Plated Geopede

Plated Geopede

Creature — Insect

First strike

Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, Plated Geopede gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Plated Geopede Discussion

TriusMalarky on Budget Mono Green Agro for FNM

4 months ago

If you're playing fetches, Landfall Zoo is strictly better than general green stompy. The price difference is in the lands.

Wild Nacatl starts you off as a 1 mana 3/3, then add Steppe Lynx and Akoum Hellhound for some insane beaters. Narnam Renegade gives you a fourth great one drop, and Brushfire Elemental and Plated Geopede put in plenty of work. Add Burning-Tree Emissary and Hidden Herbalists for some better 2 drops. Myr Superion takes advantage of the mana off Emissary and Herbalists.

Top it off with Scale Up and Become Immense for some big boi energy.

It's a bit cheaper than this solution as Arid Mesa and Windswept Heath are a lot cheaper than other fetches. Also, you get Path to Exile and Prismatic Ending for removal, as well as other fun tools like Lightning Helix , Lightning Bolt , Light Up the Stage , Ancient Grudge , Smash to Smithereens , etc.

Of course, it's an entirely different deck, so it's completely up to you -- I might have some other stuff in my back pocket.

Juppe on Selesnya Landfall

1 year ago

Really like your take on Landfall.. Have you considered running Red over or alongside White? Lightning Bolt, Makindi Sliderunner and Plated Geopede are all really good and add some more aggression towards Delver/Tron/Affinity Matchups! Not really sure what your Meta is and how much you like a little more consistency with midrangier White instead of aggroier Red :)

PS: I bet this deck will love to run 4 of the new "Akoum Hellhound" from the upcoming Zendikar Rising: ({R} - 0/1 - Landfall: +2/+2 until eot)

Boza on Aggro Munch

2 years ago

Seems a bit slow and - terrain elemental, hungry spriggan, young wolf (in this shell), mogg flunkies, seismic stomp, only 2 rancors - are all odd choices, . Now, first suggestions are a bit weird - add white. This will allow you access to two things - Wild Nacatl and since going three colors will necessitate fixing in the form of Evolving Wilds and Naya Panorama , you can include a landfall package as well in Plated Geopede , Steppe Lynx , Snapping Gnarlid , Makindi Sliderunner .

The blades are another option if you do not want to go 3 colors - Naya Hushblade , Jund Hackblade are some of the best creatures for this deck. To facilitate their multicolored-ness, add Wild Cantor instead of wolf for example. Another great GR addition is Giantbaiting .

Boza on Pattern Recognition #84 - I …

3 years ago

I really like the article. Landfall is great, but it is too dangerous. Playing lands is something you naturally do. Rewarding you for just playing the game normally has always been the most dangerous mechanic, since it can easily sour the experience.

For example, you do not see too many cards that say "whenever you draw a card" or at least not many powerful cards that reward you for drawing a card. Rewarding you for something you would do anyways has no opportunity cost - you do not give up anything to draw a card for the turn.

The same is with landfall - if you have a lot of cards with the landfall mechanic, you will not plan on skipping your land. You will play slightly more lands than normal and run a few Evolving Wilds and Orzhov Basilica to ensure you play a land every turn. But this is not really a cost - you are not giving up any deck functionallity to play such cards, except some CIPT lands.

That is why you do not see cards with large landfall bonuses. Cards that are competitively costed like Plated Geopede or Steppe Lynx have small effects, essentially becoming Kird Ape with a land.

Cards that have significant effects like Omnath, Locus of Rage and its swoll tokens are costed non-competitively at 7 mana.

Now that you mention Tireless Tracker I will mention that I hate it when wizards brings back old mechanics and keyword actions, only to not use them on cards. Why does TT not have landfall on it?

Squirrelbacon on Zoo-Land-er

3 years ago

This deck looks like a blast! Think there's anywhere to fit in a playset of Atarka's Command??? I think it's be worth it, I think I'd put in for Plated Geopede... I think he is just a little too slow

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Archetype: Zoo

3 years ago

Cool to see more Pauper lists on this site. Looks like a really cool brew; can't say much here since I'm not super familiar with the Pauper metagame, and my LGS doesn't offer anything Pauper. I'd just be wondering how well your list functions on 19 lands.

One suggestion I can offer is Plated Geopede over Snapping Gnarlid. It trades an initial 2/2 body for a 1/1 first striker, but gets a bigger buff on landfall, making it probably the superior choice.

J-pants on

3 years ago

Good list! After perusing it and a few other Land-based decks, I decided to make a series of changes.

Over all, I think these changes give me better Landfall triggers, more potential for Land Sacrifice + Recursion, and just simply better value. There were a few cuts in there that I didn't really want to make, but I think it's worth it in the end.

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