Fist of Suns

Fist of Suns


You may pay rather than pay the mana cost for spells that you play.

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal

Fist of Suns Discussion

multimedia on The Ur-Dragon CMDR (help needed)

2 weeks ago

Hey, well done on a budget.

You've added several excellent Rainbow lands, but then there's subpar 5 Vivid lands as well as 3 Rupture Spire lands and 11 Tri lands. The current manabase is very slow with 20+ of 37 lands will always enter the battlefield (ETB) tapped. I understand you're on a budget; I too play budget Commander decks and you can do much better than 20+ lands ETB tapped even on a $300 budget. 11 Tri lands, Path of Ancestry and Grand Coliseum is more than enough lands that will always ETB tapped.

To speed up the manabase you could simply add more basic lands and some cards that have interaction with basic lands. Manabase changes to consider:

If you make this change then could also add 5 Battle lands: Cinder Glade, Canopy Vista, Sunken Hollow, Prairie Stream, Smoldering Marsh, cut 5 Tri lands. Battle lands are budget dual lands that have good interaction when you have more basic lands. The Battle lands will give Farseek a dual land to search for.

Cataracts is a helpful land to cast Ur-Dragon with basic lands or colorless mana sources because any combination of 5 mana along with tapping Cataracts makes all five colors of mana. For example Sol Ring + Thran Dynamo + Cataracts = five colors of mana. Cataracts is also good with Fist of Suns.

I offer more advice and I have other cards suggestions. Would you like more advice and suggestions? Good luck with your deck.

griffstick on Good cheap staples to pick …

2 months ago

This are the staple cards you need to get.







I hope this helps because it took forever to type out.

DeinoStinkus on Pray for Mercy

2 months ago

Conflux. Also, run Maze's End plus the Guildgates, Gateway Plaza, and Golos, Tireless Pilgrim. Chromatic Orrery is good, and Ramos, Dragon Engine even better. Fist of Suns could fit if you want to run bigger threats.

Hoobynobber7395 on Five Color God Stuff

2 months ago

if you put Morophon, the Boundless in then Fist of Suns makes sense otherwise not a good include

DeinoStinkus on Five Color God Stuff

2 months ago

First, live thr username. Second, not totally sure what all Fist of Suns does in your deck. I can only find a couple of cards whose cost would be reduced significantly. I think it should be abandoned for another mana rock, because in a rainbow deck mana rocks/ramp are very important.

JRaynor on Ur-Dragon Dragon Tribal

2 months ago

You can try it, but I think your land count is way too low. I think you could probably get by with 36, but if you ever hope to cast your commander I think you're going to want to experiment with increasing either the land count or the ramp count or both.

Fist of Suns, while good elsewhere, is really bad in most Ur Dragon decks. Just do the math on your average Dragon's CMC, and you'll quickly notice that because of the Eminence ability, most of the time you're actually only saving 1 mana and making your dragon's much more difficult to cast. Really bad trade off.

Now this criticism is only in relation to using Ur-Daddy as your commander. Without Eminence in play, the Fist of Suns ability becomes much better.

About 98% of the time you're going to be better off with an Arcane Signet, which is what I'd recommend replacing this with. Morophon, the Boundless falls under the same category here.

I believe Garruk's Uprising is a pretty much strict upgrade to Elemental Bond, though there's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping both.

This is one of my favorite decks! Hope you have a great time playing it.

JRaynor on Five Color Death Punch

3 months ago

It may be an unpopular opinion, since Fist of Suns looks like the Infinity Gauntlet and was in the precon, but in my testing I've found both Fist of Suns and Jodah, Archmage Eternal are really terrible in this style deck.

Let me explain - Due to Emminence, Every 7 CMC creature in the deck is already discounted by one, meaning they are now 6 CMC. You, like myself, only run 1 creature that is more than 7 CMC. This makes Fist of Suns and Jodah function as extremely expensive and mana intensive versions of Dragonlord's Servant, which I would argue is already the worst of the ramp cards you have access to.

Sure these two cards do work with the commander - but the fact that you only run 1 other dragon above 7 CMC means these two cards do not synergize with 98% of your deck. They're both super cool, but I just don't think they have a place here.

I'd swap out for Nature's Lore and Arcane Signet. Maybe find room for a Fellwar Stone somehow too. Any one of these three looks like a strict upgrade to Sylvan Scrying.

Also, have you seen the new Garruk's Uprising that was spoiled for M21? I think it's a really good upgrade to Elemental Bond

I like your inclusion of Time of Need. Going to have to hunt one of those down for myself.

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