Fist of Suns

Fist of Suns


You may pay rather than pay the mana cost for spells that you play.

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal

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Fist of Suns Discussion

meME12 on help me with my morophon eldrazis please!

1 month ago

Hmmm, I do think that the amount of colorless creatures (that are eldrazi compared) compared to "colored" eldrazi is not enough. Notice that Morophon, the Boundless , reduces the cost by WUBRG and any colorless eldrazi will not cost less. But the deck functions, and works AMAZING WITH Jodah, Archmage Eternal , and Fist of Suns . I would recommend some more tutors to get out combo pieces along with some nice card draw. The deck is rounded out but... it could do with some tweeks. Conduit of Ruin may be a colorless eldrazi but can make things cost less that are colored, Ugin, the Ineffable , Forerunner of Slaughter , and Flayer Drone , both do wonders... Forsaken Monument even buffs your "colored" eldrazi because of the devoid mechanic. Ulamog's Nullifier and Brood Butcher both can do wonders, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove and Dust Stalker , are great... Eladamri's Call , Vampiric Tutor , and Enlightened Tutor all work great, Bring to Light is also great as well.

Grind on help me with my morophon eldrazis please!

1 month ago

Cool deck!! Looks fun.
Here are some thoughts.
First, I would add more ramp!!!
You have 8 ramp cards but i would go up to 12 or 14 easy.
Worn Powerstone , Palladium Myr , Thran Dynamo , Commander's Sphere , Skyclave Relic are all playable. Even 2 cmc rocks like the signets are good.
2nd, Fist of Suns seems central to your win con so i would add some tutors for it. Trophy Mage and Fabricate are good options in addition to your transmute cards.
Finally sorry to burst your bubble but desolation twin doesnt combo with eldrazi displacer bc it is an 'on cast' effect not ETB. However Peregrine Drake would be a great alternative.
Anyway just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!!


2 months ago

Oh dang I didn't even think about that with the targeting rulings. Before I forget though, maybe Fist of Suns/Jodah, Archmage Eternal to ease the cost for Progentius, and maybe a Faeburrow Elder for ramp!

dragonstryke58 on Fires of Invention and Walking …

2 months ago

To further clarify TheRealSpecialK's answer, Fires of Invention does not let you choose the number of lands you control as the value of when using its second ability.

The second ability of Fires of Invention is a static ability that allows you to cast spells with an alternate casting cost in much the same way that Fist of Suns does. When casting a spell, you can choose to pay the normal cost or the alternate cost.

In this case, when casting Hangarback Walker, you could choose to either pay (the normal casting cost) or nothing (the alternate cost). If you choose to cast Hangarback Walker with the alternate cost of nothing, you won't be able to pay for X. This is reflected in the Gatherer Oracle ruling for Fires of Invention which states that "If a spell has in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value of X when casting it without paying its mana cost." If you wanted to pay for X, you would need to do so by casting Hangarback Walker for its normal casting cost.

Relevant Comprehensive Rules:

  • 118.9. Some spells have alternative costs. An alternative cost is a cost listed in a spell’s text, or applied to it from another effect, that its controller may pay rather than paying the spell’s mana cost. Alternative costs are usually phrased, “You may [action] rather than pay [this object’s] mana cost,” or “You may cast [this object] without paying its mana cost.” Note that some alternative costs are listed in keywords; see rule 702.
  • 118.9a Only one alternative cost can be applied to any one spell as it’s being cast. The controller of the spell announces their intentions to pay that cost as described in rule 601.2b.

Gatherer Oracle Ruling for Fires of Invention:

10/4/2019: If a spell has in its mana cost, you must choose 0 as the value of X when casting it without paying its mana cost.

GreenHamma on 5 Finger Death Punch - Eldrazi Lives Matter

5 months ago

Balaam__ did you play with it on tappedout? Also thank you. Jank is fun as hell. It used to have Greater Good so i could draw out every eldrazi in the deck but it was a little overkill and no sense in having all of the out when 1 usually wins. So Karn, the Great Creator was added, to make the Fist of Suns or Golos, Tireless Pilgrim get in play faster

multimedia on The Ur-Dragon CMDR (help needed)

5 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget.

You've added several excellent Rainbow lands, but then there's subpar 5 Vivid lands as well as 3 Rupture Spire lands and 11 Tri lands. The current manabase is very slow with 20+ of 37 lands will always enter the battlefield (ETB) tapped. I understand you're on a budget; I too play budget Commander decks and you can do much better than 20+ lands ETB tapped even on a $300 budget. 11 Tri lands, Path of Ancestry and Grand Coliseum is more than enough lands that will always ETB tapped.

To speed up the manabase you could simply add more basic lands and some cards that have interaction with basic lands. Manabase changes to consider:

If you make this change then could also add 5 Battle lands: Cinder Glade, Canopy Vista, Sunken Hollow, Prairie Stream, Smoldering Marsh, cut 5 Tri lands. Battle lands are budget dual lands that have good interaction when you have more basic lands. The Battle lands will give Farseek a dual land to search for.

Cataracts is a helpful land to cast Ur-Dragon with basic lands or colorless mana sources because any combination of 5 mana along with tapping Cataracts makes all five colors of mana. For example Sol Ring + Thran Dynamo + Cataracts = five colors of mana. Cataracts is also good with Fist of Suns.

I offer more advice and I have other cards suggestions. Would you like more advice and suggestions? Good luck with your deck.

griffstick on Good cheap staples to pick …

7 months ago

This are the staple cards you need to get.







I hope this helps because it took forever to type out.

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