The Scarab God

The Scarab God

Legendary Creature — God

At the beginning of your upkeep, each opponent loses X life and you scry X, where X is the number of Zombies you control.

: Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie.

When this dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield), return this to this creature's owner's hand at the beginning of the next end step.

The Scarab God Discussion

PaleBlueEyes96 on Scarab God EDH Needs Help …

1 day ago

I started this deck Scarab God UB Zombie Tribal from the preconstructed "Undead Unleash" from Midnight Hunt. I, then, changed a few cards with other I had from previews deck.

The Goal of the deck is pretty simple: create an army of zombies, both token and not token, eat creatures from graveyards with The Scarab God and making damages in my upkeep with his ability and kill with combat.

I'm a pretty inexperienced player and new to the commander format. I played this deck at my lgs a few times now and although I'm quite satisfied with creatures and overall performance I think this deck needs some improvements.

What I find expecially lacking is ability to draw cards in the late game and on the other side handling my opponents and find helpful response to what they do. Mana in another area that surely needs some tweaking, I play 40 lands which is a lot but sometimes I find myself stuck because I can't find any mana to play.

So, I need help, feel free to comment and give me suggestions about what needs to change, which cards needs to go and which need to go in. Thanks! :-*

RA_HORAKHTE on What is your favorite Plane, …

3 weeks ago

Withouth any doubt my favourite plane is AMONKHET.

I love ancient Egypt, I had the luck to already visit Egypt and enjoy their ruins, museums and natural enviroments. I love their rich culture, their complex mythology and their awesome landscapes, from the rocky valleys and the sand deserts filled with tombs, funerary temples and pyramids, to the rich oasis and riversides of the Nile full of life and vegetation.

Until Amonkhet came out, many egypt fans like me were hoping for and egyptian plane very hard, and Amonkhet was the final gift.

I love how WotC team designed a new fantastic culture clearly inspired in ancient Egypt but with their own imaginative touch. The concept of the city of Nakthamun being a rich oasis protected from the perils of the deserts fits well the relationship of egyptians with the river Nile, living in their fertile sides, while buring their deads in the dry desertic west grounds.

The chosen mechanics like embalm to represent mummification, the deserts, and cycling to represent the need to seek and recycle in a hard desert enviroment where very fitting.

The awesome gods were also both recognizable and original: Oketra the True as an allusion to the protective but warrior feline goddesses Sejmet and Bastet, Rhonas the Indomitable as a reinterpretation of the guardian cobra god Wadjet but in a more savage way, Hazoret the Fervent as a twisted concept of Anubis (still being related to the afterlife journy) but with some "red" aspects of the desert and war god Seth, Kefnet the Mindful clearly as the sage ibis god Toth, and Bontu the Glorified as a mix of the river god Sobek and the monstrous goddess Ammyt, who keeped the passage to the afterlife devouring the souls of the not worthy ones.

The fallen gods also where awesome, representing with The Scorpion God the perils of the desert and the scorpion goddess Serket, The Scarab God being a reference to Kephri, wich represented the cycle of solar resurrection but in a more "evil" way, and finally The Locust God as a wink to the hebrew's famous myth of the plagues of Egypt. And Nicol Bolas was the perfect villain, bein a subbtle reference to the chaos serpent Aphopis.

Other famous characters where also referenced, like Cleopatra with her death myth caused by an snake bite in Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and the young-deceased pharaoh Tutankhamun in Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun.

I'm hopping to return to Amonkhet in the future, to know how their people have reconstructed their civilization after Hour of Devastation, having a new Hazoret card and maybe new risen gods or the appearance of unknown ones... and of course more egyptian flavored legends for EDH!!!

StratM on Muldrotha, the PermaGrave

1 month ago

rambunctiousOrator, The Great Henge and Archon of Cruelty make more sense to me now. When I currently play this deck in its current state I tend to not play many cards from my hand. So the Flash cards you recommend wouldn't work to well. And like you said I don't have the best reanimation targets yet for The Scarab God to work. Maybe with the additions of The Great Henge and Mulldrifter that would allow me to play cards from my hand more. Because as of now the current way I have played this deck is ramp into mill, until I get my win con. Usually using Mirror-Mad Phantasm or Forgotten Creation to do so. I do have some synergy for landfall stuff with Tatyova, Benthic Druid and World Shaper so Avenger of Zendikar could be a fun addition in combination with those two. But I feel like to pull some of this stuff off, I would need a lot of mana.

rambunctiousOrator on Muldrotha, the PermaGrave

1 month ago

Yeah, let's talk about it!

