Eureka Moment

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Vintage Legal

Eureka Moment


Draw two cards. You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.

wallisface on Simic ramp-new

1 week ago

Some thoughts:

  • Mu Yanling isn’t modern-legal.

  • lifegain is probably the weakest mechanic in magic, and it’s never usually worth running cards that only gain life - i’d ditch Predator's Rapport.

  • you need waay more lands imo. Typical modern ramp decks will be running anywhere from 28-33 lands. 20 is far too low, especially when cards like Elvish Pioneer and Eureka Moment are depending on a high land count.

  • ramp decks usually want all their cards to either be ramping you, or providing some massive payoff for all your mana. In that sense, I don’t think Scythe Leopard has any reasonable place here.

  • some of your big “payoff” cards also feel skeptical to me. Nessian Boar is just giving your opponent card advantage. Snapping Sailback doesn’t feel particularly intimidating for its mana cost. Body of Research is interesting, but is still just a big vanilla creature with no abilities.

lagotripha on How can i combine Omnath …

3 months ago

The only must haves in precons are sol ring/signet/tower, and you already have those. Its more about what you like to play than what should be played once you have land search+mana fixing.

Buying singles is almost always cheaper and gets a better result overall.

Reasons not to to do singles - it can be hard to find awkward cards and get them shipped, and shipping costs can tilt things the other way if you need multiple senders.

You can load the deck into here with a copy paste like this to get an idea of the cards and prices.

The deep sea stuff has had a lot printed over the years. If you set CMC to >6 and ask for a blue creature, you'll see a lot of options from Octavia, Living Thesis to Aethersquall Ancient, its all fairly inexpensive and good for commander. There are some decent ones with hexproof/shroud/return to hand if you're tired of them getting hit by condemn and whatnot.

Lands wrath has a fairly solid spine to build on - its mostly search basic so adding islands is simple. You might want to flesh that out with more Cultivate effects and whatnot if you have trouble ramping, but thats about it.

Personally, I'd go for a spells and creature tokens landfall deck, grabbing stuff like Urban Evolution Eureka Moment, Growth Spiral and some creatures like Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy before grabbing bigger stuff like Guile or Liege of the Tangle. But I like drawing cards to make up for less big spells, and sometimes just more big cards does better.

wallisface on Simic Mutate Scute Swarm

3 months ago


The problem with Neoform here is the general lack of good 2cmc creatures to sacrifice. I would recommend against running either Lotus Cobra Tangled Florahedron  Flip, as while they accelerate mana, they don't accelerate your landbase, which is what you actually care about. While paying 4 mana to Summoner's Pact may seem daunting, it's actually not really an issue - as with sufficient ramp you'll easily be able to pay for it and the Swarm. Its a staple of Prime Titan decks for a good reason.

Never go over 60 cards. The current cards I think are questionable/droppable are:

  • Vastwood Surge, Eureka Moment, Migratory Greathorn and Quandrix Cultivator: 3-or-4 mana is a lot for this kind of effect, and generally quite slow. By the time you have the mana to cast these, you should be already at a point of not needing them. Aim for the cheaper ramp I'd suggested. In addition to what I'd suggest above, Sakura-Tribe Elder is stronger than all these cards, and a good potential replacement.

  • Prosperous Innkeeper, Lotus Cobra, Tangled Florahedron  Flip: Your goal should be putting a lot of lands into play quickly, not just making a lot of mana. Mana on its own doesn't actually help you get anywhere, as your Swarm needs land drops, and a lot of existing lands in play.

  • Mana Leak feels like a sideboard card at-best. I'm not sure it works particularly well here, especially as by the time your engine is running, your opponent might also have enough lands to pay the cost.

If I were building this list with budget in-mind, it'd probably look something like:

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Need help finding a focus …

9 months ago

I have Junk Winder in my Koma, Cosmos Serpent EDH deck. And while that is a different format, the basic idea is still creating tokens on as many occasions as possible. Maybe try a Saproling deck with Tendershoot Dryad. You could basically create a aristocrat style deck with Junk Winder as an important card. You could even do some Growth Spiral/Eureka Moment shenanigans to get into big mana territory a little faster.

multimedia on Quantum Quandrix Upgrade

1 year ago

Hey, you're welcome, nice changes.

