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Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

Commander / EDH* Dragons Flying Multiplayer Primer Reanimator


"The Ur-Dragon, Progenitor of Fire, is an enormous and immensely powerful Dragon Avatar. An entity from the dawn of time, it is the primordial essence of all Dragonkind in the Multiverse. With its wings, that extend across the eternities, it stirs the fabric of the cosmos. Its breath bellows over the the mortals, stealing the essence of life. With claws that rake the aether, it sunders ancient bonds. Thanks to its eyes, the Ur-Dragon perceives the deepest truths concealed in the wells of time. It's bellowing roar summons its brood, echoing through the blood of all dragonkind, for the Ur-Dragon is the progenitor from which the dragons of the Multiverse spawned."

Alt text

"After passing through the Nexus, Sarkhan finds himself in a half-familiar world, Tarkir, but not quite his Tarkir. Worse, the voices in his head have finally fallen quiet at the moment when he actually wants Ugin's guidance. Soon, however, he finds guidance of a different kind when he sees a dragon tempest, a storm that spawns dragons. He realizes the truth: he has traveled into Tarkir's past. 1,280 years. Though Sarkhan doesn't know the exact span back to before whatever calamity ended the tempests. Sarkhan witnesses the dragon Atarka assert dominance over her new broodlings, then sees a woman whom he will soon learn is the ancient Temur khan, Yasova Dragonclaw, attack the dragons and scatter Atarka's broodlings."

"She represents the strength of humans who must contend with dragons, and Sarkhan realizes that this is a new beginning, a chance for Tarkir to become the world he had always hoped for; and for Narset's fate, and Ugin's, to be reforged."

Deck Description

Dragon's was the first constructed deck that I ever made back in the day as well as the Khans block being my favorites sets. Slowly, the deck evolved into my Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund EDH deck for a few years. However, the deck had several problems. The dragons that were good for the deck cost so much mana so it was a very late game deck which meant playing only one spell per turn. Also, my strategy would get completely shut down by anything clone effect so most of the time it never felt right to play him.

Whenever the initial leak for the The Ur-Dragon came out, I immediately started buying each of the cards that related to dragons across every set and started constructing the deck. His Eminence ability makes the deck run at a much faster pace than before which is really helpful when you can start playing two dragons a turn quicker than normal. And after testing the interactions and usefulness of all the dragons before release, I've believe my list has the most effective dragons and will probably be my favorite EDH deck.

With this deck, you will never not be looked at as a threat due to any amount of dragons that can come out of nowhere, especially your Commander. This list is designed to not rely on making any friends during the game and being able to get an engine started to keep playing dragons to kill people that are most likely to stop you in the later game, namely control decks.

Cards in the maybeboard are cards currently considering adding to the deck. This deck will also be updated with new cards that come out with each set release!
  • Popular tribal theme
  • Choices of lots of different dragon interactions every game
  • Can quickly start swinging with big dragons
  • Does tons of damage
  • Relies mostly on combat
  • Access to every color
  • Not budget friendly mana base
  • Usually playing Archenemy with this deck
  • Can be shutdown effectively if you don't have anti-control cards or over extend yourself
  • No "combo" dependent strategy

Memorial For The Fallen

Card Choices

Dragon Broodmother: Generates a ton of chump blockers quickly as the turns go around the table. Also combos really well with the Ur-Dragon's ability to allow for a ton of card draw if this dragon ends up being your only creature.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen: Helps generates more dragons once we get going by casting out other dragons and having a cheap pump ability is nice with the amount of dragons we could potentially produce.

Dromoka, the Eternal: One of the questionable dragons that I thought wouldn't make the cut when I made the list. But as I played it, even with one or two dragons, my dragons were out of range of any sort of removal that didn't have the text DESTROY.

Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  : 3 Mana Dragon is quite good as well as making everyone discard a card. This also scales as the game goes on producing a planeswalker that can draw us back into game, reanimate cards and potential destroy someones library.

Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury: Decent dragon on it's own but the anthem starts rolling hard once you keep playing more and more dragons.

Scourge of Valkas: The more dragons that come in, the more the damage scales with this dragon which can easily kill someone after playing and swinging with a few dragons. Add in mass graveyard recursions with other dragons for one shotting people.

Scourge of the Throne: Most of the time, there isn't a dethrone problem and we should usually be able to get an extra attack step out of this dragon. Damage and value can get crazy especially with the Ur-Dragon's extra combat step allowing for lots of card draw.

Dragonlord Ojutai: Provides a solid hexproof body that can be difficult to deal with. Connecting with a player is huge as it allows us to Anticipate for free each time which can help us pick and choose which dragons we want to follow up with.

Kindred Discovery: I still can't believe this is a card. I've was desperately needing this card in Karrthus but I've had comebacks and won because of this card just from playing one dragon while its out which is insane on how many cards you can end up drawing.

