Sylvia Brightspear

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Sylvia Brightspear

Legendary Creature — Human Knight

Partner with Khorvath Brightflame (When this creature enters the battlefield, target player may put Khorvath into their hand from their library, then shuffle.)

Double strike

Dragons your team controls have double strike.

lhetrick13 on Kaalia's Treasure Trove

4 months ago

EquivocalVision - Thanks for the compliments! Definitely still a work in progress if you read the notes/updates but it is getting there! It would be so easy to make so MANY Kaalia decks as there are so many good angels, demons, and dragons but so far I am loving the dragon synergy. I really want to get Ancient Gold Dragon added for combos off Terror of the Peaks, Dragon Tempest, or Scourge of Valkas as rolling a ten with no damage modifiers out or no other dragons in play equates to 66 damage :)

I had never seen Zirilan of the Claw...interesting card. You are also not the first to mention Quicksilver Amulet so I really need to add that to the Maybe Board to experiment with. You are right about if people instantly kill Kaalia of the Vast the deck is pretty slow but that is where all those treasure producing enchantments should come in handy! Kaalia speeds up the deck significantly but without her it still does pick up stream, and makes me significantly less of a target until I am a target :)

Personally, I feel like using cards like Sneak Attack to cheat creatures out only to have them possible exiled would do the deck as it is currently built a disservice but that is a unique twist this deck could take with the Flickering. has plenty of cards that you could add in to support that strategy to make it viable and there are enough demons, angels, and dragon with ETBs effects that could be used to punish, tutor, or protect as needed. I mean, could you imagine flickering Dockside Extortionist for 2x treasure production! I may take a stab at this idea in the future as I have never looked into a deck like that but it has potential...

I did take a look at your deck...Blast-Furnace Hellkite looks very similar to Sylvia Brightspear except it is a dragon...I like this! Lots of other angels and demons I had not seen before or would like to add to my deck but room is scarce.

Thanks again for the upvote and your thoughts, I appreciate it!

TheEvilWizard on Unleash the Dragons

1 year ago

if you want to lower the mana curve a bit and get double strike while blocking, you could cut Atarka, World Render for Sylvia Brightspear

HerbivoreDragon on Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

1 year ago

What a nicely written Baldur's Gate Update MattN7498!!

When Wrathful Red Dragon got spoiled i also knew right from the start this is gonna be a staple in Dragon Tribal Decks, period. Same goes for Thrakkus the Butcher. Doubling the attackpower of every Dragon you control? Insane. Giving them trample via Garruk's Uprising for example and double strike via Atarka, World Render or a quick The Ur-Dragon trigger into Sylvia Brightspear in addition and we look at a pretty effective Overrun.

I think we still don't quite get how powerful Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm will be in this deck, it's gonna be almost hilarious. Double Terror of the Peaks and Scourge of Valkas triggers are going to make me smile, haha.

I switched Crux of Fate (i know, i know..) for Blasphemous Act as my Playgroup tends to steal my cards, so they use Crux of Fate to wipe the board with all my dragons or i can't wipe their board as they control MY dragons. With Blasphemous Act i make sure everything dies and comes back to MY graveyard, it also serves as a finisher with Blasphemous Act + Wrathful Red Dragon , shoot x times 13 Damage at non-Dragon targets, including life totals, where x is the number of Dragons you control. With Blasphemous Act you also have yet another way to get your Dragons into the Graveyard for mass reanimation spells like Patriarch's Bidding, Living Death, Haunting Voyage or Twilight's Call.

By the way I really like Twilight's Call as you can play it at instant speed which can be a game changer for example when someone tries to exile our graveyard. More often then not did the Foretell mechanic of Haunting Voyage hindered me by ONE turn to win the game and made me loose, which is why i changed it to Twilight's Call.

I wish cards like Old Gnawbone and Ancient Copper Dragon wouldn't be as expensive as they are, as they would also be a fine addition for my The Ur-Dragon Deck, for obvious reasons.

In general, you were a HUGE inspiration for my own iteration of an The Ur-Dragon Deck and i always come back to your Primer when i need some advice or thoughts on cards. So thank you for the write-up!

Some day I would love to show you my The Ur-Dragon Deck, as i would very much appreciate to hear your thoughts on some of my card picks! (I still need to post it on tappedout..)


Guerric on [Primer] Unleash the Dragon! *Updated*

1 year ago
With the addition of a few great new dragons in recent sets, I'm finally posting an update! Thanks for all the input on the deck for those who are playing dragons which have pointed out some great new options.

1) Dragon's Hoard OUT Ceta Sanctuary IN

As much as I love the flavor of hoard, it is generally slow and unreliable card draw, and any artifact-based ramp that costs three mana or more is too much these days, so it's never been great there. Ceta Sanctuary is such a perfect draw spell for this deck. With Scion out it will always draw two cards every turn and discard any one card from our hand, which allows us to filter any dragons we draw into the graveyard where we can get them out more efficiently. Kudos to kookoo for this fabulous suggestion!

2) Scourge of Valkas OUT Lathliss, Dragon Queen IN

Scourge was always good mostly as a Fireball when you could mass reanimate it, and pretty bad in most other situations. If it is on the board and one dragon enters, that's at best doming something for two. In contrast, if Lathliss is out and a dragon enters we get a 5/5 dragon token. What's more to the point, if we mass reanimate Lathliss we'll get tokens for every other dragon, and if we have a haste enabler all of those tokens will be able to attack that turn.

