Ice-Fang Coatl

Ice-Fang Coatl

Snow Creature — Snake



When this enters the battlefield, draw a card.

This has deathtouch as long as you control at least three other snow permanents.

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Ice-Fang Coatl Discussion

wallisface on Why Has WotC Brought Back …

2 weeks ago

DemonDragonJ easily. In modern Ephemerate has become a pretty commonly seen tool for this kind of abuse. Outside if that, we’ve seen all Soulherder, Restoration Angel, Flickerwisp, and Eldrazi Displacer harass the format at different stages. There are currently an abundance of insane etb creatures, including Thragtusk, Eternal Witness, Skyclave Apparition, Ice-Fang Coatl just to name a few.

If someone’s unable to build a deck based around abusing etb effects, that’s on them, because the options to do so are vast.

Stryfe_ on Azdranax

1 month ago

Retro foil etched Force of Negation

Retro foil Ice-Fang Coatl

Retro foil etched Ice-Fang Coatl

Showcase Ignoble Hierarch (I want to hold on to my foil sketch one)

Foil borderless Sanctum Weaver


2 Counterspell 2 Archmage's Charm 4 Fatal Push 1 Marsh Flats 1 Drowned Catacomb 1 Glacial Fortress 1 Clifftop Retreat 1 Isolated Chapel 1 Kaya's Guile


wallisface on Simic - Blues Clues

2 months ago

zapyourtumor I have to disagree. The two things it provides outside of combo are landfixing & land-ramp. This deck looks like it doesn’t at all need fixing. And for land-ramp, Azusa, Lost but Seeking does the job better. But also this deck isn’t really geared for land-ramp to begin with - i’m not seeing many scenarios where you’re going to have more than 1 land in hand after turn 3, and furthermore i’m not seeing many scenarios where you’d care enough to want to be rushing them out.

What i’m saying is, in this deck Dryad offers very little, and green has a lot of other strong creature options that could simply provide more value in the game. Personally, i’s have thought Ice-Fang Coatl would be a much stronger choice here, as it helps keep the hand full so you can more reliably play both creaturrs & lands each turn, as well as deter attackers.

DeVerbalen on Simic Control

3 months ago

zapyourtumor thanks for the advice, I agree with the idea of the fetches and suppose that exchanging passage for flooded strand would be a good start. Would you recommend swapping 2 passage and 2 basics for 4 strands? Or rather 2 passage 2 grove for 4 strands? I have the feeling that by keeping the groves you almost always have acces to the green mana you need and can more easily fetch a snow land to give Ice-Fang Coatl deathouch.

xtechnetia on Thespian Tricks

3 months ago

AFAIK you can't maintain a Glacial Chasm lock forever with just it and Stage. Stage can copy Chasm and have no counters on it, but cumulative upkeep will still apply, so really it's just a way of extending the amount of time you can keep it out.

To truly maintain the lock indefinitely, you need something like a Solemnity -type effect or a way to replay your lands from the graveyard (plus a way to play extra lands to counterbalance the ETB sacrifice).

Anyways, other tricks with Stage that I know of (non-exhaustive):

  • You can copy a land that produces extra mana to accelerate your mana production, sometimes without the downsides the land typically comes with (e.g. Lotus Field , Cloudpost ).
  • You can copy a hexproof or indestructible land to get around land destruction (depending on what it is). More sneakily, copying a basic land will fizzle Wasteland -type effects used on Stage.
  • You can copy a land with a particular (super)type to turn on something that checks for such, e.g. copying a snow land to enable deathtouch on Ice-Fang Coatl when you already have two other snow lands.
  • Just like with Depths, you can copy Blast Zone , which will then have 0 counters on it (useful for wiping tokens).

zapyourtumor on Shardless BUG

3 months ago

I like that you can kick a Tourach off of Shardless. Some suggestions:

Ice-Fang Coatl (Requires changing to snow lands, recommend 4)

Ancestral Vision (recommend 2)

Fatal Push (Drop at least 1x Pulse and 1x Trophy for these, 3-4 would be optimal)

Sunken Ruins (1 because you have and costs)

zapyourtumor on Modern Reanimator, second draft

3 months ago

seriously what was R&D thinking, I got my Fold into AEther ed emmy chump blocked by a surprise Ice-Fang Coatl then my opponent literally cast her for free because of this thing

wowthatsbroken on Future Temur Midrange

3 months ago

Probably should be playing Ice-Fang Coatl . On the topic of Ignoble Hierarch , I have blue as a slightly more dominant color, so I might go 3 Birds, 2 Noble, 1 Ignoble, but I think I'd rather just play the bird for fixing. What should I cut for the Coatl's?

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