Platinum Emperion

Platinum Emperion

Artifact Creature — Golem

Your life total can't change. (You can't gain or lose life. You can't pay any amount of life except 0.)

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Platinum Emperion Discussion

Suns_Champion on Full Metal Alchemy (Osgir, the Reconstructor)

5 days ago

For Zirda, I would suggest cutting Platinum Angel or Platinum Emperion . Reasoning: Angel and Emperion are cheeky cards, but aren't win-cons. They might buy you a few turns every once and a while, but can't really help you win. Zirda can, by comboing. And even when she's not winning you the game, she's reducing the mana you need to pour into Osgir by TWO. Which is huge. Or she helps with Staff of Domination. Or Equipment. Or Mirage Mirror. Or Eldrazi Displacer. Or Walking Ballista. Or....

MichaelGfast on Liesa's L.E.G.S

1 month ago

aznb01777 The Necropotence will not combo with Platinum Emperion because the rule text say that "you cant pay any amount of life except 0"

aznb01777 on Liesa's L.E.G.S

1 month ago

Beacon of Immortality to keep your life from going too low and can combo with False Cure , Platinum Emperion so you won't have to ever pay life or if you want to combo with Necropotence

Mechanon on Lazav, Destroyer of Decks

2 months ago

Well, if you're going with mainly milling and control, try to stick with mainly cards that do that. Thought Collapse is another counter spell with mill. Manic Scribe is another good card. Cards you have such as Induced Amnesia , Platinum Emperion , Howling Golem , Giant Scorpion , and Fetid Imp probably aren't as useful as other cards could be.

Spaz696969 on Dark Deal

3 months ago

You do still take the damage, but your life total doesn’t change. That’s actually why I’m using City of Brass instead of Mana Confluence even though Mana Confluence is better with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . Platinum Emperion doesn’t let me pay life. I also had to pull out some lands like River of Tears and Sunken Ruins so I could cut back on the fetch / shock.

Dblegacy on Dark Deal

3 months ago

I may be wrong so please correct me if I am but before Platinum Emperion ’s ability can take effect doesn’t Madcap Experiment have to finish resolving. Just to cite my source here, directly from madcaps rulings... “any abilities that trigger as the artifact is put onto the battlefield aren’t put onto the stack until madcap experiment is done resolving.” I know it’s not an etb trigger but even as a passive ability does it still work? I am probably definitely wrong here because passive abilities don’t stack but shouldn’t the timing of madcap still be an issue? Still... very fun looking!

RNR_Gaming on [EDH] Eldrazi Kozilek Deck

6 months ago

Maybe cut 2 lands and creatures that don't have an immediate or limited impact. Platinum Emperion and Platinum Angel are win more... or well not lose more cards.

abby315 on [EDH] Eldrazi Kozilek Deck

6 months ago

I would also cut: Erratic Portal, Lux Cannon, God-Pharaoh's Gift, Planar Bridge, and Titan's Presence as a start. Those are all pretty overcosted for what they're able to do in your deck.

Second, are you focusing on a Voltron-style Commander damage win with Kozilek? I can tell you it doesn't happen very often since he's actually quite vulnerable to removal. I also started with a build that had a lot of unblockable effects, but it turns out that Kozilek isn't the best attacker compared to your other Eldrazi. I'd focus more on using Kozilek for card advantage and digging for your other Eldrazi to win the game.

To that end, I'd take out Trailblazer's Boots and Fireshrieker.

Finally, a few upgrades to consider: Manifold Key is strictly better than Voltaic Key. Platinum Angel and Platinum Emperion are both super helpful and more impactful than Reality Smasher and Sandstone Oracle. Doubling Cube is pretty fun ramp and probably better than Gilded Lotus. Commander's Plate is going to be much better than Whispersilk Cloak, though it's decently expensive rn.

Here's my list that I've been running for a few years, if you want more ideas: Kozi Kozi Commander (Colorless Eldrazi EDH)

Have fun, it's a super fun deck to play with!

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