Lightning Helix

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Lightning Helix


Lightning Helix deals 3 damage to any target (creature, player or planeswalker) and you gain 3 life.

lagotripha on Endeavor (M)

2 months ago

This is a neat idea - you can get some redundant copies of nine lives that incidentally gain 10 life with Phyrexian Unlife. Hex Parasite is neat as a way to reset counters too, in a pinch.

Speaking personally on wincons, I like Decimator Web and Grindclock, but honestly stone fangs/tranquil light will help keep you in the game a lot better - getting multiple 1 and 2 mana shrines into play buys a lot of time to tutor up the combo.

With the shrines, more colours makes it run smoother; it can be achieved on a budget with a combination of cards like Abundant Growth and treasures, which also lets you threaten to cast mechanised production, even if it stays a sideboard plan.

Honden of Infinite Rage offer a 'wait and eventually win' setup in red, which would also open up Lightning Helix for aggro matchups, and pairs neatly with stone fangs. Shattered heights turns lands into removal, while calm waters finds answers and combo pieces.

Best of luck with the brew!

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Liberated Potential


As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature

Add an amount of to your mana pool equal to the sacrificed creature's power. You gain life equal to the sacrificed creature's toughness.

Kind of like an extension on Infernal Plunge, with a white-aligned life gain element akin to what they did with Lightning Helix. I'd use it.

Make a vehicle.

wallisface on Merry Christmas, Mrs. Emrakul

3 months ago

gameflips Going into red, the strongest thing I can think if is throwing Emrakul out with Through the Breach - though note this will probably mean having to play a full playset of Emrakul, so might break the bank balance. Ilharg, the Raze-Boar is also another option (though you’ll prolly want some way for it to have haste). These options all sound pretty expensive money-wise though.

If you’re sticking with the Elvish Piper strategy, I think Postmortem Lunge becomes a must, so you can do it at instant speed. I can’t think of how red can help with this strategy though… green is the colour if ramp, and green & white both excel at protection. Red doesn’t really have any protection options at all, and all it’s ramp is very bursty/short-lived. I’d say the best reason to add red would be for board-control, to restrict what you’re opponent’s doing. So stuff like Lightning Bolt & Lightning Helix could be worth your time if you were planning on playing the combo more “slowly & reliably”.

lagotripha on

4 months ago

I like the idea - this looks mostly like a jeskai control list to my eyes, and could reasonably be built to one of their slow win setups. All told, if you just look for flat upgrades you can take this a long way, especially if you tweak the focus a little.

I reccomend focusing budget on land upgrades - there are incredible budget spell options, but budget land options are far, far rarer. Grab whatever good lands rotate out of standard, replacing the taplands.

Dodging Path to Exile and Blood Moon type effects matter a lot, as do untapped lands in making decks run reliably - going to 5 basic lands instead of the guildgate isn't going to hurt more than the taplands and will help make sure you can counterspell on turn two. If you must stick with a tapland, Prairie Stream is cheap and can come in untapped, Irrigated Farmland has card draw and land types that matter, while Jwari Disruption  Flip can catch someone out turn two in a land heavy hand.

Once you have an idea of how much budget you want to sink into lands the rest becomes easier to plot.

I'd look at Myth Realized instead of ugin's, as its a lot harder to kill, gives a turn 1 play, and likes all the noncreature spells in the list. I feel its the simplest 'flat upgrade' to the list.

Counterspell is a format staple, and does almost everything that mana leak does in this list.

If you want to use ionize and mindswipe, you want to run effects that care about damage dealt, or force your opponent to a low life total first. Paying an extra mana or two for their effects is a serious cost that needs payoff.

The aggressive version would be Delver of Secrets  Flip style, a 'combo' version where you tick up Quest for Pure Flame is an option, as is an Aria of Flame type 'slow' wincon (which would also serve as backup creature removal).

On the note of creature removal, you are a little light. Jeskai control often ran Lightning Helix just so it doesn't die to people playing Goblin Guide on turn one. You might not want it maindeck, but planning out a 15 card sideboard should give you space to grab answers like that - with your maindeck answering combo with rule of law and control with a mirror match, you have a lot of space in the side for aggro answers.

LunchBox1211 on Card creation challenge

5 months ago

Ceru, Humble Medic

Legendary Creature - Angel Cleric

Flying, lifelink.

Whenever ~ becomes tapped, if ~ is not attacking, scry 2, then gain 3 life.

You may tap ~ instead of tapping a creature you control to activate an ability. (A creature without haste that entered the battlefield this turn can not benefit from this ability)

"True power is expressed by using it to help those who are worse off. With all due respect, Warleader, I'd say that the humans stuck on evening dish pit are far worse off than I am."


She's an angel in the Boros Legion who is known among the Legion for helping other guild members out. This includes aiding in less-than favorable jobs (ie: dishes after a meal). Her flavor text is her response after being confronted about this habit by Aurelia.

Make a Mage-Priest for the Boros legion (Lightning Helix) or a medic for the Boros Legion.

Icbrgr on Mission Briefing

5 months ago

excellent points SynergyBuild well said... Im currently working with a control build and am looking for the snapcaster effect that isnt Torrential Gearhulk for synergy with my lower CMC spells... using Briefing with Lightning Helix/Counterspell seems like its strong on its face but it's definitely lacking the utility of flashing in a blocker and less synergy with delirium spells.

Icbrgr on Whats the "best" burn deck?

5 months ago

For a long time now I have thought about building a competitively viable burn list... I know this is a deck that has been around forever but I was curious what people thought the best variant of burn was.

My gut tells be that Boros burn is the way to go; essentially splashing white for Lightning Helix and some utility/removal like Stony Silence and Path to Exile... esentially keeping it very simple/pure with just a little bit of opportunity for tech options.

Honestly budget isnt really a factor in my decision making... ive been collecting for a long time now and have a lot of staples collected already over the years.


If you were gonna build a burn deck what colors would you choose and why?

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