I'm a blue mage at heart. I like playing the deck that make my opponent wana flip the table. Fav. Card Eternal Dominion

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Hullbreacher ban in EDH

November 25, 2023 12:16 a.m.

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Ok, lets take this deck for exp(it's the deck you last updated here). From your brief description we know this is a dragon tribal that you intend on winning by turning your beat sticks sideways and saying math is for blockers. You have the deck tagged as casual which means any thing goes really but, as I'm stopping by to help with how to decide on what to cut were saying your going for a 60 card deck. Fist things first we need to ask ours self how am I going to cast my cards, 99.999999% (looking at you dredge players) you need mana to play your cards. Next question does my deck intend on winning my 4 or less? if no then, I'll need north of 20 lands if yes I'll look to south of 20 land. Dragons are tricky to get out +2(lands), am I running more then 1 color yes, how many (+1 each color over the second) +4 and do I need utility lands? no, +0. So, 26 of my 60 card deck will be lands which ones depends on which dargons make the cut. We intend on the deck to be a Tribal deck so personally I like the tribal to be at least 1/3 or how can I call it a tribal deck and I'm intending to smash faces with beat sticks so... Ill need at lest 20. To recap, Dragon tribal deck 26 cards will be land at lest 20 Dragons and 14 other cards. Combat damage (or opponent scooping to sheer terror do to the board state /evil-grin) so, lets make a list of what cards need to hit to make in the deck. Does it help with combat? Does it care bout Dragons? that's the criteria for the deck to make the cut. So something like Atarka, World Render auto include as it checks both boxes but, Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius doesn't check either box so he doesn't make the cut. Something like Crosis, the Purger goes in the maybe board while it hit the I care about combat damage, it doesn't care about dragons but, it is at least a dragon it self. Once you have your 20 beat sticks chosen how can your support cards help? We need to get our game plan on the field now and we have 3 paths to choose from "fair" magic and ramp them out, cheat them into play or control the board. I like to cheat stuff into play but, you seem to have chosen ramp. What ever path you choose b/c you choose look at your core 20 cards can most of them see play b/4 turn 4 or after? If b/4 your 14 support card should be devoted to keeping the core of the deck in play, if the core cards show up after turn 4 then your support cards should be playable early game and make sure you can see mid to late game. Farseek help us get the cord cards out sooner, Sarkhan Unbroken doesn't protect us does ramp but, i would rather see a Scourge of Valkas in its place. By the time we can Sarkhan we want dargons hitting the board instead. To choose what lands we need count up the pips then for what % those pips = they get that many land. for exp (tossing the only 4 copy rule out for this exp) if your deck had 10 Atarka, World Render, 10 Crosis, the Purger and 20 land you have 5 of each basic land of if you had 10 Dragonspeaker Shaman, 10Dromoka, the Eternal and 20 land you would use 10 mountains 5 forest and 5 plains.

Any way hope this helps, GL HF

November 23, 2023 1:35 p.m.

I really can't add more then, what's already been said on most points.

As far as deck brewing glancing at the deck on your profile your decks lack focus. So, when it comes to cutting cards look at each card ask your self what is your deck trying to and does this card help that goal? If I put a cat lord (like Regal Caracal) how would a card like Shanna, Sisay's Legacy vs say Adorned Pouncer help or if I'm building a deck around card like Sage of Hours how am I going to find it protect it and the other combo parts? "The game has to end", ask your self when brewing how does your deck with and how does each card help do that, its ez just to cramp a deck full of "good stuff" and hope for a win but, normally will never pan out.

As far as what to replace the MTG addiction with well, that's a fully loaded question. If it's the game playing strategy there a lot of great card games (using a 52 playing deck) that are just as fun IMO Yurker is my go to but, a lot of pro poker player play MTG food for thought. Flesh n Blood, Mage wars and Summoner Wars all are close to MTG.


November 22, 2023 1:26 a.m.



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