Sylvan Library: Essentially scry 3 every turn with the ability to take more cards if needed. With the amount of fetches in the list, can also shuffle away any dead cards if needed.

Garruk's Uprising: Provides some card draw, whether you currently have a big creature on the field or will cost more later down the line, and provides the dragons with trample which is huge for having such powerful creatures.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds: Originally didn't have this in the list, but ready how insane the second ability is there's not reason why it shouldn't be in the deck. Will usually generate us 4 mana minimum and potential for even more with our Commander our with the added benefit of card draw for playing dragons which will most likely be the biggest creatures on the field.

Dragon's Hoard: Provides mana of any color while also functioning as card draw later after playing Dragons and getting counters on it when we might not need the mana after playing out our hand.

Beldros Witherbloom: Untapping all the lands late game allows for easily casting Ur-Dragon or multiple other dragons in a single turn.

Herald's Horn: Gives another Ur-Dragon effect in reducing our creatures by 1 but also allows for some incremental card draw over the game which can add up to be a lot.

Selvala's Stampede: This is by far one of my favorite voting cards that I've included in this deck. Pseudo ramp with the idea of being able to cheat dragons and other permanents into play from your deck or hand or just get value and be able to drop a ton of lands from your hand if you're flooding along with some other permanents.

Dryad of the Ilysian Grove: Multiple lands per turn while drawing cards and having a Chromatic Lantern attached is very helpful for a 5 color deck.

Farseek, Nature's Lore, Three Visits and Skyshroud Claim: Searchs out any dual lands in our deck which is huge for color fixing isn't that big of a problem usually with this deck.

Mirari's Wake: Most efficient ramp enchantment that, if it can stick, can get us so far ahead by being able to cast two dragons a turn or our Commander the following turn.

Faeburrow Elder: I like this a lot better than Bloom Tender because it scales as the game goes on as well being able to cast some extremely expensive cards very quickly due to the different types of color permanents in the deck sounds insane. Also enables a T5 Ur-Dragon depending on the permanent colors you draw.

Goldspan Dragon: Comes down very quickly and starts making double mana with the Treasure ability. If you're able to have this out with Smothering Tithe, you can cast a lot of mana worth of spells.

Smothering Tithe: White EDH Staple.

Morophon, the Boundless: Helps reduce the cost on some the multicolor dragons but really helps power out Ur-Dragon as fast as possible.

The Great Henge: With how big the dragons are we can cast pretty early, this effect gets greatly reduced while also being a mana rock, getting some life, making dragons a little bigger and drawing cards is nuts.

Chromatic Lantern: A 3 mana artifact that essentially makes you not have to care about tapping lands for mana because they all tap for any color, including your fetches which is nice.

Coalition Relic: Can help mana fix for any color as well as being able to get a huge burst of mana at a moments notice to play an even bigger Dragon as early as possible.

Urza's Incubator: In addition to the Eminence ability, our dragons will mostly cost 3 mana of certain color combinations which starts getting our damage out as fast as possible.

Cavern of Souls: Not only does this make any mana color for a dragon that we're casting but it also makes them uncounterable which is crucial for this deck. If I'm paying 6+ for a dragon, especially the The Ur-Dragon, I'm not having it countered by some little 2 mana spells.

Dragonlord Dromoka: Prevents opponents from casting spells on our turn during combat and can be easily searched out with Scion of the Ur-Dragon to close out games against control players who are wanting to play their answers to their threats.

Scalelord Reckoner: While single target removal isn't a huge problem, this definitely won't make people want to target out dragons. Karmic Justice on a dragon is insane value which we will gladly trade a dragon to destroy one of their nonland permanents.

Balefire Dragon: Going wide, let alone just removing creatures, is something that this deck doesn't really do well against. With Balefire, hitting a player take care of any pesky tokens or bigger creatures that you want removed efficiently.

Dragonlord Atarka: Large body with trample that can also destroy any planeswalkers with low enough loyalty so an attack isn't needed to kill them and instead go face.

Dragonlord Silumgar: Lets us take any big creature or planeswalker for our own use. Might get into weird spots where you don't want to swing with Silumgar to keep the permanent which is fine.

O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami: One of my favorite dragons from the new Commander 2017 set. Not only does it have great stats and awesome art, it really is vengeful. Swinging back at someone who tries to mess with the Dragons will lose one of their nonland permanents when he connects each time.

Silumgar, the Drifting Death: Does a very excellent job of picking off 1 toughness creatures by itself and when you assemble a massive dragon army, you can wipe an entire person's board before they move to blocks.

Sarkhan's Unsealing: Excellent on cast enchantment that usually picks off key creatures when playing dragons but casting any big ones does a 4 damage wipe to everything our opponents control which is great.

