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It's Like Where's Waldo but with Birds

Commander / EDH Bird Casual Equip WU (Azorius)


Hello, this is my favorite deck that I've spent years tweaking. Every card (except for equipment) has a bird in its art, lands included. As of October 11, 2023 I have fully foiled the feathery deck and am immensely proud when my LGS says "Hey Birdman!" I hope you enjoy the work I've put into it, and I hope it inspires you to build your own aestethic-rich deck.

Strategy? Right. This deck can be played aggressively in a 1v1 setting, but try to sit back in the mid or late game for wins in multiplayer. Keep the mentality of "I need to be the 3rd strongest at the table and ready to swoop in and take 1st!" This deck normally has a strong blast of card advantage midway through every game. After your hand is relatively refreshed, try putting down a few birds. Then, claw their eyes out! Metaphorically. Cast your birdhemoth of a commander for X=5 at least and pulverize an opponent!

There is an equipment sub-theme. Caw-Blade lives on with much more "Caw". I savor the personal image of a bird wielding two or three blades and booping helpless fools upside the head.

Hey! The real birdy deets are in the updates! Scroll down!

Besides that, take to the sky!


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Out: Plains In: Restless Anchorage

Easy switch here for another manland to compensate against boardwipes. The deck used to have bizarre mana chokepoints, but all the new dual lands have really halted that problem.

Hey, Time Stretch is nuts. I've never been one for globetrotting, so I've never casted this spell in the +10 years I've played, but man is it backbreaking. It might as well read "you win the game" because that's exactly what it's done every time. At the absolute worst is gives me a chance to rebuild my board AND attack. Of all the new, powerful cards I've put in, this one elicits the most salt.

So, let's talk about the equipment. Since the deck's inception, it has had the caveat of birds in every art except for the equipment. The reasoning has always been really simple; i like birds with swords. To me, it felt natural that equipment were exempt from the bird rule because they were tools to be used by the birds. Did the Sword of War and Peace kill you? No! It was the bird wielding it. Equipment do nothing apart from the birds who wield them. To me, this always felt like a fine exception to the "birds only art" as the equipment are merely inanimate tools to be weaponized by my fowl.

I bring this up because I want to talk about a new exception that I've considered in the past, and it has come to my attention again. Vehicles. Specifically The Indomitable. When the idea of birds in vehicles crossed my mind a year ago, I was hesitant and eventually dismissed it, but now I'm having second thoughts. Every times my birds currently crew Smuggler's Copter I get a great laugh out it, and it reminds me of giving a bird a sword. The vehicle is useless without the bird. I'm slowly beginning to come around to the idea that vehicles are the second exception to the art rule as they are inanimate and something to be used by birds.

What additional vehicles does this open up? Very few. The creature ratio is already as low as I want it, so any noncreature addition could be dangerous. Would love to hear some thoughts on this.


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