Ice-Fang Coatl

Ice-Fang Coatl

Snow Creature — Snake



When Ice-Fang Coatl enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Ice-Fang Coatl has deathtouch as long as you control at least three other snow permanents.

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Set Rarity
Modern Horizons (MH1) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Ice-Fang Coatl Discussion

fmastrome2008 on Yarok: Double Double This That

1 month ago
  1. Bojuka Bog will provide graveyard interaction without affecting consistency.

  2. Deadeye Navigator will provide infinite combo shenanigans. Draw your entire deck with Baleful Strix or Ice-Fang Coatl. There's plenty out there.

  3. Sire of Stagnation is straight gas and draws 8 cards off 1 opposing fetchland.

  4. Swap the mana rocks for more Rampant Growth and Kodama's Reach type effects. It also triggers more landfall.

  5. Avenger of Zendikar and Lotus Cobra are 2 of the best landfall creatures in existence. I'd definitely include those.

zephyr_chang on Flash Dance

1 month ago

Creatures are generally small, which would not be a problem if you can keep the opponent's board clear through bounces/counterspells/removals. Problem is, you only have 4 bounces Brazen Borrower, 3 counterspells Mystic Snake, and almost no removal (other than Ice-Fang Coatl, and I don't think you are running enough snow permanents to activate deathtouch all the time). So it might be tough to get through once opponent lands a blocker or two. You will need your draws to line up very nicely. Theoretically you can return some cards to your hand with Whitemane Lion and Quickling and Jeskai Barricade to cast them again, but that would be turn 3 at the quickest, and sets your tempo back.

I also don't think Omen of the Sea is strong enough for Modern outside of a control shell. Maybe you should play some 1-CMC cantrips instead? The 2-drop slot is too crowded and you have no 1-drops, which is also quite odd for a tempo deck.

fmastrome2008 on YarokValueTown

1 month ago

I run a similar style deck to this.

  1. Cauldron Familiar does the same thing as Gary and Triskelion, but costs 1 mana.

  2. Altar of the Brood is a secondary wincon for 1 mana also. Mill out your opponents while recasting creatures.

  3. Shrieking Drake and Dream Stalker would increase your infinite mana producing combos by 3 from what I'm counting in this deck.

  4. Ice-Fang Coatl, Elvish Visionary, and Fblthp, the Lost would give you 3 additional ways to draw your entire deck with Deadeye Navigator.

fmastrome2008 on late to the party

1 month ago
  1. Bojuka Bog will provide extra graveyard interaction without affecting consistency.

  2. Tatyova, Benthic Druid is a great 2 way threat... lifegain and card draw.

  3. I think it's a mistake to not run at least one creature removal threat that doesn't target yourself as well... Ravenous Chupacabra, Shriekmaw, etc... Shriekmaw also triggers Risen Reef.

  4. Ice-Fang Coatl, Baleful Strix, and Fblthp, the Lost provide additional 2 mana cantrips. It looks like you're trying to have a low curve, hence this recommendation.

  5. Deadeye Navigator allows for mana infinite combo shenanigans such as drawing your entire deck in one turn with Wall of Blossoms.

  6. Sire of Stagnation is straight gas and draws 8 cards off 1 opposing fetchland.

  7. I'd highly recommend throwing in Wood Elves and Farhaven Elf. Going from 3 -> 5 lands or 4 -> 6 lands is such a tempo play for dropping fatties the following turn.

  8. Fierce Empath is a great tutor effect for this deck, especially late game. Add Woodland Bellower and you can net 6 cards off 1 creature cast. Use the 2nd trigger for Wood Elves. 2 lands + 2 creatures on top of the extra 2.

ju009x on Yarok, who let the lands out?!

1 month ago

He fmastrome2008 (or anyone else of course),

Hope I'm not bugging you, I was thinking of cutting some carddraw because I added Sire of Stagnation and Ice-Fang Coatl. I'm debating Sylvan Library or Fact or Fiction or maybe even both and add Elvish Visionary or Fblthp, the Lost. What do you think?

ju009x on Yarok, who let the lands out?!