Frontier Siege: Has dual function of ramping or having Dragons pick off problematic creatures before attacking.

Cyclonic Rift: "Blue EDH Staple".

Crux of Fate: Tribal dragon deck MVP.

Sarkhan Unbroken: Playing this card makes you an instant threat at the table because even though the ultimate is four turns away, people are too narrow minded and think they need to get rid of this ASAP even if you aren't the most threatening person at the table. First ability helps with card draw and gives some extra mana which is always nice. Second ability gives us a dragon if we need it to close out the game. And the ultimate is this deck is essentially the game as long as we have a way to give all of the dragons haste.

Sarkhan, Fireblood: First ability gives us looting which is good for filling the graveyard with Dragons or getting rid of land. Second ability helps us ramp which lets us play an originally 7 costed dragon on turn 4 which is awesome. The ultimate is nice if we can there to give us more dragons but isn't the purpose of this Sarkhan.

Sarkhan the Masterless: Excellent Dragon tribal planeswalker. Ability is fine making us a 4/4 but the static ability is the big payoff. Ghostly Prison for each dragon we have to where they need creatures with enough toughness to swing otherwise they get killed? What's not to like?

Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God: First off, look at the name. DRAGON GOD. Auto include. Second it has the nice Mythic edition art so again Auto include. But with the abilities, it's very versatile. First, sometimes there's other walkers to activate their abilities instead which may be better. But the main strength is the first ability. Not only does it net card advantage for us but also denies each opponent a card everytime we do. So when we're in raid boss mode, you're able to hit every opponent at the same time. The removal ability is nice for getting rid of planeswalkers immediately. And with the ultimate, you can remove creatures or planeswalkers in a way that makes it to where you can instantly end the game.

Xenagos, God of Revels: Makes only having a dragon or two very threatful and swinging for a lot of damage. Also ensure's our Commander will have haste and come swinging in as a 20/20.

Dragon Tempest: Gives all of our fliers haste (essentially all Dragons) and has a Scourge of the Valkas ability that scales with the more dragons we play.

Rhythm of the Wild: Gives flexibility in haste or more power through the Riot mechanic AND also makes your creature's uncounterable.

Dragonlord Kolaghan: Haste dragon with niche use against decks that can run multiple of the same creatures.

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund: Just trying him out to see how he performs. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK AGAINST CLONE EFFECTS.

Temur Ascendancy: All of our big dragons have haste and allows us to draw a card for each one that enters the battlefield which is necessary for keeping the engine going.

Maelstrom Wanderer: Gives everything haste and can cascade into possibly two more dragons that will also have haste. Otherwise, you'll get some value and play some other ramp or enchantments. Playing this creature can win you the game out of nowhere, depending on what dragons you hit, and nobody will expect it.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon: Originally, I automatically didn't include this guy because he was reduced in mana cost with the Eminence ability. But after playing a few times, I've realized that being able to search for any dragon is huge. Either bringing out double strike, anthems or anti-control dragons is huge. Plus, he fills up the graveyard for later recursion.

Hellkite Courser: At 5 mana, being able to cheat in Ur-Dragon for a turn when your opponents aren't expecting it and cheat something into play can help get the ball rolling quickly.

Esika, God of the Tree  : Can provide additional mana while also giving your team, which the deck has a ton of legendary creatures, vigilance while also having a flip side later for getting an additional creature or walker every upkeep make this a great engine to get out early.

Shadrix Silverquill: Cheap dragon that provides a wide range of abilities for whatever the deck needs at any point and provides some politics to play with our opponents better.

Teferi's Protection: I don't think I need to explain how broken this card is. This card has won me games preventing field wipes or Cyclonic Rift before my turn.

Steely Resolve: Makes all of our dragons not able to be targeted which is perfectly fine for us since we don't really target our dragons with our abilities and essentially shuts off our opponents removal.

Hellkite Tyrant: Helps steal other peoples artifacts to ramp out more dragons and start casting Ur-Dragon for more mana if he ends up costing 11+ mana which has happened before. Also, could have potential to win the game against artifact deck if we can survive with them to the next upkeep.

Atarka, World Render: Huge dragons were already a scary problem to deal with. Now they have double strike? If you can be able to swing with a few dragons with Atarka out, they definitely will be in fear if they don't die that combat phase.

Utvara Hellkite: Dropping this at the top of your curve with a couple dragons already out forces your opponents to deal with them with a field wipe or they're dead. Get's crazy of dragons especially with extra combat steps and smaller tokens being generated.

Patriarch's Bidding: Won quite a few number of games with this card. The main enabler for this card used to be Greater Good so we'll see how it does without it now. But having all your dragons come back usually means they either have haste and we can kill the table through combat or they all come back with Scourge of Valkas which means how ever many dragons came back we get to deal that much damage that many times.

