I first started playing MtG in 2013 via janky kitchen-table "Modern" with my college friends. We dove into EDH around 2019 & haven't looked back since.

I aim for mid-high powered casual, & when it makes sense to, usually include at least 1 combo wincon to help close grindy games. I like to have some variance in my play & only run a couple of suboptimal tutors in my combo-y decks.

is quickly becoming my favorite 3 color combo. Red & Black have grown on me the most since I've started playing MtG, especially EDH, and are probably my favorite single colors.

Decks currently owned/played in paper:

If you want an idea of my meta check out our page Mages of Magic Meta. Deck lists may vary by account, but this is more or less a list of the commanders in the meta, and a hub to our accounts and deck lists.

You can also find me on Moxfield if you're interested.

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Thanks for the recommendations KayneMarco. I actually have 2 copies of Revel in Riches, but I have them in my Burakos and Vraska decks respectively as alt win-cons. I figured Revel in Riches might get a bit more mileage in those decks since their creatures are a bit on the smaller side. I definitely considered it for this deck, but opted for some of the X spells instead.

This deck is more so a quick successor to my old Windgrace deck (not really my playstyle after a few games) and my Prosper deck, so I threw it together with what I had on hand. Not sure if I'll keep this deck around for long term, since it has some overlap with my Goro-Goro and Satoru deck, in terms of wanting to play Haste-y stuff, and also has overlap with the aforementioned Burakos & Vraska decks with the Treasure synergy.

I don't currently own a copy of Old Gnawbone, and since I'm unsure if I'll keep this deck long-term, I'm not really sure I'd want to invest in a copy at the moment. Proxying is definitely an option in my play-group.

May 21, 2024 12:36 p.m.

Lol Caerwyn, you and I gave very similar responses. Glad to see we're on a similar wavelength.

May 19, 2024 5:27 p.m.

"Also, why do people like cute things? Is there no audience for dark, edgy, grim, and gritty stories and media?"

Why do people like puppies, kittens, babies, chibi-stylized things? Why do people like edgy, grim, & gritty things? Cute and reviling things tickle different enjoyment portions of our brains. We are not 1-dimensional beings, we can like a variety of different things across a palate spectrum of tastes.

We've already had plenty of Dark and Grim settings in MtG, even just in the past year: Warhammer 40K Universes Beyond (The Grim Dark franchise), Fallout UB, the entirety of Phyrexia: All Will be One, and the upcoming Duskmourn: House of Horror set coming out later this year. We've had plenty of dark, grim, and edgy, and will continue to get more in the not too distant future. Give me my fluffy anthropomorphic change of pace.

May 19, 2024 5:26 p.m. Edited.

I forgot that Lorwyn/Shadowmoor didn't have humans. I guess this is the first plane without humanoid species.

We have planes like Zendikar, with floating rock formations and ever-shifting geography, so I think a plane with intelligent & anthropomorphic animals isn't out of the question. Sure, animals on Earth don't have capacity for human-like intelligence, but this is a magical fantasy franchise, so we have plenty of creative wiggle room to work with lol.

As others have mentioned, series like Redwall are already fairly popular.

Cute sells and is popular. Don't like it, then don't buy it, simple as. Personally, I hope Bloomburrow is a success. I hope more of the immediate future of MtG is spent exploring new planes, or revisiting ones that haven't been revisited in a mainstream set yet, like Tarkir & Lorwyn/Shadowmoor in the coming year or two. Put Ravnica, Zendikar, Dominaria, & Innistrad in storage for a while.

May 19, 2024 4:28 p.m.

You hit on one of the points I missed, legendofa, but I'm also looking forward to the lighter tone. This set feels like it should be a nice palete cleanser from the tone of recent sets, but especially before the horror stuff in Duskmourne.

I hadn't really considered as much before, but to Gidgetimer's point, I kinda wonder if we'll get more fursona-fied versions of known Legendaries via Omenpaths.

May 19, 2024 12:44 a.m.

At least for me, the handful of reasons I'm excited for Bloomburrow:

  • Totally new plane, so a fresh slate for us to get to know.

  • I think most people like cute animals to some degree. A more cutesy take on anthropomorphic animals as opposed to humanoid versions should be fun.

  • The animals are allegedly going to be centered on 2 color identities like the Ravnican Guilds.

  • First MtG planes that isn't going to have any Humans. I'm always down for a departure into new territory.

  • I'm personally looking forward to Legendary Raccoons (I know the Gruul precon will have a Raccoon commander), Legendary Crows, possums, foxes, & a platypus if possible. More than anything, I'd like a Legendary Raccoon or crow as a commander.

May 18, 2024 7:36 p.m.

Said on Modern Horizons 3...


Planar Nexus enters untapped & doesn't need an additional payment from another land to stick around. Nexus also has the upside of color filtering/fixing.

May 8, 2024 10:32 p.m.

My only real gripe is that I wish the use of Comic Sans & the alternating capitalizing better fit the art for this SL. I think the arts utilized are great, but feel kinda at odds tone-wise with the other details. As much as I like the arts, I wish they also had a jokey tone to them to better match the font. Hell, they even could've had Nicol Bolas in Torment of Hailfire imitating the Spongebob Meme that this is derived from. Probably a bit too on the nose lol

May 6, 2024 4:34 p.m.

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