Spitting Image

Spitting Image


Create a token that's a copy of target creature.

Retrace (You may cast this card from your graveyard by discarding a land card in addition to paying its other costs.)

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Spitting Image Discussion

TheMeadiator on Esix, Quandrix precon : let's token !

1 week ago

I love this! So glad to see Reef Worm and Arasta of the Endless Web getting some love. You've covered your bases pretty well for token generators, but if you have the extra cash Doubling Season or Parallel Lives would be a great addition. I don't normally suggest expensive cards, but they have major utility in this deck.

Some other things you might consider are Repudiate / Replicate for a quick hit (in place of Spitting Image maybe?), or Double Major to double-down on a single cast while it's on the stack. Honestly, Mystic Reflection would be great. It can turn each of the tokens coming in on a turn into copies of a big dude instead of 1/1s for example. Or another token generator already out and therefore get multiple triggers later.

Whatever you choose, this deck looks like fun. Good job!

Crow-Umbra on Fibonacci Debauchery

1 month ago

Thank you for the suggestions seshiro_of_the_orochi, I appreciate them. Mirror Match has some silly potential as like a one-sided board wipe. I haven't seen that one before, so I'll keep it on my maybe-board.

I do have a copy of Spitting Image , since I did by the Quandrix pre-con, then slotted in everything else I already had in my collection to fill it out. Spitting Image is a bit hefty on the cmc for its effect, when something like Quasiduplicate , Cackling Counterpart , or Theoretical Duplication have similar effects for half the cmc, but different restrictions. I'll keep it in consideration.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Fibonacci Debauchery

1 month ago

This looks pretty cool. My current version of Koma, Cosmos Serpent also tries a token approach. A card I really like there is Spitting Image .

Also, I can't help but think it has to be possible to do some nasty stuff with Mirror Match .

Swebb87 on spitting image vs. terminate

1 month ago

If someone plays a Spitting Image and targets their Hornet Queen , in response I play a Terminate and kill the Hornet Queen . Does the Spitting Image resolve to make the copy or not as I have removed the target?

TheVectornaut on Top 10 multicolored cards at …

1 month ago

Spitting Image gets scary when you copy it 26 times in 1 turn. Don't ask.

multimedia on Y'er fond of me lands

2 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget upgrading a precon for a first Commander deck.

There's some cards in the precon to consider adding:

  • Meloku the Clouded Mirror : one of the better budget cards with Aesi because it can bounce lands you control. It can be a repeatable source of flying tokens, landfall triggers or best of all draw with Aesi.

  • Spitting Image : can copy any creature on the battlefield including an opponents creature. Retrace is the reason to include this because by discarding a land you can cast it again from your graveyard and keep doing this as long as you have a land in your hand to discard.

With Murkfiend Liege and Retreat to Coralhelm you can take advantage of Llanowar Scout and Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy who can tap to put a land onto the battlefield. This interaction if you have lands in your hand lets you trigger Aesi on your opponents turns. Can also abuse this interaction with Simic Growth Chamber or Guildless Commons because these lands can bounce themselves back to your hand. Either one lets you trigger Aesi and draw a card on each opponents turn.

Some other cards $1 or less each to consider adding:

Some other budget lands $1 or less each to consider:

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The Copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake

3 months ago

I like the flavour here, pretty fitting. May I suggest Progenitor Mimic as an additional very powerful clone? Also, how about Moritte of the Frost to be able to copy non-creature permanents? Finally, Spitting Image is just busted with Kakashi. And considering the fact that Kakashi should be able to copy himself, Sakashima of a Thousand Faces and/or Helm of the Host seem great.

Finally, Wild Ricochet basically is a red counterspell with added value.

Neotrup on If I play Sakashima of …

4 months ago

Yes, a copy of Myojin of Seeing Winds cast from hand will enter with a Divinity counter, regardless of whether the original has a Divinity Counter. This is true whether you keep both, using a copy like Sakashima of a Thousand Faces or Sakashima the Impostor that lets you keep both, or a regular copy like Clone or Clever Impersonator. Token copies aren't cast, even if the spell that makes them is, so Cackling Counterpart or Spitting Image won't give you the Divinity counter.

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