Destroy target creature. Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Deathsprout Discussion

GrimlockVIII on Master Oogway's Guide to a long life

1 month ago

My dumb brain wants to add more black cards for balance's sake, though making a Simic deck that can run black board wipes is such a clever way of handling Archelos since nothing about his design screams Black in a gameplay sense. Forcing the third color beyond a small splash would risk muddling the streamlined approach you took for the deck.

Anyway, lemme ignore that and suggest more Black stuff.

Binding the Old Gods can grab you any forest card untapped (including the nonbasic ones) after destroying something while Archelos is untapped. It's effectively removal and potential untapped land ramp in a neat little package, made better by the fact that your land is going to come into play at the beginning of your upkeep after Archelos naturally untaps by himself without any additional help.

Similar principle with Deathsprout

Royal Assassin seems pretty neat for obvious reasons

Skeletal Swarming and might also be worth considering if you want some untapped skeletons. Dunno how that would help with the landfall strat tho.

TheMeadiator on The 6+ Legs Club (Spiders Welcome)

3 months ago

Hey Kiefy! Oh man, that's soooo great! Haha, I've never fought a sliver deck with this before, I feel like that would be a tough fight. I'm not surprised Grist gave you the best game - he's DISGUSTINGLY good. I can't wait to pick one up and slot it in.

As for the others, I'm actually thinking of adding Hornet Queen too, which I'd swap out probably for Stingerfling Spider

For the rest, here are my anticipated swaps:

Let me know if you make any of these swaps and how you like them! I'm really so excited that you enjoy the deck. Very cool.

TheMeadiator on "The Thing" 1982 Movie Deck

5 months ago

This is exceedingly helpful SupremeAlliesCommander - thank you!

Funny thing, I had Deathsprout on my short list, but removed for something else. I can't remember now. But yes, I think I will put it back in!

Into the North and Growth Spasm are both really excellent themed ramp cards I didn't even know about. Thanks a million! I'll add some additional lands and those ramps and try to playtest it today.

Thanks a million!!

SupremeAlliesCommander on "The Thing" 1982 Movie Deck

5 months ago

Testing 1v1 against my Kresh deck. The Thing has the potential to flood the board with annoying little tokens and a boatload of card draw, but that potential was never fulfilled. Kresh was just too aggressive. This list could not reliably stop Kresh from doing what Kresh does… destroy your board before you can build it.

When The Thing worked, it was during matches in which Confirm Suspicions or some other investigate spell gave you enough draw power to find answers. Twice I had to sac Kresh… losing his counters… and recast him because of Winter's Rest . But there aren’t many effects like it in the deck, and I had to dig deep for it.

Let me try with another deck that isn’t so destruction-focused, but my first impression is that this list needs more lands, and more ramp. I was forced to mulligan more than I'd like. A couple options that sorta fit the theme...

Awakening Zone

Growth Spasm

Into the North

Deathsprout maybe???

Also, you should get something more than just 1 mana when you sac a scion. Does Dictate of Erebos fit the theme? If too pricey, The Eldest Reborn is different, but offers fair value, here.

Gleeock on Overperforming Cards?

5 months ago

shadow63, I also typically use Deathsprout for similar reasons. Though, I like the versatility of nonland permanent removal instead of creature removal & the CMC restriction on the sprout has come up early game for me. Personal preferences abound there.

shadow63 on Overperforming Cards?

5 months ago

Gleeock Deathsprout is probably a better option.

But my pick is Broken Wings one card can hit 3 different permanent types at instant speed

Epicurus on Ramos Cascade Ramp

11 months ago

abby315 Tome of the Guildpact is actually a lot more useful in here than you might think. Besides the one combo of Dust Elemental and Apex Devastator (with which I can literally cast the entire deck in one turn), the deck sometimes manages to stagnate if I don't get some card draw, and the Tome is one of the best cards for that in here. Likewise, Cryptolith Rite is amazing ramp if I get it early, though it is lackluster later in the game.

You're right about Shard Convergence being too slow to do what I want it for, and Lotus Bloom has its problems, so I dropped those two and the Deathsprout to fit in my protection package. Thanks again!

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