Sarkhan's Whelp

Sarkhan's Whelp

Creature — Dragon

Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

Whenever you activate an ability of a Sarkhan planeswalker, Sarkhan's Whelp deals 1 damage to any target.

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Sarkhan's Whelp Discussion

multimedia on Asleep at the Wheel

7 months ago

Hey, the flavor is great here and the deck name gave me a laugh :)

I second the Smuggler's Copter suggestion, but I don't think you should cut Tank for it. Consider cutting Dance of the Skywise for Copter? Sarkhan's Whelp seems underwhelming with only 3x Sarkhan. Consider Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge instead? If you add more Vehicles since he has interaction with Vehicles and Treasure tokens from Goldspan. He can block or crew with five power before he can attack.

Consider Blinkmoth Nexus ? It can become a flying artifact creature that can crew Copter or Tank, can also move counters to it with Bio and it's an artifact for Gadrak.

ellie-is on Lathliss, Ramp Queen

10 months ago

So, more testing and I'm really happy with how consistent the deck is thanks to the infinitude of mana rocks. I think the only question I need to answer now is if I'm happy with my dragons or if I want some cheap "dragons" (Universal Automaton, Fire-Belly Changeling, Taurean Mauler) instead. They're cheap enough that I can cast multiple of them the turn after casting Lathliss, getting twice the tokens, but they're also pretty useless in combat and don't even get haste from Dragon Tempest (not that they'd be hitting for any real damage anyway). But the 5/5 token might make up for that. Though then there's also the flavor issue. A nice compromise would be Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Egg and Sarkhan's Whelp. But they're still tiny and useless. But whe Lathliss is giving out mass buffs, they're additional bodies to get those buffs. Gah. Decisions, decisions!

I'm gonna give a try to playtesting with a few cheaper dragons and see how much of a difference it makes. Maybe take out Bogardan Hellkite and other expensive dragons to lower the mana curve a little.

(also I'd of course love to have Slumbering Dragon but $$$)

ellie-is on $40 Bullying Dragons

1 year ago

Avaricious Dragon is amazing. I personally wouldn't run Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge in a deck with only 4 artifacts, even as a one-of. Sarkhan's Whelp or Dragon Egg are half-decent if you really want a 3-drop, though if it's just about cheap to cast dragons, there's also Taurean Mauler and Fire-Belly Changeling.

Universal Automaton could do a passable budget impression of Slumbering Dragon too if you want to make sure you have lots of cards to trigger Dragon Tempest and Scourge of Valkas. Since it costs colorless, you can cast it t1 with Zhalfirin Void and cast it for free with Dragonlord's Servant after you play a dragon tempest or scourge of valkas.

I personally ran Pyroclasm instead of Anger of the Gods in my deck because it doesn't kill the servants, but that's a matter of personal preference. I also like Magma Jet over Draconic Roar as the scry can be really relevant and with a deck like this you're usually dealing enough damage all at once late game that those 3 points of damage early on don't matter so much. You do lose out on flavor points, though.

Finally, if you feel like you need more cheap creature removal until you've started casting dragons (which I recommend), Flame Slash is a very decent budget replacement to Skred.

I hope at least some of that helps!

MilkmanMatty on Ellie's Dragons

1 year ago

ellie-is, totally get it! I like the freedom that every card being 34c gives me :D I think the deciding factor was when I saw that people buy cards for investments just like stocks (oof), hold them to drive up prices and then sell them for profit. Having a same-spend group is the ultimate dream, unfortunately not the case for everyone - and I want to play the player not their wallet.

Non-proxies are definitely a must if you don't have a playgroup though, no sanctioned event will let you play (fair enough imo).

Anyway I don't want to derail this comment-thread. Since you run Sarkhan, Fireblood have you considered running Sarkhan's Whelp? It's a low CMC (and cost) dragon that hits all of your triggers (and provides one more). I ran it in my Dragon Launcher deck for a while until I switched it out for more ramp into the conventional game-enders. Admittedly my deck is a closer to the conventional "Skred-Dragons" build.

Argy on Sarkhan's Dragon Den

2 years ago

murrymack link cards so that I can see what they do.

Sarkhan's Whelp is primarily in the deck to trigger Dragon's Hoard and Lathliss, Dragon Queen .

It is often Sided out.

Link "skarrgan". Until you do that I can't comment on it.

Argy on Sarkhan's Dragon Den

2 years ago

OK this seems to work.

Leave my deck basically as it is, as having a lot of removal against matches what they are doing.

Bring two Demanding Dragon in from the Sideboard, instead of two Shock. This gives two more Dragons to trigger all the little bits and pieces, and forces difficult decisions about whether to sacrifice Creatures or take damage.

In testing I have made my Opponent sac their Doom Whisperer, because they would have lost if they didn't.

Bring in three Goblin Chainwhirler instead of three Sarkhan's Whelp. The First Strike on the Chainwhirler is a significant advantage.

This seems to work better than putting in spells that require Creatures on the field. I was often running out of Creatures.

Will keep testing.

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