Dragon Arch

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Vintage Legal

Dragon Arch


, : You may put a multicoloured creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

Ahdor on Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

1 month ago

YourDerangedDr from my point of view, it's way to specific.

In this currently list, there are only 18 cards that can be used for Dragon Arch's effect.

Having Dragon Arch and one of those specific 18 cards together is quite a stretch I'd say. But this is just my opinion.

Local_Hethen on Riddle Me This...

1 month ago

I see awesome creatures, but very large mana cost creatures, and not too much on tricking them into play. If you're not careful you could be looking forward to mostly doing one creature per turn and opponents pick them off too easily after tapping all that mana.

Try adding Semblance Anvil or Urza's Incubator to further reduce these large mana costs.

I see your Leyline of Anticipation. There's also Quicksilver Amulet and Dragon Arch. This would let you slip them into play whenever is best and preferably those creatures with interesting ETB effects.

Sphynx's are often neglected creatures in magic, it's nice to see someone giving them attention.

amarthaler on

4 months ago

Very nice deck - I love the theme!

Some random dragon cards you might like to test play: Dragon Arch, Glaring Spotlight, Thrakkus the Butcher.

amarthaler on EDH Draconic Dominance (C17 Precon Upgrade)

4 months ago


Out: Vedalken Orrery

In: Dragon Arch

Vedalken Orrery is definitely a fun and powerful card in this deck, however I'd like to play test Dragon Arch a bit.

legendofa on Dragons

5 months ago

Welcome to the club!

First thing I see here is a high average mana cost and relatively few lands and ramp. The Dragon Arch and Quicksilver Amulet help a little, but I suggest cutting a few Dragons and adding more lands and cards that find lands like Sylvan Scrying or Expedition Map. The color balance looks good, you just need more of it. You probably need at least 37-38 lands, if not more, and I would take a hard look at any cards above mana value 6, and cut the ones that don't measure up. Lower-cost dragons, like Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant or even Slumbering Dragon or Korlessa, Scale Singer will also help reduce costs.

My next thought is to take advantage of the legendary-ness of a lot of your dragons. Time of Need, Bard Class, and Mox Amber can all help, depending on how much money you're willing to spend.

Guerric on Dino Pack

7 months ago

This looks solid in terms of a lot of its ramp and support pieces. Have you thought about any creature cheat pieces like Elvish Piper, Belbe's Portal, Quicksilver Amulet, or Dragon Arch? Some of these could absolutely help cheat out those big dinos. I also think Kindred Summons and Genesis Wave could be powerful here, especially with the mana you have from Mirari's Wake and the like.

Zombie_Dad on Big Daddy

9 months ago

What do you think about Dragon Arch as an edition to the deck. I dont run a Mana Crypt and am trying to streamline my deck. Its super similar to yours minus a couple dragons you run that i dont

seshiro_of_the_orochi on NAYA MEGAMULTICOLOR | GOLD CARDS OH MY

11 months ago

Great list, good job! I've considered building Rienne, but I don't own enough of the important cards. If I were to build it, it would propably be very close to what you build here. I did some research on cards that might be useful. This is what I found:

Glass of the Guildpact

Dragon Arch

Guildmages' Forum

Hero of Precinct One

Pillar of the Paruns

Vivid Revival

Blessing of the Nephilim

Civic Saber

Might of the Nephilim

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