Sylvia Brightspear: Double strike on all our Dragons for 3 mana is insane. Curving out and playing dragons every turn and then dropping this creature at the end out of nowhere will leave opponents speechless as you clean up and remove them from the table.

Acid-Spewer Dragon: Too expensive for a bad body and irrelevant ability.

Akoum Hellkite: Not enough Mountains in the deck to make use of the ability frequently and the minimal damage is insignificant.

Alabaster Dragon: Ability might as well be flavor text with how useless this is.

Amareth, the Lustrous: Hard to get enough value with top of deck manipulation for such an expensive dragon that can draw cards.

Ancestor Dragon: Not too terrible a dragon. Usually can’t make enough creatures to justify the lifegain ability but possible to help if you deck build correctly

Ancient Hellkite: Too red mana dependent for insignificant ability.

Arashin Sovereign: Recurable but very difficult to punch through in attacking which makes it hard to justify.

Arcades Sabboth: Always want to be swinging with dragons making the static ability worthless and upkeep cost is always hard with how mana hungry the deck is.

Arcades, the Strategist: Better as Commander of a defender deck than part of a dragon deck.

Archwing Dragon: Want to keep dragons on the board to keep swinging rather than bouncing it every turn which isn’t necessary.

Avaricious Dragon: Not good on curve and only good when you’re out of cards in which case you’re probably losing anyway.

Backdraft Hellkite: Not enough instants and sorceries in the deck to make use of.

Belltoll Dragon: Too expensive for a bad body and irrelevant ability.

Bladewing the Risen: Recursion isn’t that bad with him and the pump ability may come up but would much rather have mass recursion than single target.

Bogardan Hellkite: Too expensive of a dragon with a low impact ability at that mana cost.

Boltwing Marauder: Better in a deck that makes a lot of creatures to pump the ability with.

Bone Dragon: 10/10 art. 0/10 ability. Pretty much a vanilla dragon.

Boneyard Scourge: Ability very easy to trigger but the body is too small to matter.

Brimstone Dragon: Better dragons at this cost with better abilities than just haste.

Broodmate Dragon: Splitting threats into two bodies is nice but not necessary to me.

Canopy Dragon: Why can’t the card have both trample AND flying?

Catacomb Dragon: Dragons are usually to big for the reduction ability to matter.

Chromium: Big expensive flyer that is difficult to get through chump blockers

Chromium, the Mutable: Better in a control heavy meta and discard can help with more graveyard-oriented cards.

Clockwork Dragon: Too many hungry to keep counters on him

Cloud Dragon: Not blocking non-flying creatures is pretty bad.

Covetous Dragon: Needs artifacts for a vanilla dragon? No thanks.

Crimson Hellkite: Red mana restrictive for a single target ability.

Crosis, the Purger: Only hits one player and hard to name colors to get the payoff every time against non mono colored decks.

Cunning Breezedancer: Not enough non creatures and pumping a creature without trample isn’t good enough.

Darigaaz Reincarnated: Very good at being a recurable beater without an investment but with so many already in the deck and for not recurring himself immediately, he wasn’t necessary now.

Darigaaz, the Igniter: Only hits one player and hard to name colors to get the payoff every time against non mono colored decks.

Deathbringer Regent: Great as a utility creature for field wiping as a dragon but usually we’re the aggressor causing the field wipe to happen so we would want it one sided.

Demanding Dragon: Only hurts one opponent and there’s usually a lot of free permanents for players to sac in Commander for the ability to be effective.

Destructor Dragon: One time removal spell dragon for such a high cost isn’t worth it. Would much rather have a different removal spell.

Draco: Hilarious and can usually cost 7 mana but will most likely just be a vanilla 7/7.

Dragon Egg: Extremely small dragon. No room for babies.

Dragon Hatchling: Smaller dragon. See above.

Dragon Mage: Refilling our hand is nice but filling 3 other player’s hand isn’t good for us.

Dragon Tyrant: Excellent beater but the upkeep cost is very real with 4 red mana.

Dragon Whelp: Medium sized dragon. Not good enough to make the cut.

Drakuseth, Maw of Flames: Cool payoff of being able to swing but very expensive to throw out without guarantee of swinging.

Dream Pillager: Colored mana restriction at any point and having enough in general to cast their cards is very difficult to achieve.

Dromar, the Banisher: Bounces your own creatures sometimes which isn’t good. Would rather have a dragon that kills opponents or mass wipes their creatures.

Ebon Dragon: Single target discard is very bad in Commander.

Elder Land Wurm: Weird ability for a dragon but there’s better abilities at 6 mana.

Enduring Scalelord: Don’t put enough counters on dragons for the ability to matter.

