Fallen Shinobi


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Horizons (MH1) Rare

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Fallen Shinobi

Creature — Zombie Ninja

Ninjutsu *(, Return an unblocked attacker you control to hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking)

Whenever Fallen Shinobi deals combat damage to a player, that player exiles the top two cards of their library. Until end of turn, you may play those cards without paying their mana costs.

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Fallen Shinobi Discussion

rylei on Yuriko Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

1 week ago

what about Sakashima's Student i feel like it adds more consistency than Fallen Shinobi and you leave more mana open to control the board.

Darth_Savage on Sultai Fadas

2 weeks ago

Modern has a lot of answers for Planeswalkers and your deck feels like it is very dependent on them. I'd say your list is threat light, "normally" a faeries list runs one of two options, 1) on tribe: Vendilion Clique / Brazen Borrower and 2) a surprise finisher like Fallen Shinobi to end the game quickly.

A 3/3 elk will die to an Anger of the Gods or vanish to Settle the Wreckage at the same time as a 1/1 faerie, so you can't necessarily rely on going wide via Bitterblossom. Gilded Goose is inefficient in a format with Birds of Paradise in Standard or Pioneer, sure, but Modern also has Noble Hierarch for ramp. I'm also surprised by the lack of Cryptic Command which is a mainstay.

Your sideboard seems to be weighted against Tron variants, which may be a meta call, but it is ignoring Blood Moon, which your deck will struggle with as it stands. With only two copies of Surgical Extraction as grave hate I'm not sure how well you can play against Dredge/CrabVine either, oddly Faerie Macabre may be a better choice...

Your mana-curve is good and your deck looks well colour balanced, it just seems to lack faeries, for a faerie deck. Still good luck and have fun with your brew and I hope the comments above are of some help.

bushido_man96 on Swippity Swappity, your form is my Property

1 month ago

I like the way this is shaping up (pardon the pun). Blatant Thievery might be better than Fallen Shinobi .

As far as abusing the proliferate theme, I think you should add in Evolution Sage and possibly Plaguemaw Beast , especially if you have sac fodder to use.

rockgobbler on Thunderkin Blaster!

1 month ago

Roxas255, oh, this one is strictly for casual fun. Like, the kind of deck one would play while drinking beers with friends in a dining room. As long as the game doesn't end before turn four, it is likely that River's Rebuke will be drawn and would be able to be cast with the added help of Mana Drain . Without Mana Drain , the card is useless for sometime.

The Fallen Shinobi is in place for a bit more control. Essentially, with Writ of Passage , Cryptic Command or a Cavalier of Gales that is flung into existence, there is likely a time in which a creature is not blocked. If that is the case, the Shinobi ends up in the game with haste. He adds higher power/toughness than most of the creatures in the deck. His active ability is just so awesome, he seemed right for this deck. Thanks for the input and send all your criticisms/feedback my way!

Roxas255 on Thunderkin Blaster!

1 month ago

So I think this deck definitely is interesting, but wanted to know what format the deck is for. So I can properly figure out any advice to give. One thing I am curious about is River's Rebuke . Having three is a little much in my opinion, unless your certain to be able to get enough mana to use it every time. The other thing is that I don't understand Fallen Shinobi in this deck so if you can give me your thoughts of why you decided it in your deck that be great and also if you can explain your reasoning behind the cards in your sideboard I would appreciate it. Sorry for the word barf, I just want to make sure I am giving adequate advice to help the best I can if possible.

THCue on "Library.exe has stopped working" | Phenax Primer

2 months ago

Okay tested it some. Few 4Pods and some 1v1. It does Pretty well and on a 1v1 it does even better. Here are some things I've added.


Fallen Shinobi

Silent-Blade Oni

I felt these are too clunky and cost alot. They are based with attacking I wanna MILL.

Bitter Ordeal Hard to find and am on the fence about it.

Reliquary Tower Almost never have a full hand and colorless..Added better land


Added better dual lands not in-front of my deck currently and removed the cheaper common/uncommon lands etc.

Propaganda We need more protection anti-token

No Mercy And another..

Thran Dynamo More mana is needed high cmc

Hope this help a little Once I get in-front of my deck I'll add more info this is just my thoughts.

Squirrel_of_War on Yarok's Twisted Nightmare

4 months ago

@deathchobo this deck is not a full on landfall build, but there are ways to trigger landfall additional times. Sylvan Safekeeper can sac all the lands and World Shaper can bring them back, Muldrotha can play lands from the GY, and Scapeshift can outright win games. Coiling Oracle , Risen Reef , Solemn Simulacrum , and Wood Elves can be ninjutsued back to my hand with Fallen Shinobi or Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow and played again, blinked with Deadeye Navigator , or copied with Bramble Sovereign . I have not tested the deck much but I will be playing it this weekend so I'll find out what areas need tuned up. My meta is pretty ruthless as well so I'll see how well I do. Thanks for the comments and feedback!

@Meta1911 I played a full on landfall build two weeks ago and it wasn't fun, it was too reliant on lands and it seemed like everything required an extra step to work since I needed Yarok, a card with landfall, and a land to trigger the ability. This build keeps the more fun landfall cards and a toolbox of other goodies. One of my favorite parts is the large suite of spells I can fetch with Spellseeker or Muddle the Mixture . Thanks for your comment and feedback!

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