Kiora's Follower

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Kiora's Follower

Creature — Merfolk

: Untap another target permanent.

legendofa on I hope the RC drops …

1 week ago

I'm not trying to defend Unfinity, but I don't think any of the cards in the OP will be banned, because none of them will be legal in in any sanctioned format. They all have the "acorn" foil stamp that's replacing silver borders (another decision that I disagree with, but WotC keeps not putting me in charge), so they won't be legal in anything but casual.

I'm skeptical of the whole stickers deal (which will be eternal format legal), but waiting to see other people's reactions after actually using them.

And if Claire D'Loon's bad, have you seen Rules Lawyer?

I've only played a handful of Un-games, once with a borrowed deck and a few times as a cube. Those were fun. I'm not sure Photo Op can actually work in these situations: "Hey, before we start, everyone take a picture and post it. Whatever you think you're going to draft this time." I do kind of want to skim anything with #GuessThatMagicCard a week after release and see how popular it is.

And this is the first time I've seen Sole Performer... I think I understand, like you get two free taps for Prodigal Pyromancer or whatever? And the interaction with Kiora's Follower might actually be broken. I think.

CoarselyRefined on Vorel EDH

3 weeks ago

Not sure what your budget is but if you can spring for an Illusionist's Bracers it'll go infinite with you Kiora's Follower. A Hardened Scales would be an include to snag as well. Rishka, Peema Renegade and Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter are ramp cards considering too. On the more expensive side The Great Henge helps you churn through your deck and also gives you something to double on each creature. I think that looking into cards like Sapphire Drake and Crowned Ceratok can also really help you connect your damage.

Beebles on Anti Tribal-Tribal Tribal

1 month ago

I love the premise of this deck. Well done! The switch to Tiamat also makes a lot of sense. You asked me to have a look, so here goes :D. Here are some things that I noticed when going over your list:

  • You land count is on the low side I think. A good guideline for edh decks, both casual and cEDH, is to have about 50 pieces that generate mana. So even though you run 13 ramp pieces, I think your overall mana package is a bit on the low side. I’d try to up the landcount to ±37
  • The second thing that struck out was the low amount of carddraw (less than 10). I can imagine that in a deck like this you can use a higher-than-average amount of card velocity (so either cardraw or cardselection) to dig through your deck at a consistent pace and get some of those sweet combinations in play more regularly. I’d try to be critical on which of those theme cards are best and run a lot more carddraw instead of running the lesser theme cards. I expect that with 12+ cardraw pieces it would perform a lot smoother.
  • Another thing you could consider is changing up your ramp package. You have a mix of different ramp strategies now, which works. However, you could also decide to pick only those styles that have the most synergy with your deck’s theme. For example, you could go tribal ramp (like elfball with cards like Priest of Titania) or go for some untappers like Kiora's Follower, possibly combined with bounce lands and such, that also help you use cards like Imagecrafter more often.

You’re on to something sweet here! Congratz on creating something truly novel. Hope my tips include some that are useful for you :). Good luck with the changes and see you later!