3) Vorosh, the Hunter OUT Scalelord Reckoner IN

Reckoner has always been great, so I'm not sure why I took it out of the original deck. Knowing they'll get reciprocity for removal is always a good incentive for your opponents to leave you alone and try to politic instead. Vorosh was great if you could get the counters, have Scion stick around, and then use him with Skittles the next turn, but this was kind of a slow process with a lot of investment, which can be easily disrupted. Putting six counters on Scion has a way of putting more of a target on him due to the possibility of commander damage alone, so I think reckoner is a better card.

4) Ojutai, Soul of Winter OUT Old Gnawbone IN

Ojutai is a great disruptor and has salvaged a few iffy games for me in the past by freezing down my opponents, but it is in very particular situations that he helps us and in others it's not as good. Gnawbone gets us lots of treasure, and is a great first target for Scion, and can also hoard us resources on the board later in the game. Its just an all-star card that's good in every situation, and I had to put it in.

5) Crucible of Fire OUT Kairi, the Swirling Sky IN

Kairi just has so much utility that she's hard to pass up. She is a third protection target for Scion, which we definitely need, and can also provide great utility on board-wipes. Crucible is good and always better than you expect it to be, but it is the weakest link at this point.

6) Herald's Horn OUT Sakura-Tribe Elder IN

Horn is a great card, but not in this deck. It is best in tribal decks with cheap creatures where you can cast multiple spells a turn at a discount, and draw a card on one and three turns. I'll probably put it in my Trynn, Champion of Freedom and Silvar, Devourer of the Free deck where it will rock the house. Here it only draws a card one in four turns, and we would rather draw other cards than our dragons. As a ramp piece it doesn't help us cast Scion, hard-casting our dragons isn't a focus, and its not likely we'll be casting more than one. Good old Elder gets us a land for two mana, which is where we really need to be on ramp in this deck.

7) Maelstrom Archangel OUT Sylvia Brightspear IN

I've had Sylvia since Battlebond when I pull her from a pack and have always intended to put her in. Three mana to give all our dragons double-strike is a nasty surprise, and cheap enough that we can still activate Scion that turn. The low-end is probably when only Scion is out, but we play her and make Scion into a big dragon for a voltron kill. The high end is we play her when a bunch of dragons are on the board, or put her and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight on the board with Tooth and Nail, and relish our opponents' tears! Maelstrom Archangel is best if we can cast her when a haste enabler is out and immediately put a permanent on the battlefield. She is expensive to cast and a big removal target, and there will be plenty of times we don't have anything good to put on the board with her. I wish she was legendary and could be an angels tribal commander, but Sylvia will be better here.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Who is Your Favorite Tribal …

1 year ago

I have a wildly unoptimized Sylvia Brightspear and Khorvath Brightflame knights'n'dragons deck. It's basically just play Syilvia, ramp hard and bring on the dragons.

It's magnificently simplistic, and I adore every peace of it.

It's propably my weakest deck, but the commander pair is just sooo awesome.

Guerric on [Primer] Unleash the Dragon! *Updated*

1 year ago


There definitely is a solid argument for Seedborn Muse the way there is a good argument for Fires of Invention. Apart from lots of mana for graveyard filling, it just allows us to use our mana on our turn to put down support pieces or hard-cast dragons, knowing that we'll still have plenty for our opponents' turns. I also have an extra copy of Seedborn Muse laying around, so I might try that out! They key is just figuring out where to fit it, because I'm in a pretty tuned place at the moment!

As for Brainstorm, I find it generally a pretty underwhelming card that just doesn't have a lot of impact in most cases in classic commander (cEDH is a different story). It can be good in decks where we care about manipulating the top-deck, but that's not really a thing here. It can also be good in storm decks that want low cmc spells, but that isn't really the case here either.


Unfortunately, if I let the trigger resolve so as to make Scion into Atarka, which I would have to do in order to attack with him, he would then be locked out from being made into a copy of Skittles until the next turn. On the other hand, I can definitely Reanimate Atarka and then attack, which I've absolutely done before to great effect. I can also hardcast either Atarka or Gisela, Blade of Goldnight if I have enough mana. I've also been pondering replacing Gisela with Sylvia Brightspear, who can give all my dragons this effect for three mana, and I may indeed try that out in the future!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!

Guerric on [Primer] Unleash the Dragon! *Updated*

1 year ago

Update February 19, 2022

A few more cards I am considering putting in, some of which are less new.

1) Solve the Equation It's great to be able to grab my mass recursion spells or a boardwipe when needed.

2) Drakuseth, Maw of Flames He probably won't make it, but the potential for him to kill three creatures including many commanders is high.

3) Sylvia Brightspear I've had her in my binder forever, and the potential to make her a second Atarka, World Render for a very low cost in mana is high.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on The Sagas of Muldrotha and her Mediocre-Friends

1 year ago

First things first, I really like the tone of the deck description. This is a casually built deck that doesn't want to max out, it's just fun. Great thought. I built Sylvia Brightspear and Khorvath Brightflame with a similar attitude, and the deck is just a beauty.

Regarding this list, let me suggest some more underplayed, but fun cards for it:

Gravebreaker Lamia is a powerful tutor, a fine creature and even provides ramp. A card I really like in Lurrus of the Dream-Den is Omen of the Dead. It's cheap recursion and can even sacrifice itself. Desecrated Tomb is similar to Tormod, and the flying tokens can definitely add up pretty fast. Revival Experiment is another card could be really fun in here.

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