Morophon, the Boundless
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Morophon, the Boundless

Legendary Creature — Shapeshifter

Changeling (This card is every creature type.)

As Morophon, the Boundless enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Spells of the chosen type you cast cost less to cast. This effect reduces only the amount of coloured mana you pay.

Other creatures you control of the chosen type get +1/+1

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greendraken on Princess Twilight Sparkle

1 month ago

Shapeshifters/Changelings are totally a viable option to supplement any Typal deck including horses and the like(Also I think Changelings are actually a thing in the series? Idk) I also dig the group hug idea for what you're building but I don't play much group hug. I'm more of a pay your taxes guy. Be careful with group hugs cards because in group commander games you are typically giving out more value than you are getting. I.E Everyone draws a card give 3 other players a card for the price of your single card.

Bill Ferny, Bree Swindler might have some use here if you just wanna be silly and give your Ponies/horses to other players. You could play cards to get them back too i.e cards with Target player gains control of all permanents they own.

Homeward Path

Morophon, the Boundless might be fun

here's a link to a list cards to look at that kind of fit the theme you are looking for.

Tribal/Typal Cards

List of Changelings for Commander


Group Hug cards from Edhrec

I am interested in how your deck turns out. Have fun buliding!

legendofa on Domain Maelstrom Dragon

2 months ago

TFCamaro12 I agree that Leyline of the Guildpact isn't a "bad" card. The main problem is that it's such a build-around card. If you can hardcast it, you probably don't need it, and if it's not in your opening hand, you're stuck playing super slow until you get it out. It doesn't have any redundancy, so backing it up is hard. Basically, either you have it, or your deck chokes.

What exactly is the role of Leyline of the Guildpact in this deck? As I see it, the most efficient line is to set up the Urzatron, cast Morophon, the Boundless or Timeless Lotus, and cast Tiamat from there. The Leyline + Scion of Draco line is good long-game synergy, but it seems to me that dumping some big hasty smashy Dragons out might be a better payoff. There's no reason for the creature color spreading outside of Scion, and I'm not sure how much the basic land ability helps.

If I may suggest, try reworking this deck to focus more on the Morophon-Lotus-Tiamat line, and save the Guildpact for a different deck. Unless I'm missing something obvious, of course.

The More We Work Together is my shot at a Leyline of the Guildpact deck, if you're interested in seeing a different angle.

AlistarFiend on How to Train Ūr-Dragon

4 months ago

Profet93 You would think I would need to add more mana rocks, but honestly it has not been much of a problem getting The Ur-Dragon in to the battlefield. Ancient Copper Dragon, Cavern-Hoard Dragon, Decadent Dragon, Goldspan Dragon, Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient, Morophon, the Boundless, Old Gnawbone, Rivaz of the Claw and Sarkhan, Soul Aflame all work very well as mana ramp in this deck.

YStar27 on Doctor's companion

5 months ago

If I am running Morophon, the Boundless as my commander can I have a card with doctor's companion as my commander because Morophon, the Boundless is a doctor? Thanks

GameDragon111 on Ur-Dragon (Recs. Needed)

8 months ago

When running decks with 5 colors, I find it useful to have mana fixers such as Chromatic Lantern and Chromatic Orrery. If you draw one of them and have enough mana of any color, you can use them to turn all of your mana into all colors.

Also, since you have a 5 color tribal, Morophon, the Boundless can help you with the different colors, reducing the colored mana you need to pay for all of your dragon cards.

legendofa on Eldrazi Rampage

8 months ago

Welcome to the club, BIAxKatana!

Obligatory caveat that I'm not a Commander expert, so I might be missing some details. My first thought on looking at this deck is that there might be too many payoffs and not enough support. While cards like Exploration and Burgeoning are generally good ramp, with only 33 lands, minimal land searching, and not much repeatable draw, I don't expect this deck to get more than a couple of extra land drops each match.

How reliable are Fist of Suns and Jodah, Archmage Eternal for you? They combo well with Morophon, the Boundless, so how quickly can you get them and a full color suite active? Is it better to play Esika, God of the Tree  Flip or The Prismatic Bridge  Flip?

There could be some bad interactions between your counterspells and Mana Maze. Mana Maze supports your colorless creatures, but unless an opponent is playing heavy , countering one of their spells basically resets Mana Maze.

What is the role of Luxior, Giada's Gift and the assorted Jin-Gitaxias  Flipes?

Aiyoki on Sliver Overlord EDH

8 months ago

This is my Sliver Overlord EDH deck as of 8/29/2023.

Improvements or other Feedback about this deck that can help me improve success in competitive play is welcomed and appreciated!

Options for cheating out Sliver Overlord onto the battlefield ASAP would be best. Some commander decks I usually have to play against are:

Codie, Vociferous Codex

Urza, Lord High Artificer

Removal: Global & Targeted Options

  1. Damnation Destroys all creatures for only four mana and prevents them from regenerating!
  2. Supreme Verdict This one also destroys all creatures for only four mana! While it doesn't prevent regeneration, countermeasures like Counterspell won't work!
  3. Harsh Mercy Is a cheap global removal option that can keep all of our slivers safe while simultaneously wiping out most of our opponent's non-tribal creatures!
  4. Terminate A cheap targeted removal that prevents regeneration
  5. Swords to Plowshares A great targeted removal, perfect for eliminating an otherwise pesky creature that would keep coming back if just destroyed.
  6. Essence Scatter Targeted creature removal, before it even gets the chance to hit the battlefield >:D
  7. Aura Shards Play a creature, get a free targeted artifact or enchantment removal as a result! We use this enchantment instead of Harmonic Sliver because the sliver variant doesn't give us a choice in the matter and can end up forcing us to destroy our own artifacts and enchantments. We don't want that!

Graveyard Hate:

  1. Leyline of the Void. This enchantment exiles anything our opponents put into their graveyards and can even come up as a pregame play in your opening hand, making it an extremely efficient play against graveyard based commanders!

Mana Fixing:

  1. As long as you've got the green mana to spend Manaweft Sliver and Gemhide Sliver work wonderfully. If you've already got one of these babies on the board it's best to keep the other in reserve in case of a board wipe or targeted removal.

  2. The World Tree, and Chromatic Lantern both provide non-sliver options to fix mana colors.

Mana cost reduction:

  1. Herald's Horn costs only to play and also reduces the generic mana costs of all our slivers by . Save for the Legendary five slivers we're using here, basically every other sliver will cost 1 less to play with this thing on the battlefield!
  2. Morophon, the Boundless With slivers as the named creature type, when this this thing hits the battlefield it reduces the cost to play any sliver by ! It might be the most costly to get out but it's indispensable for certain combos this deck is capable of pulling off.

AronVonder on Potential infinite copy mechanic?

9 months ago

With Jodah, Archmage Eternal you can pay WUBRG instead of a spells cost and with Morophon, the Boundless you get a reduction of WUBRG mana cost on spells with the creature type you choose. This means that you can cast all spells of that creature type for free. Now my question is how this interacts with Hatchery Sliver. Assuming the “free” creature type is sliver you could essentially infinitely copy any sliver you wanted since their mana cost is effectively free. Am I getting this right?

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