Noholdmine on Garth One Eyed Cheater

3 months ago

Some easy ways to add interaction to this deck would be to add some enchantment and creature removal spells. Krosan Grip, Return to Dust, Rapid Hybridization/Pongify, Arcane Denial to replace Dissolve, Anguished Unmaking, Damn, and Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile are all clean and efficient methods of interaction. Saryth, the Viper's Fang, Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots, Shalai, Voice of Plenty, and Veil of Summer/Heroic Intervention are solid protection options for your creatures as well. Right now you're running Anger with only 2 Mountains in the entire deck, so that means either the mana base needs to be reworked or Anger needs to be replaced. Some easy ways to rectify the mana base a bit is to swap out some of your duals for the Red/x options (i.e, Blood Crypt, Stomping grounds, etc.). We can also make the deck more efficient by changing up the ramp so that it has utility or generates more than one color of mana. Cards like Deathrite Shaman, Kiora's Follower, Noble Hierarch/Ignoble Hierarch, Faeburrow Elder, and Birds of Paradise are all decent options. Right now Anger and Chainer, Nightmare Adept are the only cards that can give Garth haste. Since we only have a few creatures that actually benefit from the haste, cards that generate value outside of simply providing haste would be beneficial. Rhythm of the Wild would not only give our creatures haste, but would make it harder for opponents to counter the creatures and combos with the persist creatures in the deck by giving them +1/+1 counters. Temur Ascendancy is another decent option since we can draw cards even when our creatures don't benefit from haste and it synergizes with our Flicker and Undying/Persist effects. An infinite combo option would be Jeskai Ascendancy + Garth One-Eye + Any haster + Deadeye Navigator and even if we're not comboing, we can still generate value from each card individually. I personally feel that cards like Frantic Search and Careful Study are too good to not have in this type of deck, since a good majority of our cards benefit in some way from being in the graveyard or we have easy ways of getting them back. In tandem with this idea, I think that cards like Regrowth (even though Garth One-Eye already has a Regrowth) and Eternal Witness are musts, especially since Eternal Witness generates value with the Flicker effects and other revive effects in the deck. An honorable mention that didn't quite make it into my comment but could be effective is Spark Double since it would allow us to have multiple versions of legendary creatures if we so chose, 2 Muldrotha's could lead to quite the turn! Unfortunately, however, Commander has a deck maximum, which means that cards must be let go to make room for all the new fun stuff we want to play with. For this deck I suggest cutting Diamond Lion, Thespian Stage, Dark Depths, Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger, Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle, Kitchen Finks, Desperate Ravings, Nim Deathmantle, Harrow, Magus of the Will, Gaea's Will, Scapeshift, Chronozoa, Raving Visionary, Thought Courier, Dissolve, possibly Twilight Shepherd, possibly Rampant Growth, possibly Seize the Spoilsand possibly, Purphoros, God of the Forge. At the end of the day, this deck is yours and you should play it and build it in the way that best suits you! Have fun gayming!

Cheiromancer on Budget Overbeing

3 months ago

Good suggestions, nocknock! Dropping Kiora's Follower for Needlethorn Drake maybe? I have a feeling the card was only there because of a Kiora theme. Lorescale Coatl is really good in this deck. Your opponent has to deal with it before you can put Shielding Plax on it, or else kill you quick. As fun as that combo looks, I wonder if it's a win more?

At the moment I'm thinking more of including Siren Stormtamer to help protect any Coatls that might get on the board. Again, I'd probably drop the Followers.

Omniscience_is_life on kookoo

7 months ago

I'd he happy to help! I'd recommend starting with around 10 cards that ramp your mana (Llanowar Elves, Rampant Growth, Arcane Signet, and more), 10 that draw you more cards (Armorcraft Judge, Bred for the Hunt, Benthic Biomancer, Fathom Mage, Inspiring Call, Towashi Guide-Bot, and stuff like that). After that, around 10 more cards should be dedicated to dealing with scary things your opponents play (like Beast Within, Ravenform, Resculpt, You Find a Cursed Idol, Oversimplify, plus others like those), 37ish lands (this one is a little more flexible, just see how many makes it so you're getting enough each game. You can also use the MDFC land/spells from Zendikar Rising, such as Glasspool Mimic  Flip, Tangled Florahedron  Flip, and Vastwood Fortification  Flip.

Once you have all that, the rest can really just be whatever you want. A bunch of cool creatures with strong activated abilities for your commander (I can give some suggestions if you want, but it sounds like you already have some ideas), some ways to untap those creatures with cards like Kiora's Follower, Kelpie Guide, and Clever Conjurer, and some ways to get counters on your creatures like Bow of Nylea, Burst of Strength, Ecologist's Terrarium, Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter, Hadana's Climb  Flip, and Ivy Lane Denizen.

Have fun, and let me know if there's anything else at all I can help with!

TheCardPool on Bounce to the Beat (Roon EDH)

8 months ago

lil_cheez Kiora's Follower has been on my radar for this deck for quite some time. The only reason cards like these aren't in my deck is that I don't have enough permanents that would benefit from their effect. Sure untapping a land is nice, but beyond that I only have 3 creatures and a Sol Ring that have activated tap effects. I would love to run a Thousand-Year Elixir but it just doesn't work with the overall theme of the deck.

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