Eternal Dragon Good recursive ability and ramping with plainscycling but requires a lot of mana to get going and you only have so many plains in the deck.

Exalted Dragon: Don’t want to be sacrificing lands and not progressing your game plan.

Fire Dragon: Not enough mountains and times to keep reusing the ability to make use of.

Firestorm Hellkite: Great beater but Cumulative Upkeep starts getting expensive really quick.

Flameblast Dragon: Very mana intensive for single target removal.

Fledgling Dragon: Too small of a Dragon.

Foe-Razer Regent: Not enough fighting synergies with all dragons to justify the abilities.

Forgestoker Dragon: Most creatures that can block dragons usually kill so spending the mana to stop that isn’t worth it.

Freejam Regent: Not enough artifacts to reduce to cost and pump ability isn’t relevant.

Furnace Dragon: Better in a big artifact meta. Not enough artifacts to reduce the cost sufficiently.

Furnace Whelp: Too small of a dragon.

Furyborn Hellkite: Very easy to get Bloodthirst effect but also very difficult to get through consistently.

Galazeth Prismari: Better to lead a deck for more artifacts to tap for mana. Perfectly reasonable for budget build as its a cheap dragon that slightly ramps you.

Glorybringer: Very mana efficient for all aspects but getting use every other turn can be slow at times.

Harbinger of the Hunt: Very efficient in a token meta but not necessary with other options available.

Hellkite Charger: Would rather runways to guarantee a second combat or even more for cheaper mana cost.

Hellkite Hatchling: Not enough creatures to sac most of the times to make it big enough.

Hellkite Igniter: Not enough artifact synergy.

Hellkite Overlord: Another very expensive but good beater that just couldn’t make the cut.

Hellkite Whelp: Insignificant ability on an insignificant body.

Henge Guardian: I wouldn’t even count this as a dragon.

Herdchaser Dragon: Too expensive for a bad body and irrelevant ability.

Hoarding Dragon: Not big artifacts that are worth tutoring for the in deck.

Hoard-Smelter Dragon: Artifact removal is nice but would much rather cast a big dragon to kill the player instead as there are very few artifacts that prevent us from attacking.

Hunted Dragon: Nice stats but depending on the group giving the knights to someone may never be a good strategy.

Hypersonic Dragon: Not enough instants/sorceries we care about having flash for.

Icefall Regent: Only makes itself harder to interact with rather than all the dragons we have.

Immersturm Predator: Not enough sacrifice fodder to make the activated relevant as well as the exile effect not being impactful enough.

Imperial Hellkite: One-time tutor on a stick is nice but would rather have a cheaper tutor than 8 mana.

Intet, the Dreamer: Without any top manipulation, there’s chances where you can completely miss casting spells

Jugan, the Rising Star: If this dragon dies, that usually means the rest of the board is getting destroyed too making the counter’s irrelevant.

Keiga, the Tide Star: If this dragon dies, that usually means the rest of the board is getting destroyed too making the gain control have no targets.

Khorvath Brightflame: I’m ashamed this card has the creature type Dragon.

Kilnmouth Dragon: Very expensive pinger but sometimes difficult to have enough Dragon cards in hand to consistently give it a bunch of counters.

Knollspine Dragon: Either draw too many cards or can’t draw any cards with how the deck sequences.

Kokusho, the Evening Star: Without recursion effects to constantly abuse the dying trigger, the life gain is irrelevant.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King: Great value engine as a Commander but as a Dragon you usually don’t have a lot of other permanents you want to be sacrificing.

Lava-Field Overlord: Assist doesn’t justify a one-time effect to hit a creature and mediocre body.

Lightning Dragon: Ain’t nobody got time to pay Echo cost.

Lightning Shrieker: Great keywords, awful ability.

Loch Dragon: No cost reduction and a small body with a draw effect we have better cards for.

Lotus Guardian: 6 mana signet? No thanks.

Malfegor: Discarding your hand is never good and sometimes the opponents don’t have any or too many creatures to sacrifice.

Mana-Charged Dragon: Great for Politics but when you end up being the Raid Boss, nobody wants to pay mana so the effect doesn’t happen.

Mindscour Dragon: Milling opponents isn’t the game plan with this deck.

Mirrorwing Dragon: Not enough instants to abuse the ability with and too much risk of getting blown out from other instants opponents have.

Mist Dragon: Weird art. Weird combination of abilities. Not needed.

Moltensteel Dragon: More of a combo dragon usually for paying the life to buff which isn’t what the deck is about.

Moonveil Dragon: Better and cheaper costed buffs for dragons out there than this.

Mordant Dragon: Great ability but for only being on itself, usually isn’t relevant.

Murktide Regent: Better in an instant/sorcery deck.

Nalathni Dragon: Too much text on the card for me to consider.

