Deflecting Palm

Deflecting Palm


The next time a source of your choice would deal damage to you this turn, prevent that damage. If damage is prevented this way, Deflecting Palm deals that much damage to that source's controller.

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Deflecting Palm Discussion

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye

3 weeks ago

Should I get rid of Truefire Captain for Zirda, the Dawnwaker as a companion?? If so, what should I put in Truefire Captain 's' place? Mutiny ? Or Deflecting Palm ? Anything would be nice.

itsbuzzi on Aikido of the Inward Eye

1 month ago

I'm not sure how useful Deflecting Palm would be. It's a great card but situational. You'd need to ensure a large amount of damage were coming your way otherwise it'll just sit in your hand. And even just dealing some damage to the opponent may not be enough if it doesn't win you the game.

9-lives on Aikido of the Inward Eye

1 month ago

Cathartic Reunion seems useful, but I really don't like picking what to discard and then drawing basically at random. If it had the reverse order of discarding then drawing, I would definitely use it. Should I splash blue for drawing power? I wouldn't mind going Jeskai, but nonetheless there are those 1 mana cost draw 1 card instants that I can use that are Boros colors.

Also, I have a question. Should I put Deflecting Palm into my deck?

jamochawoke on Why Has Damage Redirection Been …

1 month ago

I can say that Batwing Brume which is a card I absolutely adore tends to get the same reaction from my opponents, especially if they have clear advantage.

I once had a Modern game where the decks were pretty evenly matched, until my opponent got some serious token generation going and started to overwhelm me and I didn't have any sweepers left. I had batwing ready to go but he didn't know that. He prolonged the game for an absurd amount of time before swinging in for the kill with about 15 tokens. He only had about 10 life at the time. He then stated that he needed to go home and rethink his life once I simply put batwing on the stack and said "you lose".

There's also Deflecting Palm which redirects damage, albeit by doing the prevention and then damage coming from the actual card, and tends to get a similar reaction as well even if both cards redirect the tempo of the game in different ways.

MagicMarc on Will WotC Ever Print this …

1 month ago

I think Sunforger packaged with the right toolbox/control/removal cards can be very powerful. I don't know if I think its fast enough for some competitive formats but it can be amazing when it comes online.

Remember, with Sunforger you can even pay Kicker, Entwine, Replicate, and Buyback costs when you cast the instant spell.

It is a little mana intensive and involves a few steps but matched with the right cards it can provide permanent effects and recursion for your deck. In similar fashion to Isochron Scepter in that you can match certain cards with it and get softlocks on your opponent or dominate the game state.

You play Sunforger with one or more of these: Mistveil Plains / Epitaph Golem / Reito Lantern / Junktroller . Now, you can tutor and cast an instant with Sunforger , then use one of the above cards to just put it back in your library and do the same thing again the next turn. You can unattach at instant speed. Which means you can cast something like Orim's Chant with kicker at the start of your opponent's turn. Then, also during their turn, put it back in your library with a card like Mistveil Plains . Then on your turn, equip a creature with the Sunforger so you are ready to do it again on their next turn. Stuff like that will just win games.

Or, casting stuff like any of these over and over again or at least once per turn: Utter End , Teferi's Protection , Boros Charm , Deflecting Palm , Swords to Plowshares and even Comeuppance .

Imagine how hard it would be to stop the Sunforger Engine from beating someone into the ground. Especially if they have Counterflux in their library which is also a valid Sunforger target. Even though you can't cast it for the overload cost it would still be 1 counterspell per turn.

There is a huge amount of instants with red or white in their mana cost that have a total CMC of 4 or less which can all be tutored and cast with Sunforger

plakjekaas on Goad effects

1 month ago

Let's see:

Thundering Rebuke deals 4 damage, triggers Arcbond ; 4 damage to each creature and each player, triggering both Boros Reckoner for 4 damage to any target, and Deflecting Palm to deal 4 damage to the controller of the Arcbonded creature.

It sounds very convoluted, but I think you're right '^^

If you can make your Boros Reckoner indestructible (with Sheltering Light for example), then cast Arcbond on it, then deal it damage with Thundering Rebuke , because the Reckoner says "any target", you could repeatedly target itself with its trigger, and Arcbond will trigger over and over again, dealing 4 damage to the whole board and each player repeatedly, until you've had enough. If you also have a Brash Taunter in play, the opponent will die before you would.

9-lives on Indestructible and Arcbond and damage …

1 month ago

Say I cast Deflecting Palm then I cast Narset's Reversal . Wouldnl't since Deflecting Palm goes on the stack first, then Narset's Reversal , it would play the former first, then the latter, thus playing Deflecting Palm 's abilities, then Narset's Reversal returning it to my hand and copying the spell and targets afresh?

9-lives on Goad effects

1 month ago

Is this correct?

If I have just one Boros Reckoner , and cast Arcbond on an opponent's creature, and then cast Thundering Rebuke on him, and Deflecting Palm on myself with the source being the creature casted Arcbond and Thundering Rebuke on, it will total a whopping 12 damage to the opponent, and 4 damage to all creatures. The more Boros Reckoner and Brash Taunter s I have on the field, the more damage reflected.


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