Astral Dragon

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vintage Legal

Astral Dragon

Creature — Dragon


Project Image — When Astral Dragon enters the battlefield, create two tokens that are copies of target noncreature permanent, except they’re 3/3 Dragon creatures in addition to their other types, and they have flying.

ZoDoneRightNow on So... Miirym + Astral Dragon …

2 months ago

The recursive function that models this question is: find f(32) given:

f(0) = 5

f(x) = f(x-1) + 2 ^ (f(x-1) + 1)

Explanation of the function:

f(0) = 5 because when the first Astral Dragon comes into play it makes 2 Parallel Lives which is doubled to 4. 4 + 1 = 5. We are looking for f(32) because 2^5 Astral Dragons are created by Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm because we have 5 PLs in play.

f(x) = f(x-1) + 2 ^ (f(x-1) + 1) because the number of Parallel Livess after each Astral Dragon enters = Number of existing Parallel Livess + number of new Parallel Livess (2 ^ (f(x-1) + 1)). The number of new Parallel Livess is (2 ^ (f(x-1) + 1)) because Astral Dragon creates 2 which is doubled a number of times = existing Parallel Livess

I plugged this function into Hypercalc, a calculator for very large numbers ()

The answer is 30 PT (3.553934904655 × 10^20)

Which means a power tower of 10s, 30 high with (3.553934904655 × 10^20) on top ie: 10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^10^(3.553934904655 × 10^20)

multimedia on Miirym’s Temur Dragons

2 months ago

Hellkite Charger could replace Skanos Dragonheart? Both these Dragons want to attack to trigger abilities, but Skanos needs other Dragons to make it good, Charger doesn't. Skanos can't pump itself and doesn't have evasion, Charger can be part of a combo Skanos can't. Thrakkus the Butcher is a better five drop Dragon with trample who pumps itself as well as all other Dragons you control.

There's another combo you could add that creates infinite Dragons with Astral Dragon and the enabler Cursed Mirror provides a wincon, haste to attack. Could of course have other wincons: Scourge of Valkas, Dragon Tempest or Warstorm Surge. Mirror is a good card, you wouldn't just be adding it for the combo, it's a mana rock that if it becomes a Dragon when it enters then Miirym can copy it.

When you control Cursed Mirror that's not a creature have Astral Dragon enter and copy Mirror. The Mirror tokens then enter as Astral and copy original Mirror that's not a creature and repeat. This creates a loop of Astral and Mirror making copies of each other, each copy of Mirror is a 4/4 Astral Dragon with haste. To break the loop stop copying Mirror with Astral, copy something else.

Sarkhan Unbroken would be another fine upgrade, but not when on a budget. $25 for a nonDragon creature card when on a budget seems not a good use of funds. For $25 you could improve the manabase with many land upgrades Reflecting Pool, more Pain lands (Yavimaya Coast, Shivan Reef), some Bond lands (Spire Garden), some Filter lands (Flooded Grove) or some Check lands (Sulfur Falls, Rootbound Crag). In my opinion when on a budget allocating some of the budget for good lands is more important than adding flashy cards such as Sarkhan.

Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner is less powerful than Sarkhan, but it's also less than $2. Kiora can still do much work as another Temur Ascendancy draw effect as well as give you 7 turns of ramp that can untap any permanent including Sol Ring or an Orb.

Shamanic Revelation could be a cut for some lower mana cost draw since you're more likely to have a higher power Dragon then that same number of Dragon creatures. That's what makes Return of the Wildspeaker and Rishkar's Expertise good draw with Dragons is they have high power. Revelation is better when playing little tribal creatures such as Elves which tend to have quantity of creatures rather than single creature with high power.

TypicalTimmy on I just discovered accidental infinite …

2 months ago

legendofa In a game earlier, I had Astral Dragon copy Gratuitous Violence with Miirym and Adrix and Nev, Twincasters out and swung with enough damage to kill a nation

legendofa on I just discovered accidental infinite …

2 months ago

It takes a couple more cards, but if you add Deadeye Navigator, a permanent that taps for + another mana, and a haste granter like Fervor or Concordant Crossroads, you got infinite tokens that can tap to untap stuff.

With Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm and Fervor out and Nimbleclaw Adept bonded with Navigator, flicker Adept. It enters, and Miirym creates a token copy. Tap the original Adept to untap your blue + X land and something else. Repeat as needed.

Or just do nonsense with Astral Dragon and Doubling Season until you outnumber the universe.

Forkbeard on Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm: Double Dragon

2 months ago

Ha, that's definitely a funny interaction to watch out for Slashdance. I shall take heed! I've had great success with Astral Dragon so far - even just copying a mana rock is decent value (the dream is Cursed Mirror but I haven't been able to make that happen yet). Super cool card & I want a playmat of that gorgeous art.

Slashdance on Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm: Double Dragon

2 months ago

I would be wary of having Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm + Doubling Season out and casting Astral Dragon (if your plans are to copy Doubling Season) ... while also having Elemental Bond in play.

In short order you could draw through your deck before you had time to initiate an attack with near-infinite 3/3 dragons out.

Fun deck!

TypicalTimmy on Building the stack properly to …

3 months ago

Okay, I'm playtesting Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm in my kitchen and have the following boardstate:

Because I +1, creature spells I control can't be countered this turn. So I tap out and cast Astral Dragon with the intention of copying Frontier Siege

When Astral Dragon ETB, I have multiple items land on the stack at once. In particular;

  • Miirym seeks to make a token copy of Astral Dragon
  • Adrix and Nev seek to use their replacement effect to modify this
  • Frontier Siege is looking for a target to fight
  • And Astral Dragon is also looking for a non-creature permanent to copy, twice

I want to maximize the fighting, so I put Frontier Siege on the stack first, so it becomes the last thing to resolve

Next, I want to figure out how to order the rest so I have the most fight triggers going off.

The issue is, the token copy of Astral Dragon will enter the battlefield, and it will be duplicated thanks to Adrix and Nev. So I'll have two brand new Astral Dragons, both of which are looking for 2 non-creature targets to copy.

And let's not forget Adrix and Nev are also seeing these 3/3 Dragon token and will make even more of them. So each Astral Dragon will populate 4 total tokens of Frontier Siege.

With three Astral Dragons, that is a grand total of 3(4)=12 Frontier Siege 3/3 Dragon tokens.

(I could choose Khans for all of it and land 24x mana during the beginning of EACH of my main phases, but where's the fun in that)

So, my question is, how can I stack this monstrosity to maximize the number of fight triggers?

Because while they are 3/3s, in a pinch it's a good secret wrath that I just discovered, if need be.

Phule451 on Funny Dragon Deck

3 months ago

Astral Dragon? Hilarious! Chaos Dragon is a total chuckle fest. Tyrant's Familiar is a buddy to laugh with. Wandering Troubadour is a total joke teller.

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