Fiendslayer Paladin

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Fiendslayer Paladin

Creature — Human Knight

First strike (This creature deals combat damage before creatures without first strike.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

Fiendslayer Paladin can't be the target of black or red spells your opponents control.

Yogei on Immortal Knights

5 months ago

Thank you for the feedback lhetrick13, I always appreciate it!

My primary reason for playing Sigiled Sword of Valeron is actually its vigilance ability. But now that I think on it more, I see your point with History of Benalia. More Knight creature tokens that also have vigilance. I'll make that change to the mainboard.

I'm actually considering replacing Aryel, Knight of Windgrace with Kwende, Pride of Femeref to give double strike to Knight of Grace, Knight of Malice and anything enchanted by Hyena Umbra. But Knight of the White Orchid and Acclaimed Contender are both strong cards and valid replacements. I like Acclaimed Contender as it helps you find Knight Exemplar. Fiendslayer Paladin is a good card as well, but, I'm on the fence regarding cards with protection from colour. They're a bit too inconsistent for my taste.

lhetrick13 on Immortal Knights

5 months ago

As a fellow knight enthusiast, I really the deck! You really hit on the knight synergy and provide some evasion and counters to the biggest threat to this strategy all on the budget.

My only comments kinda resound what you already mentioned. Although I agree with you that Sigiled Sword of Valeron is a cool card, at 3 CMC to cast and 3 CMC to equip, it is so expensive unless you are doing more of a equipped knight build. I would recommend replacing it with History of Benalia for a similar effect at half the cost.

I also feel like Aryel, Knight of Windgrace is kinda a little mediocre. If things are going well and you have knights to tap, she can provide some excellent targeted removal for cheap. If things are not going great, she can also add a knight to the field...I just found that there were very few times when I actually needed her and could use her ability. I would recommend replacing her with something like Knight of the White Orchid, Acclaimed Contender, or maybe even Fiendslayer Paladin. The chances that these knights come in handy is far more likely increasing the consistency of the deck in my opinion.

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

7 months ago

Sunzet - I have not experimented with replacing Gavony Township yet but I did experiment with replacing Fiendslayer Paladin for Acclaimed Contender and I think you were right about that switch. The main focus of this deck remains the same of beating down the opponent with pumped up knights but originally, there was a lot of lifelink in it to give me some time to get out all the knights I needed. Now it is more about getting out the knights ASAP so the lifelink is not needed. Fiendslayer Paladin added some toughness to the deck but Acclaimed Contender is like a mini-version of Collected Company on a lesser scale. Those two in tandem really excel in searching the deck for the knights I need to win! Thanks for the suggestion!

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

8 months ago

Sunzet - Always appreciate some good quality criticism so thanks for taking the time!

You are not about Gavony Township. Since I have added it in the deck, I have never used its ability although I have played it in games. It is definitely a last resort. I appreciate the suggestion and will try that out sometime.

I have been trying to find a way to get Acclaimed Contender back into the deck as I did some play testing with it in a while back as a placeholder while I was waiting to pick up a different card and Acclaimed Contender was really nice to have. It in combination with Collected Company is just a revolving door for keeping knights in my hand and on the board. The main reason I wanted Fiendslayer Paladin was for the lifegain but again, I have been looking for a way to get Acclaimed Contender in so maybe that would be the best way.

I can attest to the very fun and strong. I likely have not been able to play test it as much as I should but it has definitely been getting more aggressive as it has evolved. I love how the deck currently feels and plays but I will continue to experiment so thanks for the ideas!

lhetrick13 on For Honor and Glory!!!

8 months ago

wallisface - You have a point about Silverblade Paladin. He replaced Kinsbaile Cavalier based on your suggestion that Kinsbaile Cavalier was lackluster for a 4 CMC. I will play with taking him out and replacing him and although I do like Mirran Crusader for his excellent states and double protection, I have lost most all my ability to gain life with this deck so was thinking maybe swapping Silverblade Paladin for Fiendslayer Paladin to get some lifelink back into the deck. Taking out Knights' Charge, Smitten Swordmaster, and Knight of Meadowgrain make every life point count!

Good point about the lands. I updated them with a recent change when I added back in the Wilt-Leaf elves and Knight of the Reliquary but did not look at them again after their removal. I will take a look at the lands again based on your suggestions and see if I can get something to better suit my current needs.

Thanks again!

Daveslab2022 on Dark Souls I: Prepare to Theme Edition

1 year ago

This deck is sweet! Love the theme. I agree that Fiendslayer Paladin should be here. Maybe Solaire?

CasualCucumber on Dark Souls I: Prepare to Theme Edition

1 year ago

Fiendslayer Paladin has always given me a dark souls vibe too.

BrassLord on Orzhov Humans

1 year ago

Fun idea! I've been trying out a human kind of shell as well! A card I've actually had a lot of success with is Fiendslayer Paladin . It comes in handy, as the hexproof to both black and red means it sticks around with all the Fatal Push and Bonecrusher Giant around. Fun sideboard option!

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