Necromaster Dragon: The zombies and milling are unnecessary for the main strategy.

Nesting Dragon: Fetch lands make token creation easy but not being able to really abuse these extra tokens for extra value.

Nicol Bolas: Great payoff for hitting an opponent if you manage to get through. Hard mana requirement and upkeep cost.

Niv-Mizzet Reborn: Not enough dual color cards to consistently net cards all the time.

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius: Better ways to draw cards off dragons in the deck than his personal ability.

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind: More combo-oriented Dragon than a normal one.

Niv-Mizzet, Parun: Excellent payoff but the mana cost as well as no cost reduction from Ur-Dragon makes it really hard to justify in the deck.

Noxious Dragon: Very few creatures we care about destroying less than 3 mana.

Numot, the Devastator: Only blowing up one person’s lands doesn’t help you win.

Obsidian Charmaw: More budget friendly and not enough abuse of ETB to hit multiple lands that could be problematic.

Ojutai, Soul of Winter: If you’re swinging with enough dragons to tap a lot of permanents, you usually kill them in the air already.

Opportunistic Dragon: Humans can’t block dragons and gaining control of artifacts isn’t necessary if we can’t even use them.

Ore-Scale Dragon: A sometimes cheaper vanilla dragon isn’t worth it.

Oros, the Avenger: Better dragons that can wipe all creatures than specific ones.

Palladia-Mors: Great beater but restrictive and high mana cost along with upkeep cost.

Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner: Great beater but hexproof never really matters which is the reason to run this card.

Pardic Dragon: No point of putting this on suspend so what’s the upside here?

Pearl Dragon: White dragons don’t do a whole lot I’ve noticed.

Phantasmal Dragon: Any small abilities targeting and making us removal this dragon sounds not worth the risk.

Predator Dragon: Usually don’t have a lot of creature to devour.

Preyseizer Dragon: See above.

Pristine Skywise: Don’t have a lot of instant speed cards to untap and surprise people with this dragon as that’s the main purpose of running it.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher: Great commander, not great in the 99.

Quicksilver Dragon: Targeted removal usually is hitting other dragons so the ability doesn’t become used.

Ramos, Dragon Engine Building up counters to create mana takes too long or sometimes isn't possible with some draws of multiple mono color spells.

Rakdos Pit Dragon: Never want to be Hellbent and a dragon you must pay mana to make fly is bad.

Rapacious Dragon: Small body that’s inherently cheap with treasure you get back but not worth the space.

Rathi Dragon: Never want to be sacrificing lands.

Rimescale Dragon: Not in the snow theme to make use of the ability.

Rith, the Awakener: Saplings are nice but not necessary usually.

Rorix Bladewing: Big LEGENDARY vanilla creature. Meh.

Runehorn Hellkite: Don’t like giving opponent cards even if you can do it from your graveyard at instant speed.

Ruthless Deathfang: If we’re sacrificing creatures, it’s usually a bad time for us.

Ryusei, the Falling Star: If this dragon dies, the board is getting wiped which invalidates the wipe attached to him.

Sarkhan's Whelp: Small dragon and requiring a Sarkhan on the field doesn’t make this good.

Savage Ventmaw: Usually used in extra combat combos and only having 2/5 mana requirements for casting cards might not let you cast anything.

Scion of Ugin: No.

Scourge of Kher Ridges: Great abilities if you have the mana to use them whenever you need to.

Scourge of Nel Toth: Better in a sacrifice/graveyard deck.

Shieldhide Dragon: Too expensive for a bad body and irrelevant ability.

Shimmer Dragon: Not enough artifacts to give hexproof or draw cards consistently.

Shivan Dragon: OG Vanilla dragon.

Shivan Hellkite: Vanilla pump dragon.

Shockmaw Dragon: Better wiping dragons to kill a mass number of small creatures’ opponents have.

Siege Dragon: Great in a wall/small creature meta.

Skarrgan Hellkite: 10/10 mammoth hat. Too mana intensive of an ability when there’s better things to do instead.

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon: Multiple combats to kill someone with infect ain’t going to happen.

Skyline Despot: Monarch is a great mechanic, but you’ll instantly become targeted and then find it difficult to grab the monarch back.

Skyship Stalker: Dragon too small and too much pumping required.

Slumbering Dragon: If you don’t play on T1, card gets significantly worse the later in the game you draw it.

Sparktongue Dragon: Too mana intensive cost for An ability to shoot one thing.

Spawn of Thraxes: Not enough mountains/recursion to be able to reuse the ability.

Spellbound Dragon: Anything big worth discarding to pump this dragon enough assuming it doesn’t get chumped only denies us more resources.

Steel Hellkite: There are better mass removal options that don’t require connecting through combat.

Stormbreath Dragon: Ability can sometimes not matter and opponents have very few cards. Protection usually irrelevant as well.

