Fractured Identity

Fractured Identity


Exile target nonland permanent. Each player other than its controller creates a token that's a copy of it.

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Fractured Identity Discussion

DreadKhan on King Kon's Benevolence

2 weeks ago

Blossoming Bogbeast is pretty good in Kenrith, his life gain ability can quickly make whatever creatures you have out a game-ending threat.

Spore Frog is a nice way to delay aggro, reanimating is a multi-turn fog. Works much better if you've also got a Seedborn Muse out.

Fractured Identity is fairly 'hug', though it takes away one person's toy and gives it to everyone else. Can be useful if you want a piece for yourself and don't think the other players can do as much with it.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Woman Tribal (Human)

3 weeks ago

This looks fun, good job. As mtobin said, Fractured Identity can't be in here. I assume you got a name mixed up?

Considering you're playing 20 legendary creatures besides your commander, Thalia's Lancers might be a useful inclusion. With all these tokens, Skullclamp would be great.

Species Specialist doesn't seem to be female, but is veeery powerful here.

Jlong94 on Fractured identity combo time

5 months ago

Fractured Identity + Hivestone + Sliver Overlord as commander = steal every creature

JCTenor10 on The Code Meister

5 months ago

I agree with giving Fractured Identity a chance, as it is an AMAZING followup to a boardwipe like Fell the Mighty or Yahenni's Expertise .

Assault Suit I dislike for many reasons.

1) being a 4cmc artifacts means it's unlikely to get dropped before Codie,meaning we will have to flicker with Long Road Home or one of your other cheats to play it, which means it is competing with your higher impact permanents just to gimmick someone out of playing permanents, which will require removal ASAP.

2) As a Zedruu player I have learned that there is no faster way to make enemies at the table the bad gifts like Codie.

3) if you want to dip into bad gifts route play Zedruu the Greathearted .

People will hate Fractured Identity , but they won't make you the archenemy because of it. As fun as bad gifts are, most of them are just not up to Codies speed. If you are going for additional Codie triggers, I once again suggest Jeskai Ascendancy ,it does better than any other at getting multiple triggers for it's price.

RicketyEng on The Code Meister

5 months ago

JCTenor10 thanks for the suggestions and the upvote!

So far 99% of the cards I have considered and included in the deck or mainboard have been only from my unused collection (or a few that looked neat from Strixhaven), so I appreciate the suggestions. I think I did consider Show and Tell briefly, but I figured that the few permanents I might have to choose from are unlikely to stand up to the ones my opponents would get to cheat into play. It's probably worth a try even if just to see how it most often plays out as a test. I suppose at its worst it is just another 3 mana ramp spell for me that also gives an opponent something powerful. It could make for an interesting political card though. What are your thoughts on that?

After watching the Command Zone's review of Codie I've been thinking of trying to get some of the give-Codie's-restriction-to-others cards back into the deck. I had Assault Suit in and it was one of the last few cards to get cut when I was working down to 100. Now I want to try to find some space for it and Fractured Identity . Other cards in my initial consideration were Kiora's Follower and Helm of the Host in order to go after additional Codie triggers.

aznb01777 on Kwain, a Foot on the Gas

5 months ago

Fractured Identity would be a fun card for your deck

Hardhitta7 on

6 months ago

Oooh I didn’t think of Fractured Identity , I love that card it cube, it’s fun. Thank you!

abby315 on

6 months ago

In blue I tend to favor counterspells to deal with artifacts, like Dovin's Veto , but since you're in Esper you also get the best of "black and white can remove anything": Anguished Unmaking , Conclave Tribunal , Fractured Identity , Utter End are all good, flexible options.

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