Knight of New Alara

Knight of New Alara

Creature — Human Knight

Each other multicolored creature you control gets +1/+1 for each of its colors.

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Knight of New Alara Discussion

Polaris on How many creatures die in …

1 month ago

Assuming that's all of your permanents, all of them. You start with Faeburrow Elder at 7/7, Chromanticore at 9/9, Grixis Grimblade at 6/5, and Knight of New Alara at 2/2.

Storm's Wrath resolves and deals 4 to all of them. Knight of New Alara dies. Without the buff, Elder is a 5/5, Chromanticore is 4/4, and Grimblade is a 3/2, so the last two die. With both of them gone, Elder is now a 2/2 and dies.

LuckyJinx on How many creatures die in …

1 month ago

I have a Faeburrow Elder and a Chromanticore and Grixis Grimblade and Knight of New Alara on my side of the battlefield. My Opponent casts Storm's Wrath. Which of my creatures die?

Gearhead93 on Naya's Hero

6 months ago

dsdude3021 You raise a lot of good points. I think I'll be tuning the sideboard and performing some swaps. Bloodbraid Elf is an idea I've played with and will likely visit several times in the future. In this current build I'm trying not to use too many 4 drops and while I think bloodbraid is a better recovery tool than Knight of New Alara but I just wanted to play around with the knight. Thanks for the recommendations, I really enjoyed reading each section and the reasoning for the cards!

DarkRequiem on Saskia the Unyielding

8 months ago

Angelic Overseer, Herald of War (which plays well with your Cathar's Crusade, your Gavony Township and your Mikaeus) and Angel of Glory's Rise would be 3 non-humans I'd run in this deck for obvious reasons. On top of that I'd remove Benalish Marshal to add, if you really want to keep the anthem flavor, Knight of New Alara. Dire Tactics would also fit this deck quite well.

Why not some mana rocks?

libraryjoy on Looking for a fun budget …

8 months ago

Thanks for the ideas. I don't play black (except in like 5 color strategies). As for budget, I don't have a lot of funds to sink into Magic right now. I have a pretty large collection, with plenty of pricier cards, but I'm just looking for a little variety I can throw a few dollars at. Last night I started fiddling with a Kaheera, the Orphanguard deck, using it as a companion (Gruul with a lot of beasts). Our power level at a group is fairly low, including teenagers, new players, and other people with limited $. Building on a budget like this helps me to not annihilate everyone and still have fun. It's also a mental exercise - not every deck I build I actually buy.

I forgot to mention another fun deck I built a few weeks back, including Jegantha, the Wellspring as companion. Mono-green, focused on large 5 color creatures with support from Knight of New Alara and Civic Saber, with an Elemental subtheme. I really enjoy playing it, but it kinda wrecked the table a bit the first time and so now everybody targets it early.

I've found a few ideas in here. Skill Borrower looks fun! It's been a while since I tried building a Land/creature deck, so that's an idea, too. I've actually got Kangee, Aerie Keeper, and that might be an option once I tear apart the Sephara, Sky's Blade deck. Keep the ideas coming!

theFro on Sisay Garna Kaervek Gerrard?

1 year ago

if you run the paragon cycle + the liege cycles + Knight of New Alara + Progentius + Pathbreaker Ibex + Champion of Lambholt + Urabrask the Hidden + Grand Abolisher that would be a pretty tough nut (20+ creatures, haste, (pretty much)unblockable, +30/+30 and trample on attack...) for essentially 2 generic mana :)

Skyship Weatherlight + Tezzeret the Seeker are the two belle tutorable tutors to enable you

happy combos!

King_of_Bees on

1 year ago

Good points, thank you KIRK77. You know, I had considered Ramos, Dragon Engine in the beginning, but I was initially resistant because I wanted a "real" five color creature (for that rainbow effect.) Now that you mention it, though, I think Ramos is potentially the better choice.

Good points on both Faeburrow Elder and Knight of New Alara. I originally wanted all of the creatures in the deck to have at least 3 colors, but these could be worthwhile exceptions. Much appreciated!

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