Atarka, World Render

Atarka, World Render

Legendary Creature — Dragon

Flying, trample

Whenever a Dragon you control attacks, it gains double strike until end of turn.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Atarka, World Render Discussion

Temur_Frontier on Ur-Dragon

1 day ago

Maybe I'm biased, but I feel like it's a crime to not run the Fate Reforged dragons at least. Dromoka, the Eternal and Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury hit almost as hard as Atarka, World Render , and Idk, I just love the "whenever a dragon you control attacks" clause because most of those effects slot so well into dragon tribal.

For ramp, Faeburrow Elder and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds goes a long way. Goldspan Dragon too. Not that this list needs more ramp, but I really like these options personally.

Mcat1999 on Ford F150 [Gruul, Xenagos]

3 weeks ago

Given that you run both Atarka, World Render and Savage Ventmaw , I see your goal is to cheat both out together and hit for doublestrike in the air with extra combat steps.

Given that your strategy revolves around additional combat steps, dragons and ramp, it would be remiss of me to not mention Hellkite Charger , who requires only a single mana more with Savage Ventmaw to combo off. Thus, if you have 5 open mana and these two on the field, that is 6 combat steps (1st initial + 5 extra)

Mcat1999 on Elder Dragon Highlander

1 month ago

I just cheated out 11 Elder Dragons on Turn 6. I had more creatures in play, but only 11 were Elders. I also had three more Elders in my hand I could have cast but that's no fun. They all had haste thanks to Fervor , Temur Ascendancy and Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded . Damage was doubled and tripled thanks to Angrath's Marauders and Fiery Emancipation . +1/+1 counters thanks to Rhythm of the Wild . They had lifelink thanks to True Conviction , which also gave them double strike in addition to Atarka, World Render . Mana was doubled with Doubling Cube and I had both Mirari's Wake and Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger in play. I also had Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice and Rings of Brighthearth , which if these were not bad enough I can use Rings to not only copy Golos' ability, but Tawnos' as well.

Needless to say, I think I won.

multimedia on Korvold eats your breakfast

2 months ago

Hey, good start on a budget.

Cards in the maybeboard that are worth adding:

  • Whisper, Blood Liturgist
  • Altar's Reap
  • Costly Plunder
  • Solemn Simulacrum
  • Fleshbag Marauder
  • Apprentice Necromancer
  • In Garruk's Wake
  • Tainted Wood

Possible others:

  • Erebos, Bleak-Hearted
  • Smothering Abomination
  • Acidic Slime

Some budget cards, $1-$2, most are less than $1, at TCGPlayer to consider adding:

More ramp is good with Korvold because it can help to cast him faster and then it can be sac fodder to trigger him.

Some budget lands to consider adding:

I offer more advice. Good luck with your deck.

libraryjoy on Dragon trial

2 months ago

Dragonspeaker Shaman is not Modern Legal. You can change the format to casual if this is just for kitchen table and not for FNM or other events. It looks pretty good. If you are looking for other cards to add, here are some of my favorites:

Dragon's Hoard

Sarkhan's Triumph

Skyblinder Staff

Dragon Tempest

Utvara Hellkite

Atarka, World Render (a bomb if you're willing to splash for the extra color)

Good luck!

Gidgetimer on New deck

3 months ago

I say this in every post about aggressive decks (and budget decks, but for other reasons) in EDH, but Xenagos, God of Revels is great. It allows you to dodge the normal problem that aggro has of over extending into board wipes by allowing you to play a single other creature and turn it into a fast clock.

My personal favorite plays in my Xenagos deck include turn 3 Atarka, World Render for 24 flying trample. And 8 damage turn 5 into 32 damage turn 6 off of Heroes' Bane. I was threatening 112 damage turn 7, but the bane was wisely removed.

whatqwerty on Kaldheim Brainstorming

4 months ago

I would say Lord of the Unreal would be an auto include even though it is double blue. Also Depala, Pilot Exemplar and Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign could be very good. A lot of the small tribes have very powerful payoffs. Here are some more.Midnight Entourage, Wirewood Savage, The dragons of tarkir series, including Atarka, World Render and Silumgar, the Drifting Death, Risen Reef, Seshiro the Anointed, and many, many more.

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