Field of Ruin

Field of Ruin


: Add .

, , Sacrifice this: Destroy target nonbasic land an opponent controls. Each player searches their library for a basic land card, puts it onto the battlefield, then shuffles their library.

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Field of Ruin Discussion

zapyourtumor on Latern Control (but this time its Abzan)

3 days ago

I kind of doubt Encroaching Wastes is actually playable over stuff like Field of Ruin or Ghost Quarter. If you don't want them to shuffle then Tectonic Edge.

Also I think saga lantern with 4x Urza's Saga is better. Saga lets you tutor up a lantern or miller, or any other toolbox 0 or 1 costed artifact and also lets you win with fat constructs as an alternate wincon.

RoosterCP on Mono White Spirit Lifegain - OP

4 weeks ago

TheRoaringRegisaur good points, Fateful Absence is a good one and I do run it in my side board, as for the Vanquish the Horde/ Doomskar thing, its really a toss up for me, both serves the same purpose but Vanquish the Horde can be a cheaper mana investment if used smartly, but can also cost more if you need to use it in a pinch without a lot on the board. As for Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr  Flip I often bounce between 3 to 4 copies, sometimes I find running 3 ill never pull it most of the games and if I'm running 4 and say have 2 in my hand, ill willingly sacrifice one of the Katilda for a block so it becomes an enchantment to throw on Voice of the Blessed. I should definitely consider Field of Ruin, seems like would be a good interaction to have thanks for the tip! Lunarch Veteran  Flip is definitely a good card, but I like to be a purist with my tribal decks so a half spirit personally doesn't fit the theme 100%. I have several Azorius decks on here that feature Patrician Geist definitely a great card. In my experience Azorius spirits doesn't perform as well for Voice of the Blessed focused decks, Selesnya works much better if I want to dabble into another color. Ill be uploading my Selesnya Spirits deck eventually that I've been working on that I've been having fun with utilizing Willow Geist on top of Voice of the Blessed taking advantage of disturb and flashback spells. I think in total I have about 10 different standard spirit decks I've constructed and been experimenting with to find the strongest combinations (I love the spirits in this rotation LOL), the benefit to mono-white is the consistency of land pulls you wont get blocked out of casting spells due to one missing mana type you need for several cards in your hand.

TheRoaringRegisaur on Mono White Spirit Lifegain - OP

1 month ago

Looks good, but I'd switch Vanquish the Horde with Doomskar. Also, having four copies of Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr  Flip might become an issue (because you can't have multiple copies on the battlefield at the same time.) I'd also include at least two, maybe four copies of Field of Ruin to combat all the man-lands out there like Hall of Storm Giants.

abbatromebone on Help with my landfall deck

1 month ago

1) fetchlands dont have to grab basics they can grab shock lands like Breeding Pool 2) you have a way to get artifacts from the graveyard to the battlefield so I would recommend crucible of worlds. 3) have you considered Ghost Quarter + Archive Trap as part of your deck? Its pretty good. or Field of Ruin 4) generally good cards in this deck to think about Visions of Beyond Fractured Sanity Tasha's Hideous Laughter Into the Story Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Shelldock Isle

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Momo: Twice the horns, twice the fun

1 month ago

TriusMalarky: Thanks for upvote and comment! Irencrag Feat and Seething Song keep bouncing in and out of the deck, but you might be right about the ramp needed for Momo. So I added them back in. I'll consider the other rituals. The draw Magus of the Wheel provides is too important, but maybe I'll kick it once I get another draw spell.

Field of Ruin already is in here, but Ghost Quarter is a great addition. Wasn't this like expensive? Guess it's not anymore. I won't add the other two fetches, those are way above my budget.

TriusMalarky on Momo: Twice the horns, twice the fun

1 month ago

Some interesting tech: Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin are Cleansing Wildfire on lands. I'd definitely run them.

If you can afford them, Arid Mesa and Scalding Tarn are at all-time lows, I'd snap one of each up as soon as possible if it's in your budget.

The big thing Moraug wants is to make several land drops in one turn, so maximizing the number of fetch effects in the deck is key.

One thing you also want is to cast Moraug as fast as possible. He is six mana and that can be clunky, to say the least. I'd consider rituals, at the very least Irencrag Feat and Seething Song, but optimally those plus Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Rite of Flame and Simian Spirit Guide. Those can help you get Moraug out quickly or just let you slam your other big things like Etali as soon as possible. Consider cutting some of the less powerful things like Glint-Horn, Feldon and Magus.

I was gonna say "cut Felhide Spiritbinder" but with him and something like Terror, Fanatic or Combat Celebrant you can do some busted stuff. Neheb + Celebrant + Spiritbinder is pseudo infinite, by the way, and it just gets super busted with Moraug's "+1/+0 for each attack" clause.

zAzen7977 on GERALF’S CORPSE LAUNCHER - Zombie Combo [VOW]

1 month ago

Thanks for commenting droslag, you bring up a very good point! I’m not sure if it’s worth running basics and losing consistency just for Field of Ruin, but it would definitely suck if I ever encounter that situation. This deck runs pretty lean so I don’t think it would be game-ending to lose a land. But I need to do more testing before I can say for sure. I don’t know what the current meta is like and if Field is commonly run.

Thanks GrimlockVIII! Please let me know how it goes for you on Arena! I’m extremely curious if this janky thing is competitive hehe

droslag on GERALF’S CORPSE LAUNCHER - Zombie Combo [VOW]

1 month ago

It probably sucks if someone Field of Ruins you and you cant fetch a basic land

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