Song of the Dryads

Song of the Dryads

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

Enchanted permanent is a colorless Forest land.

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Song of the Dryads Discussion

Omniscience_is_life on Does a Commander still deal …

1 week ago

A commander's commander damage is inherent to it--even a face-down commander will deal commander damage. Even you Song of the Dryads a commander, Nissa's Zendikon it, Frogify it, Burrog Befuddler it, and then Giant Growth it, it'll still be dealing commander damage.

Profet93 on Lost and Afraid

1 month ago

I took Bane of progress and regal force out of my deck sadly because upon G-wave entering, Bane destroys Akromas so you can't swing for lethal. Regal Force is a mandatory draw, so you deck yourself out unless you somehow sacrifice a Shuffling Eldrazi with a High Market, Miren Moaning well, or another sac outlet. Thoughts?

Greater Good - Speaking of sac outlets, this one draws you a bunch of cards and prevents stealing/exiling effects

Song of the Dryads - Removal, particularly on opposing commanders. If they play black or red, they are unlikely to have enchantment removal. Even more fun is using strip mine on their "land" in response to their removal spell on song of dryads.

Nissa, Vital Force - +1 is to untap cradle for more mana (usually after drawing a large part of your deck with a big board state to increase tempo) or to untap strip mine and destroy anyone (or rather, the person) who will inevitably try to destroy her. Her ultimate costs 6 and she starts at 5. Her emblem is POWERFUL, but that's not why she's here. Her -3 is almost like a third recursion effect. Ultimate is just another potential benefit.

Your list should add more non basics, I think your mana base could add 2-4 more non-basics. If you do, you should consider the following...

Nylea's Intervention > Sylvan Scrying - Higher ceiling, more versatility. I get you can't cast this Turn 2 and then Turn 3 Azusa but I feel the benefits far outweigh the negative.

Field of the Dead + Snow-covered swamps = Tokens! Since they are black, regal force doesn't work, but shamanic revelation does. Moreover, they are just blockers and fuel for cradle. Never underestimate thespian's stage copying field so each land you play brings 2 zombies, with Azusa thats 6 zombies per turn. With cradle + field, you can bypass the tempo requirement of casting azusa to get more lands into play. I see you have exploration, so perhaps that aspect might not be beneficial all the time, nevertheless, it is powerful.

I would add every land in the maybeboard except Homeward path. Cuts would be maze of ith (unless meta dependent) and Dryad arbor. Arbor almost always dies and sets you back. Given he can't be tapped for mana the turn it comes down, it's usually not that impactful. Even with Green Sun Zenith.

I would cut Beacon of creation. I get it's cool with Regal force, cradle and yavimaya green land, but I never was a huge fan of it. How has it been in your experience?

metalflame on Old Stickfingers | Reanimator

2 months ago

I really like the commander here. Song of the Dryads is a must include for control in green. Also Helm of the Host would create a great field with any creature you get out giving you many etb and reoccurring triggers.

Draknoz on Goodboi Tribal

2 months ago

metalflame I originally had ibex in but it's a huge target for removal. I might add in a tutor package so its easier to grab. As for Song of the Dryads it is just a busted card, as is Kenrith's Transformation. I will try to find slots!

Davinoth on Mulching with Muldrotha [Self Mill EDH]

2 months ago

     Last_Laugh: Great suggestions! Song of the Dryads would be a superb addition! Since adding Imprisoned in the Moon to the deck I've been super impressed by it and would love to double down on this kind of removal strategy.

     Bear Umbra, however, is something I hadn't thought of or considered. Extra lands is a more recent change to this deck, and it's a change I've been really enjoying. I think supporting that change with Bear Umbra is a great idea, especially with the option to recast after a boardwipe... that's pretty awesome haha! =D

     Thanks again for the great suggestions! =)

Last_Laugh on Mulching with Muldrotha [Self Mill EDH]

2 months ago

I'd suggest Song of the Dryads in Obliettes spot for the versatility of hitting any permanent type instead of just creatures.

I'm also fond of Bear Umbra here. The land untap pays for itself, allows for some absurd turns, and protects Muldy similar to Kaya's Ghostform.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Muldrotha's Madhouse ⫷Primer⫸

Stardragon on Help with Oko trickery

2 months ago

griffstick yep they all work as well i already put Song of the Dryads in my deck and will try to find room for Night Soil but Necrogenesis wont be as it's wrong colors but the idea is there

griffstick on Help with Oko trickery

2 months ago

So Night Soil and Necrogenesis also count. Also how could you miss Song of the Dryads And Humility

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