Zagoth Triome

Zagoth Triome

Land — Swamp Forest Island

(: Gain , or .)

Zagoth Triome enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Zagoth Triome Discussion

Lemky24 on A Huntin’ We Will Go (Reaper King EDH)

1 month ago

Great deck, any Reaper King deck deserves a +1

First note, the more Reaper Kings the better. These would all act as multiple Kings and bypass the legendary rule:

Second note, ramp ramp ramp, a 5 colour deck is tough, so you need as much fixing as possible incase we need to hard cast our big stuff:

  • Triomes with fetch lands are an awesome colour fix, Zagoth Triome
  • land ramp is always better then mana rocks, adding in the 2 mana ramp spells will help you see a turn 3/4 Reaper king, Three Visits
  • mana fixing and extra land drops help get to the goal too, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove

Lastly, try to trim the fat, you got some good cards like Trinket Mage and Trophy Mage but without tons of excellent targets their potential is wasted here. Ibwould save them for a different deck.

enpc on Consultation Tasigur (Spicy-ish)

2 months ago

I would recommend getting Breeding Pool and Zagoth Triome. Then get a copy of Nature's Lore, since it can fetch those two and Overgrown Tomb. Also, Dimir Infiltrator is a lot less good now - would recommend replacing it with something like Ponder or if you wanted to up the ramp count, then Kiora's Follower is really good.

As for cards to use from other decks, potentially Monastery Siege could be decent here since it's more cards in the yard for Tasigur.

Niemzi on Two Simic Commanders Are Better Than One

2 months ago

i don't think you can use the Zagoth Triome because of the color identity

see here:

Click me

KaptnK on

2 months ago

Saw this deck list requesting help so ill provide some feedback here. First of all love the idea of winning with Eldrazi spawn tokens! I do feel though that you have too many creatures in the deck and could use some more utility spells to smooth out your games and push you towards your goal. I am not sure of your budget so ill try to keep that in mind with my feedback. Some ideas of this would be:

For your lands you look to be missing Command Tower which could easily replace a basic land. Additionally you could look to add the new triome lands Zagoth Triome to help with your colour fixing.

Finally you could look at some finishers like Overwhelming Stampede or Triumph of the Hordes to go with your "go wide" strategy.

Some general things to think about. You look like you need some more card draw and mana ramp (hence some of my suggestions above) but also need some additional removal spells to slow down everyone else while you get your army built.

Hope some of this helps!

psionictemplar on ESPER STONEBLADE

3 months ago

The manabase I had in mind was very b/w oriented with only 1 or 2 sources of blue that could be fetched. The blue sources would probably have come in the form of Zagoth Triome or Raugrin Triome to fetch on the 1st turn when you don't have to have untapped mana. Which one would depend on which color between black or white was the main one. I would cut a fetch or 2 in favor of basics and then try to add a couple more lands in addition. Most likely trimming a solitude and prismatic ending to make room for them. (for the record, I personally am not a fan of prismatic and would rather run more vindicates). If I have some free time in the next day or so, I will make of copy of this and you can see what changes I've made on my profile. I'll try to label it something obvious to spot like lujos deck copy or something...idk.

aszubat on Modifying a Rogue Mill Deck …

5 months ago

I wanted to combine the power of Mill with Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor ability to take over my enemy's graveyard. I created this Dimir Mill Deck Tibalt's Milling Rogues. I’m unsure on how to edit it but tried my best. I figured maybe I could use Replicating Ring to do the trick, but I'm new and unsure if that would be all I would have to modify to make a planeswalker work (talking about protection here).

Edit: I added Pathways and did some other modifications to the deck, which I believe would improve it.

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