Is the +1/+1 counter theme worth it here? Bane is a good card in multiplayer, but it doesn't need a +1/+1 counter theme to be good, it just happens to use +1/+1 counters. Champion of Lambholt also uses counters, but she gets counters from creating creature tokens, interaction with Twincasters. Fractals also have counters, but that's just how they're created, the additional +1/+1 counter theme isn't really helping Fractals. +1/+1 counters don't have interaction with making token copies of creatures since the token copy doesn't get the counters when it's created.

A good counter interaction here is Primal Empathy + Fathom Mage , but how consistent is it that you get both these cards without having tutors to get them? Not sure if Fathom is worth playing as a draw source when it wants a more expanded counter theme to get the most out of it. Empathy, you don't have a consistent high power creature to take advantage of the draw.

Fae Offering has a good token effect with Twincasters, but only if you can trigger it which consistently seems too difficult here. Khalni Ambush  Flip, fight is good with Hornet Nest , but I don't think I would play a card that all it does is fight just to have this interaction. You don't really have powerful enough creatures until later in the game that can fight an opponents creature, kill it while also having your creature survive.

Some budget changes to consider based on my last comment:

golgarigirl on Esix, the Fractal BOOM

1 year ago

I'm not sure if you got the precon or not, but a few of the cards from it are real gems for this deck!

Adrix and Nev, Twincasters can duplicate the number of tokens you get just like any of the other doubling season effects. Any of these effects copy the effect that makes the token, so the token would still enter with whatever number of counters the origin of the effect would make.

Curiosity Crafter is a token-specific Reconnaissance Mission / Coastal Piracy - style effect. If you're able to consistently make large enough tokens, Garruk's Uprising and Elemental Bond are also excellent options.

Ruxa, Patient Professor is amazing with Fractals! Ignore the first paragraph...the second and third line are gold. And that third line helps us get that sweet value from the Curiosity Crafter-style draw spells.

Don't be afraid of instant-speed draw like Eureka Moment and Growth Spiral . They may look unimpressive, but they perform way better than they look. Return of the Wildspeaker would also likely be awesome in your deck, with a bunch of very large non-humans. Perplexing Test has also performed very well in my token deck.

I'm going to call out Full Flowering and any other token copiers as cards that might not perform very well, since those don't replicate the +1/+1 counters on your 0/0 tokens. Biomass Mutation is an absolute house in here, especially with any form of evasion, like Ruxa, trample from Garruk's Uprising, or the flying from Combine Chrysalis .

lagotripha on Simic Counters

1 year ago

Cool, so creatures with abilities, +1 +1 counters, midrange, and not pushing it into silly competitive. I'd look at building a strong 'spine' to the deck that draws cards and plays lands, probably around 12 cards + lands, then running a lot of 1-ofs to fill the other slots. It keeps things feeling fresh in more casual lists.

Coiling oracle and growth spiral offer an incredible start to that spine, with some 1-ofs to fill it out, say a Eureka Moment, a Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy and a couple of Explore. Gyre Sage and Incubation Druid offers an alternative 'ramp/combo' spine with untaps going infinite, if that is your thing.

Biomancer's Familiar offers a Training Grounds type effect that plays nice with adapt effects. Oran-Rief, the Vastwood or Vastwood Fortification  Flip can help getting counters on creatures that like them but don't get them normally. This can also play very nicely with Master Biomancer and Fertilid type effects.

In terms of creatures there are a lot that have really cool abilities that never quite made it to competitive. I'd look up the graft/evolve/adapt keywords to start, followed by simic standard decks older than a couple years to see if there is any stuff you love, then stuff that cares about counters - Animation Module, Simic Ascendancy, but more importantly creature types like ooze (and stuff like Ooze Flux). There are a lot of janky crabs and fish that deserve to see play but never made the cut because of the format's focus on 1 drops, and so long as you keep an eye on the overall curve you should be able to use most of them.

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