Tyrant's Familiar

Tyrant's Familiar

Creature — Dragon

Flying, haste

Lieutenant — As long as you control your commander, Tyrant's Familiar gets +2/+2 and has "Whenever Tyrant's Familiar attacks, it deals 7 damage to target creature defending player controls."

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Tyrant's Familiar Discussion

Phule451 on Dwarves & Dragons

1 month ago

Throne of the God-Pharaoh will do a lot of work for you here. Tyrant's Familiar makes fore a nice surprise to tutor up with Magda as if you’re using her ability you’ve probably got your Commander out. I’d also recommend adding some vehicles to ensure you can tap your dwarves.

CardTyrant on Draconic Treasures

2 months ago

Phule451: I will just add Fabled Passage , despite not liking lands entering tapped, I do like the search lands to fix my mana when need be. Conjurer's Closet isn't too bad of an idea, but I would need to add more cards for the ETBs than just one. Tyrant's Familiar was on my watch list, but he only deals 7 damage to one target. That's why Drakuseth, Maw of Flames took his spot. I do like that haste on T.F., so I will keep him in mind.

Phule451 on Draconic Treasures

2 months ago

If you don’t like lands coming in tapped, swapping Fabled Passage to replace Evolving Wilds might be something to consider. Conjurer's Closet will help you get extra ETBs, especially from your commander, or at worst give your dragons pseudo vigilance. Also, Tyrant's Familiar can serve as great draconian removal for you. Hope this helps.

LilMissWiz on Kaalia of the Vast ADDs

5 months ago

I would personally drop Dragon Tempest , you want near dragon tribal for that to be worth the slot. Athreos, God of Passage , Ob Nixilis, the Fallen , Sower of Discord , Angelic Field Marshal , Tyrant's Familiar and of course Avacyn, Angel of Hope .

Angelic is almost a must since she helps the whole team

CasualCucumber on Creatures to copy with Riku?

7 months ago

One of my all time favourite commanders!

I love to copy creatures with haste and I've had succes with Tyrant's Familiar and Stormbreath Dragon . Also Dragonmaster Outcast - this one drop have won me many games and I adore it. Worldspine Wurm seems like a fun finisher to clone too.

Azeworai on Dragon Jesus (Bladewing the Risen EDH)

9 months ago

You had commented upon my list, thus you must allow me to do the same for yours.

I must recommend a Sneak Attack. It offers an excruciatingly cheap mana reduction for putting dragons into play, thereupon being put into the bin for later reanimation. It allows for quite the explosive turns upon resolution, and has been one of the better engines in my list.

Now, I do not run these cards in my deck, but Hellkite Courser and Altar of Dementia allow for an infinite combo with Bladewing. Put out the Courser, sacrifice it to the Altar, then have the "ETB" trigger put Bladewing into play. Target his trigger to the Hellkite Courser and sacrifice Bladewing in response. Someone is milled, Courser is reanimated, and then Bladewing can come back into play, sacrifice Hellkite Courser, then repeat for infinity. If you need a combo to end the game, each of the cards within it being solid on their own, I would recommend this. I am trying to squeeze it into my list, but it depends on your taste in strategy and meta.

A card I used to run, but ultimately found lacking, is Dragonspeaker Shaman. I see it in your Maybeboard, but I may as well grant it a mention.

One dragon that seems particularly devastating is Tyrant's Familiar, for it returns with a powerful attack trigger. It is straightforward but potent.

You must be aware of the utilities capable in the mana base. I used to run Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace. It pulled its weight, but was ablated for Bonders' Enclave and the ensuing War Room. Each of these cards are quite fine, but favourable in the eyes of some.

I have found haste to be a necessity in strategies such as this. Hall of the Bandit Lord startlingly inefficient as a land, but the haste is immensely powerful. Removing summoning sickness at the mere cost of life and a tapped land is, in my opinion, more than worth it. If I get ahold of one, it shall be seen to inclusion in my list.

That shall be all from me, but thank you once more for your prior comment.

As foresaid, might your day be lovely.

multimedia on HELP with budget Ur dragon

1 year ago

Hey, for less than $150 you've done well with your version. You clearly know how to build a Commander deck with a low budget.

Cards that are $3 or less each to consider adding:

Scion of the Ur-Dragon is a very good Dragon as a repeatable Dragon tutor and it combos with Teneb, the Harvester + Bladewing the Risen to reanimate the Dragons you tutor for. Consider cutting some of the least good Dragons for a few creature tutors that can search for the better Dragons?

Temur Ascendancy does a lot for a three drop, haste for all creatures you control and repeatable draw when most Dragons ETB including Dragon tokens with 4 or more power. These land suggestions would add five more lands that can ETB untapped meaning they could replace five lands that always ETB tapped. Cascading Cataracts is helpful with Jodah/Fist letting you for five mana of any colors plus tapping Cataracts to cast any card.

Cards to consider cutting:

Even on a budget the Vivid lands are not good unless you have proliferate to put more counters on them and I don't recommend adding proliferate just for the Vivids.

Good luck with your deck.

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