1 month ago

Thanks again fmastrome2008!

  1. Thanks for the extra information, I think I'll have to run one more basic land. Just to get it to a nice 9 basic's. I think more will be to much, as for the amount of lands you said cut it to about 37/38. Do you agree with me that (not counting Dark Depths and Maze of Ith) 37 is a goed amount? (This would mean cutting one land.

  2. Problem with Panharmonicon is that it won't dubbel up landfall triggers. So it would mean that, yes it will help out, but because my deck want's more to do with landfall than the occasional creature ETB. Do you think it would still be worth it, if so I will have to try it out!

  3. Because of the amount of graveyard decks in my current meta I recently added Erebos's Intervention, as it is able to remove multiple cards in multiple graveyards at instant speed. And it also pivots into a removal spell if need be. I have to say Reclamation Sage as a very good fit, but I wouldn't want to leave out Krosan Grip because of split second, as this has saved me multiple times in the past.

  4. Yes Yarok will indeed dubbel up the amount of triggers on Dark Depths, but by using Vampire Hexmage and Thespian's Stage I'm able to remove the counters. This is my absolute favorite card in magic to be honest especial the w art, so that cut I won't be able to make. Petrified Field is some secret tech to make Realms Uncharted find the Dark Depths combo. As for Homeward Path, that would indeed be something to cut, and keep in the binder if my meta changes.

After our conversation, this would mean: - remove Homeward Path - remove insert land - remove insert land

in order of relevance, maybe add: 1. basic land 1. Sire of Stagnation 1. Ice-Fang Coatl 1. Reclamation Sage 1. Panharmonicon 1. Elvish Visionary 1. Fblthp, the Lost 1. Shriekmaw

Any thought on other cards to cut? Again thanks for the help I can really use it!!

ju009x on Yarok, who let the lands out?!

1 month ago

Thanks fmastrome2008!

  1. If you don't mind I would like some extra information why you would play 3 basic islands. My reasoning is that non basic lands also give the right mana, and to get the most out of Field of the Dead I would like to play as many non basic lands I can. Of course keeping in mind non basic land hate (which I don't run into very often).That said I was thinking of maybe cutting a land or two, keeping in mind Maze of Ith and Dark Depths don't count. But because I want to abuse my lands entering the battlefield as much as possible I'm not sure cutting lands would be the best idea. Though I would probably add Ice-Fang Coatl, Elvish Visionary and Fblthp, the Lost. Whats your take on this?

  2. I have been thinking about Panharmonicon and Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, but with just 13 possible creature etb effects I was thinking it wouldn't be enough. What do you think?

  3. As for Reclamation Sage and Shriekmaw, they are both really good cards! My only slight hesitance towards these is the sorcery speed, I wouldn't know what to cut to add them.

  4. I didn't think about Sire of Stagnation, this is such a nice fit! I'm just not sure what to cut for it.

  5. I do have one final question, keeping in mind the lands theme, what would (for you) be the best cut? (Please tell my what lands you would cut as well)

Sorry for the long answer, to be honest I haven't had a long time playing the deck (because of the virus) and would love everyone's opinion!

fmastrome2008 on Yarok, who let the lands out?!

1 month ago
  1. With a curve at 3.15, your land count should be no higher than 37 (realistically 36). I see triple blue and double black costs, but only 1 basic of those colors. Since this isn't a cEDH deck with low land counts, you should at least have as many basics of each color in your casting costs. That should open up a few slots in your deck.

  2. You're missing Panharmonicon, Reclamation Sage, Shriekmaw. All of these should be auto includes in Yarok builds.

  3. Sire of Stagnation is straight gas and draws 8 cards off 1 opposing fetchland.

  4. Ice-Fang Coatl, Wall of Blossoms, and Elvish Visionary give you ways to chug through your deck early.

  5. Thassa, Deep-Dwelling lets you further abuse ETB effects.

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