  • The Great Henge functions mainly in turning your creature into draw spells. This is vital! 30 creatures is a lot of creatures, and you don't have to work that hard to get value out of TGH. Your commander has 6 power, so this reduces the cost of TGH to 1GG as a base. This means the turn it comes out you are spending 1 mana for this. Would you put another Sol Ring in your deck? This synergizes with evoke creatures, as they will still ETB even if they immediately get sacrificed. A classic synergy here is Mulldrifter evoked + The Great Henge to draw 3 cards for 3.

  • Hullbreaker Horror has flash, your goal is to play this on your opponents turns right before it swings to your turn. The spell can't be countered, and the goal here is to trigger the first ability as often as you can on your turn. Each trigger of HH solidifies your domination on the board, each trigger is someone's commander getting bounced for free, someone's Sol Ring getting bounced, etc. while playing cards you were already going to play. Every non land card is by definition a spell. This is especially good if you decide to go more into a reanimation route with cards like Animate Dead and The Scarab God. This is Cyclonic Rift attached to a creature, trust me.

  • Archon of Cruelty is easily the best black creature printed in a long time. This card is worth playing on it's own, and the fact that your deck can recur this card from the graveyard is truly oppressive. I think the lie we tell ourselves is that we won't get to 8 mana, but really in most decks you get to 8 mana around turn 5 or 6. This card is oppressive, especially with reanimation or copy effects.

  • Vendilion Clique is a control card, plain and simple. This card is another play-with-and-see how oppressive this feels. You aren't just cycling them, you are taking the best card out of their hand. In lieu of counter-spells, I think this is one of the best cards you can ask for in your deck. This is also a very rare hand attack spell with FLASH, meaning when your opponents resolves a Demonic Tutor you can hand attack them before they can do anything about it!

  • The Scarab God absolutely doesn't need to go in zombie-tribal. This is one of the best reanimation spells ever printed, stapled to a creature. The scry and damage is incidental. Would I recommend this in your deck as-is? Probably not, I would recommend adding more reanimation targets like Hullbreaker Horror, Archon of Cruelty, Vendilion Clique.

Additionally, consider these cards for your deck:

Let me know your thoughts on these!

StratM on Muldrotha, the PermaGrave

1 month ago

rambunctiousOrator I see how Animate Dead would be a good addition. But some of the other cards I don't see the synergy or how I would make them work with current cards in the deck. Also some of them have pretty high mana value and would probably be difficult to actually use. I understand that The Great Henge is great card draw and ramp. But as it stands I am not casting a ton of creature spells. Or a card like Hullbreaker Horror which I don't see how it would work in the deck since I don't have any cards to cast at instant speed. So I feel a normal boardwipe would be better in this situation. Archon of Cruelty seems like a really high mv when I have cards that do similar things but with a cmc of 3. I don't see the value in Vendilion Clique I wouldn't want to spend mana on a card that just cycles my opponent and have no real way to chain it or The Scarab God since my deck isn't a zombie tribal. If you could explain some of the reasoning for these cards that would be great. I do know that most of these are strong cards I just don't see how they fit in the deck.

rambunctiousOrator on Muldrotha, the PermaGrave

1 month ago

For control finishers/permanents, I'd look at these recommendations:

I'd say these cards are all strict improvements on some of the things in your deck, I'd be willing to give more specific thoughts and recommendations if you want more of a dialogue. lmk

TypicalTimmy on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Return to Establishment


Landfall - Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, put a civilization counter on Return to Establishment.

At the beginning of your upkeep, create a number of 2/2 Citizen creature tokens that are all colors equal to the number of civilization counters on Return to Establishment.

After the Eldrazi were at long last rooted out of Zendikar, and the leylines mended and healed, the Roil began to settle down. Zendikar, the plane itself, began to relax and find calm once more - something which had not been seen in thousands of years.

Given this is Zendikar, it should be Ally tokens. But I thought it would be fun to use Citizen and show Zendikar finally becoming a "safe" place to live.

Hmm. Oh, I know.

So we have The Scorpion God, The Scarab God and The Locust God; Each one killed by Nicol Bolas and eternalized.

Take your pick and make the God-version of it before Bolas had his way with them.

Limo on If I come back as a Zombie I'm eating you first!

3 months ago

I’d suggest Graveborn Muse and/or The Scarab God. I know the scarab god isn’t a zombie but I feel like he’s too good not to be at least mentioned.

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