Stormwing Dragon: Too expensive for a bad body and irrelevant ability.

Sunscorch Regent: Nice life buffer if there are a lot of aggressive decks.

Swift Warkite: No/minimal creatures to bring back form graveyard.

Tanazir Quandrix: No +1/+1 counter synergies in the deck and not able to make a lot of smaller creatures to get an effect out of boosting their base power and toughness.

Tarox Bladewing: Not good in singleton format.

Teeka's Dragon: Too big and expensive to make a big enough impact on the game.

Tek: Weird dragon with a lot of abilities to read so too much effort.

Teneb, the Harvester: Good reanimator but didn’t need now for the deck.

Territorial Hellkite: The best early aggressor for Dragons but would end up in scenarios of wanting to attack specific players but unable to.

Terror of Mount Velus: Decent creature if looking for more double striking abilities but one time use seems too situational.

Thunder Dragon: Field wipe not needed as there are better options that only hurt opponents.

Thunderbreak Regent: Single targeted removal wasn’t present enough to justify.

Thundermaw Hellkite: Better in a flying token meta.

Treva, the Renewer: Good if lifegain is a necessity. Otherwise, usually irrelevant as you end up with no creatures and a lot of life.

Two-Headed Dragon: Weird interactions for combat but usually not necessary.

Tyrant of Valakut: There are no teammates in Magic and there’s better dragons that deal damage when they enter.

Tyrant's Familiar: We have a 9 cmc general so having both in play at the same time is a challenge for sure.

Vaevictis Asmadi: Pumping himself is irrelevant and having an upkeep cost strains the mana.

Vampiric Dragon: A lot of setup required to have creatures die in order to get counters on him.

Velomachus Lorehold: Better in a build with bigger and more instants and sorceries to have more hits of the ability.

Verix Bladewing: Scales to be played at any point in the game but splitting up threats between bodies isn’t really needed.

Viashivan Dragon: Expensive cost for a bad body.

Volcanic Dragon: Vanilla haste dragon yawn.

Voracious Dragon: Deck doesn’t have goblins nor an abundance of creatures to sacrifice.

Vorosh, the Hunter: Better as a Commander as the ability only helps himself.

Wardscale Dragon: Players can usually ignore this ability and still deal with the board before combat.

Warmonger Hellkite: Funny political card if you’re looking to get other people to start swinging too.

Wasitora, Nekoru Queen: Making people sac creatures was irrelevant as usually you want to get a token off each combat which won’t always happen.

Worldgorger Dragon: Combo dragon only.

Yosei, the Morning Star: Deterrent for field wiping you but hard to have immediate follow up to punish them for missing their untap.

Zodiac Dragon: Expensive vanilla dragon.


Updates Add

Hello! This is probably one of the biggest sets for this deck since Khans block. Personally not really the biggest DND fan but there are a lot of cool new cards that offer some unique gameplay in adding cards to older decks and creating entirely new decks. With how many new dragons there are in the set, it was very difficult to choose what would come into the deck as the list is super tight. Wizards has been doing a good job in the past year or two printing lots of Dragon themed cards. Hopefully they can chill out to give some room to breathe with the deck but can’t complain about new cards!

(EXCLUSION) Adult Gold Dragon

Really aggressive dragon and offers some lifelink as well but with the mana cost and the body it provides, it gets outscaled very quickly.

(EXCLUSION) Black Dragon

Way too expensive of a dragon for such a low impact ability that other dragons do so much better.

(EXCLUSION) Blue Dragon

Way too expensive of a dragon for such a low impact ability that won’t matter in a game of EDH.

(EXCLUSION) Dragon Turtle

Very interesting ability and cheap cost in the deck but would rather be able to make use of this dragon multiple times in decks such a blink deck for example.

(EXCLUSION) Ebondeath, Dracolich

This dragon offers an easy recursive threat for 3 mana that’s difficult to get rid of. However, having to keep double black mana up every turn to be able to recast them isn’t really feasible in this deck. Plus, when you do recur him, the 5/2 body can easily be walled by other cheap creature/tokens in the format that renders the card useless.

(EXCLUSION) Green Dragon

Way too expensive of a dragon for such a low impact ability that other dragons do so much better.

(EXCLUSION) Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant

The equipment that dragon makes isn’t impactful enough for the dragons in this deck to where I would rather just be casting more dragons than equipping the artifact so at that point it’s just a cheap creature.

(EXCLUSION) Inferno of the Star Mounts

The uncounterable part about this dragon is nice but the pump ability isn’t feasible enough to ever make use of. Better suited in a mono red deck that can make a lot of mana. At that point, it’s just a big dumb flying creature with haste which there are better options for that aren’t currently in the deck.

