine for Endless Atlas, other card draw are War Room, Alms Collector, Esper Sentinel, Mangara, the Diplomat, I have been having a lot of games where the deck just grinded to a halt without something to refill it. Symmetrical card draw can work against you here so Howling Mine May not be good unless you have plenty of ways of tapping artifacts down.

Manascape Refractor is really good with the right lands (like the lotus lands)

Archaeomancer's Map helps with ramp

Archon of Emeria is super good, a better eidolon or can be run in addition

Sanctum Prelate to stop any annoying board wipes.

Solemnity isn't really needed unless you plan on playing Phyrexian Unlife as well.

This is what I have been working on using yours a blueprint: No One Wants to Play EDH With Me Now...

i0brendan0 on Creating colored mana in a …

1 month ago

Omniscience_is_life so that means I can't use Lotus Field to pay for colorless specific casting costs as it has to create colored mana?

i0brendan0 on Creating colored mana in a …

1 month ago

I have Lotus Field on the battle field. My commander is colorless. Lotus Field specifically states "of any one color", but as my deck does not have a color, does that mean that Lotus Field specifically creates colorless mana, or would the mana be some sort of true 'colored' mana that I could not get a mana bonus from Forsaken Monument or be able to cast Warping Wail using only the mana from Lotus Field?

I've come across 2 different ways of dealing with this but I don't have a definitive answer myself. The first way is that Lotus Field creates colored mana that I can't use for colorless specific casting costs (such as the colorless cost for Warping Wail). The second way is that because my commander has a colorless color identity, any mana produced by "any color" immediately becomes colorless as "any" color is outside my color identity (which means I could pay for Warping Wail with Lotus Field, and get a colorless mana boost from Forsaken Monument).

zapyourtumor on MANA BURN

2 months ago

Welcome to tappedout. Here are some of my thoughts on your deck:

1) You have 18 illegal cards for the modern format in your deck

2) You have many restrictive mana costs, like Sinkhole , Blight , Cavalier of Flame , etc, so you should probably include some dual lands in place of basic lands (like Blackcleave Cliffs , Blood Crypt , Bloodstained Mire )

3) Lotus Field is bad in most decks unless you build around it. It does synergize with Crucible of Worlds and Cavalier of Flame , but its really bad with Boom / Bust , Crack the Earth , Wildfire

DreadKhan on Knight deck

3 months ago

If you wish to lean into payoffs like Knight of the White Orchid , you could throw in some bounce lands Selesnya Sanctuary , or Karoo lands in order to lower your land count. You can even consider something like Lotus Field eventually, which is hexproof and can't be Sinkholed or Wastelanded, and lets your pay offs work better.

Rebuff the Wicked has gone down a lot in price, it's a nice protection spell if you find your guys removed a lot.

Bow of Nylea is probably super-good in here, with lots of First Strike creatures that just love having Deathtouch. Ohran Frostfang would be a bomb, but a big clunky slow one. Either of these will solve the problem of your knights being too small.

xtechnetia on Thespian Tricks

3 months ago

AFAIK you can't maintain a Glacial Chasm lock forever with just it and Stage. Stage can copy Chasm and have no counters on it, but cumulative upkeep will still apply, so really it's just a way of extending the amount of time you can keep it out.

To truly maintain the lock indefinitely, you need something like a Solemnity -type effect or a way to replay your lands from the graveyard (plus a way to play extra lands to counterbalance the ETB sacrifice).

Anyways, other tricks with Stage that I know of (non-exhaustive):

  • You can copy a land that produces extra mana to accelerate your mana production, sometimes without the downsides the land typically comes with (e.g. Lotus Field , Cloudpost ).
  • You can copy a hexproof or indestructible land to get around land destruction (depending on what it is). More sneakily, copying a basic land will fizzle Wasteland -type effects used on Stage.
  • You can copy a land with a particular (super)type to turn on something that checks for such, e.g. copying a snow land to enable deathtouch on Ice-Fang Coatl when you already have two other snow lands.
  • Just like with Depths, you can copy Blast Zone , which will then have 0 counters on it (useful for wiping tokens).
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