Beckon Apparition

Beckon Apparition


Exile target card in a graveyard. Create a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token with flying.

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Beckon Apparition Discussion

TheVectornaut on A sweet ass B/W deck

6 months ago

Hero of Precinct One and Tome of the Guildpact are some decent cards that care about multicolored without being so themselves. Orzhov picks could be Pillar of the Paruns , Beckon Apparition , Blood Baron of Vizkopa , Nightsky Mimic , Kaya's Guile , Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim , Karlov of the Ghost Council , Resolute Rider , Seraph of the Scales , or Vizkopa Guildmage . I tried to pick card suggestions that fit in with either the multicolored or the lifegain plans. Popular inclusions in more tempo or aggro focused Mimic/Divinity builds include Castigate , Orzhov Charm , Mourning Thrull , Cartel Aristocrat , Sin Collector , and Gift of Orzhova . Combine the two and you might get some value out of a shell of Ajani's Pridemate , Heliod, Sun-Crowned , Light of Promise , Wall of Limbs , and Archangel of Thune .

Anyway, now that I've probably named every black and white card ever printed, do let me know if you have questions. Good luck!

kingofcramers on Soul Sisters Machine Gun - Pauper (Update Friday!)

1 year ago

I second what other people are saying- cut down the expensive creatures and run stuff like Doomed Traveler or Festering Mummy. I'd cut Beckon Apparition and Gather the Townsfolk as well as the Epicure of Blood and Read the Bones as both are somewhat slow. And I agree with Spell_Slam's recs too.

Nice deck!

Apollo_Paladin on Unblock-able

1 year ago

I like weenie decks, so +1 for that alone.

Also cheers on correctly using Populate, I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell people to re-read that one (thinking it will clone their non-token creatures) haha...

SOME THOUGHTS (Nothing Expensive to Purchase):

You might take a look at Funeral Pyre and Beckon Apparition for some even lower mana-cost ways to create those 1/1 fliers early on.

You should also definitely make some room in your Enchantments to run 4x Intangible Virtue -- that's bread & butter for any token deck in my opinion.

Also, while I realize you have no black mana, but Vault Skirge can be played in any color deck, and that'd be a 1-mana way to get a 1/1 Lifelink Flier

Finally: Eyes in the Skies could be replaced by something more equal to Raise the Alarm ...since you're only using Populate to create a 1/1, you can just read Populate in this build as "create an additional 1/1 of something". Therefore, 4 mana for 2 1/1's isn't that great. You could replace these with Midnight Haunting , which will save you 1 mana and is itself only one more mana than Raise the Alarm and is still at Instant Speed.

Zackary on B/W Pauper Soul Sisters Lifegain

1 year ago

i would take out Lone Missionary for Veteran Armorer or Lumithread Field to protect your creatures form Electrickery . Cut a Mourning Thrull , a Soul Warden OR a Soul's Attendant and a Plains for 3x Night's Whisper , you are going to need the card draw. Replace the Castigate with Harsh Sustenance or Unmake.


Take out Shadowfeed and put in Beckon Apparition , i think it will synergies with with the soul sisters and Edge of the Divinity by giving you a white/black creature token. take out Nihil Spellbomb for Relic of Progenitus , trade out the Swamp in the sideboard for a Bojuka Bog or 2x by taking out 1x Bonesplitter . Replace the Castigate and Disenchant with 3x Standard Bearer.


Crimson Acolyte , Obsidian Acolyte , Prismatic Strands , Battle Screech , Rune of Protection: Red , Rune of Protection: Green , Epicure of Blood , Oblivion Ring

sorry about the last post with no hyperlinks to the card names. i am new

SilentPlague on Evolving Magic

1 year ago

craigm104, I agree I need a way to get my creatures off the board more often with Athreos, God of Passage out. I keep a rule for myself to not put more than 2 legendary creatures into a deck. So I have added in Pitiless Pontiff to help with the self sacrifice. Nothing wrong with some indestructible and death touch. I did add Debt to the Deathless into the sideboard to use for multiplayer games. No reason not to. If I add Teysa Karlov, I think I would need to add Beckon Apparition, but I want to keep the deck down to as few spells as possible for now. Her other ability would make her really good though in this deck. I mainly want to see if mutate can be a decent substitute for spells. For it to really work, Wizards probably need to add some more 1 drops in future sets that utilize the ability. Thanks for the help.

craigm104 on Evolving Magic

1 year ago

This deck looks tight.The synergy you will get with Athreos, God of Passage and a couple other creatures out will be insanely powerful.

I would put in 4 Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim instead of 2 so you can have a bit more control with killing off your own creatures for good effects. Even if you have no other creatures on the board, a 2/3 deathtouch for 2 mana is going to provide strong defense while you get other creatures out. Teysa Karlov may be another creature to add. She could be good to increase the triggers when creatures die.

The low number of non-creature spells may be a bit concerning, but if you are open to changes, Beckon Apparition may be a good instant if you're looking for non-creature spells to get cheap creatures out on the board. Also, Mortify would be good for removal (can be used on your creatures too if needed).

If you play multiplayer, Debt to the Deathless would be great for late-game stalemates.

Masterful on Teysa is the True heir to the Orzhov Throne

1 year ago

Hey there! Looks like you have a big focus on tokens in this deck, more so than just death triggers, since I see cards like Ayara, First of Locthwain, Soul's Attendant, etc. For this strategy, I have a few recommendations:

If you're looking for cards to cut, I have some suggestions, but I can't say for certain. Only you know exactly what your plan is for your deck.

  • Beckon Apparition seems weak. It only provides a 1/1 token. If you feel like you need more of this effect, I'd put in Hunted Witness.

  • I've found that Lightning Greaves is somewhat underwhelming in Teysa. You're usually pretty resilient to targeted removal since you don't rely on any one creature.

  • I wouldn't play Lotus Petal in a non-storm or non-artifact deck, unless I'm missing some sort of combo you have. Petal's temporariness tends to make it less powerful than traditional ramp.

  • Vampiric Rites is pretty slow and expensive per draw. I'd rather play one of the draw engines I suggested.

  • Similar to Lotus Petal, Mana Vault is pretty temporary. I'd prefer permanent ramp like the ones I suggested. I can see running it though if you really feel like you want to turbo out a big card.

  • I'm not sure how consistently you can keep Mox Amber up. It doesn't look like you have a ton of legendary creatures, so I'd prefer more consistent ramp. In practice, if you find you're able to stick a legend really easily to activate it, then it's probably fine.

Again, I can't really tell you exactly what cards to cut, especially since aristocrats has so many viable card choices. It's really up to you how you want to take this advice. Hope these suggestions help.

JackAttempts on Need help with a Ravos/Tymna …

1 year ago I dont really know what to do. Im thinking of adding: Kunoros, Hound of Athreos Kambal, Consul of Allocation To Arms! Syr Konrad, the Grim Megrim Overwhelming Forces Devour in Shadow Beckon Apparition Collar the Culprit Dawn Charm

Any suggestions?

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