Vanishing Verse

Vanishing Verse


Exile target monocoloured permanent.

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Vanishing Verse Discussion

DreadKhan on Zurtron

1 month ago

I see you have Chains in here (and of course Necropotence), but are not running Teferi's Puzzle Box, which plays very well together. If you have all 3 out, everyone else loses their hand, you ignore the Box and can use Necropotence to win at will. It's nice because as long as you have the Puzzle Box in hand, you can Zur out everything else. This is actually a pretty old-school combo, but not a fun one to play against, so be warned. I use Spirit of the Labyrinth to save a bunch, but Chains is pretty amazing.

Do you find you have enough interaction that deals with Opposition Agent? I am still trying to fit in even more, even running some pretty weird options like Reality Shift and Vanishing Verse just to 'always have an answer' to Agent (and Magistrate if we're honest). If they come out, I tend to lose in a very ugly manner, I gather you haven't run into too much trouble from it?

I second Lanzo493 on All That Glitters, and wonder if have you thought about running Mirrormade and Estrid's Invocation to copy it? Even if you don't have a big board yet, 2 or 3 copies of All That Glitters can end players in 1 hit. . AFAIK, All That Glitters Zur is among the fastest of traditional Voltron builds, and I enjoy having it to always have something dangerous to fetch out in my own Zur build.

dentalflosstycoon on Resilience.

1 month ago

Vanishing Verse to sideboard and Inquisition of Kozilek to mainboard?

EVEN-ELITE on Silent Naus [Tevesh + Ishai CEDH]

1 month ago

Looks great! Might I suggest Anguished Unmaking over Vanishing Verse? I know it costs 1 mana more and makes you lose 3 life, but you will have far more targets.

saber4734 on Vampiric Rites and Vampiric Wrongs

2 months ago

The latest few sets have given us some new options for removal besides your typical Swords or Path. Strixhaven gave us Vanishing Verse and Midnight Hunt gave us Fateful Absence. I can also make a good argument for Fumigate as a board wipe. Considering you would likely gain a lot of life if your board is full of tokens. Vindicate might be sorcery speed but it does destroy any permanent. I run Mythos of Snapdax in my human tribal deck as another partial board wipe. But a card I find helps my human tribal deck and honestly would work well in my vampire deck is Attrition. It doesn't work if your opponents are running black but it is constant removal if they aren't.

Masterful on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

2 months ago

Foster_I_Am Academy Rector is alright, but remember Teysa can't double her death triggers. When she dies, you can only exile her once, so you only get one enchantment. Bolas's Citadel would be a great target, but it's an artifact. Otherwise, we don't have great single-enchantment targets. Sure, we have some good ones like Necropotence, but paying 4 mana and killing a creature is a lot of hoops to jump through for something that isn't a wincon for our deck. Ranger-Captain of Eos is alright but definitely worse than Ranger of Eos and Recruiter of the Guard. I'd play it if we had more slots. Right now, it's a fine budget replacement for recruiter.

You can definitely play Generous Gift over Vanishing Verse. It's mostly personal preference, but I like having access to a 2-mana catch all removal spell for tutoring reasons. We already have Anguished Unmaking to tutor for when we have 3 mana, but if we need to remove an enchantment with 2 mana for example, we have no tutor targets. That's why I play verse. Personally, I think verse is better than Baleful Mastery in most situations. It doesn't draw your opponents a card and can hit enchantments or colored artifacts. However, removal spells are pretty similar and situational anyway, so play whatever you like best.

Vintrastorm I like Martyr's Cause, and it's especially good if the main way you're dying in your meta is to one source, like a voltron commander. Being 3 mana though, it's not the most efficient sac outlet, so I prefer cheaper creature-outlets, altars for mana generation, or something like Spawning Pit for guaranteed value. I haven't tested it a ton, and maybe the damage prevention is stronger than I'm giving it credit for. It's definitely a fun political tool at the very least. I think I'll try it instead of spawning pit next time I playtest the deck.

Foster_I_Am on Necronomicon | Teysa Karlov | Primer

2 months ago

Hi Masterful - Hope all is well! Piggybacking of of my previous comment (would love to hear your thoughts on that comment to when you have a chance)

But I recently added back in Generous Gift as there have been several games where that card could have really helped or even saved me haha. At least it my meta, it's proven to be much more effective than Vanishing Verse - only exiling mono colored permanents was quite limiting.

Also, what are your thoughts on a creature + planes-walker removal card like Baleful Mastery? Seems pretty good to me at the expense of your opponent drawing one card.

Also, let me know your thoughts on Academy Rector when you have a chance.

Thanks! :)

KibaAlpha on Jodah's Unpredictability

3 months ago

Nice looking brew. Have you considered replacing Assassin's Trophy with Vanishing Verse?

Blackgate on Venturing forth (Esper venture)

3 months ago

Re Vanishing Verse and Divine Smite: these are good removal options for black when exile matters! With all the Flashback, Disturb and Zombie shenanigans in the format they are good options for sideboard!!

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