(EXCLUSION) Iymrith, Desert Doom

This was a close one to want to include but couldn’t find the space for but is a dragon that could come into the list at any point. Very similar to Dragonlord Ojutai in being somewhat hard to deal with and gives you some card draw on dealing damage. This dragon can refill your entire hand, depending on who you hit, and can bring you back into the game if everyone else has resources. But with the deck already having some better card draw effects now, I felt like I didn’t need it at this point in time.

(EXCLUSION) Jaded Sell-Sword

This is a limited card. Not an EDH card.

(EXCLUSION) Nadaar, Selfless Paladin

Very cool Dungeon card. However, if you don’t cast this as early as possible, the effect just isn’t worth it since there’s no other Dungeon cards in the deck. I think this is better suited for being it’s own commander rather in the 99 of this deck.

(EXCLUSION) Red Dragon

Way too expensive of a dragon for such a low impact ability.

(EXCLUSION) Wandering Troubadour

Better for a landfall deck instead of a dragon deck to be able to make as many ventures as possible.

(EXCLUSION) White Dragon

Way too expensive of a dragon for such a low impact ability that other dragons do so much better.

(EXCLUSION) Chaos Dragon

Very aggressive and offers some gameplay with your opponents. However, not being able to attack a particular player can be very bad in a lot of instances.

(EXCLUSION) Dragonborn Champion

The body on this creature is too fragile for me to want to include this over a harder to answer card like an enchantment or artifact that will let me draw cards. Not to mention the dragons have to live and be able to connect with an opponent to draw a card. I would suggest this in a budget build as it’s cheap and can replace some of the more expensive card drawing engines.

(EXCLUSION) Vengeful Ancestor

I like this dragon a lot. I think it would be better in a more political deck or one that can goad creatures more often but definitely a solid dragon in a budget build.

(EXCLUSION) Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients

If I already didn’t own a dragon deck, I would build this dragon as an EDH deck. It’s so cool and can offer a unique type of deck. However, in this deck, with no ways of rolling dice or being able to ping itself the card is useless. Again, better as the commander of a deck rather than part of the 99.

Tiamat > Shadrix Silverquill

This dragon has had me hyped since it was spoiled. It offers a very easy tutor package to obtained that can very effectively kill one or multiple people if you have enough mana to cast everything in the same turn. After casting Tiamat, the dragons you want to search for are Morophon, the Boundless, Dragonlord Kolaghan if you need a mass haste card, any of the 5 color dragons including O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami and Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Scion of Draco to grant keywords to all the dragons, and Atarka, World Render to give them all double strike. 6 mana for Morophon makes the 5 color dragons free, Scion of Draco will only cost one mana if you have the 5 colors of mana on the field and then 3 mana for either haste with Kolaghan or double strike with Atraka. Usually, the deck tops out at 10 mana so having this all happen in one turn is possible. Also, might warrant bringing back in Sneak Attack to really abuse the tutor but I don’t find it necessary right now to include nor can I find the space. Shadrix was cool to give some card draw and play some politics but with other dragons just being staples in the list, something had to get cut and it ended up being this one.

Old Gnawbone > Esika, God of the Tree  Flip

This card is insane. One of the hardest things with the deck is to keep ball rolling and casting more dragons to make use of drawing cards from enchantments and the such. With Gnawbone coming in at the top end after casting a few dragons beforehand, you can easily make 10+ mana after swinging to get more enchantments on to the field or cast even more dragons. This dragon will definitely be making a permanent spot in the deck. With Esika, I felt like I never wanted to cast the front side to be able to always cast the back side and get value. But with how powerful the card is and how much of a target it has on it, I never stuck around long enough to get value or the creatures it put into play weren’t impactful to justify the slot.

Orb of Dragonkind > Faeburrow Elder

A Dragon themed mana rock is so good for the deck with how many different multi-colored creature there are. Filtering is something the deck could definitely use. Also having the ability to replaced itself with the activated ability for so cheap make it even more enticing if you manage to flood out or can’t find a threat. Faeburrow was excellent ramper but didn’t fit into the dragon theme as much as this so making the change. I would bring back Faeburrow if I managed to make room.

Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient > Hellkite Tyrant

I’d have to get more games in with this dragon to see if I want to keep it around as I’m still on the fence about it. But this is something I’ve been wanting for the deck for years. Savage Ventmaw I always thought was a cool dragon but no haste and only making red and green mana was such a turn off of wanting to run it. With Klauth, you have potential to just make a ton of mana on the swing to be able to deploy more things post combat with any color. It’s a little expensive but again, we’ll see how it turns it. Hellkite Tyrant ended up getting the boot due to the lack of artifacts being present in the meta plus there have been very few instances that come up to where it’s a big swing in the game in taking a lot of artifacts that catapult me ahead so the ability hasn’t felt necessary.

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