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Welcome to Garth's Brown Eye: A tavern with an attached magic dueling arena. All you need to know is this is Garth One-Eye's house, he cheats, and at some point he's going to try to bend over, show you his gaping Door to Nothingness, and collapse your mind.

This deck is all about putting on a show and pleasing the Captive Audience with big flashy moves while trying to win in unconventional (non-combat) ways. The aforementioned Goatse Door, Hellkite Tyrant, or using all the tokens to deal lethal damage with Burn at the Stake or Goblin Bombardment are all brutal ways to win.

By pulling different levers and using hidden switches, Garth can change the landscape to his desire and activate traps to trip up his opponents.

The boss is here himself, with a few of his buddies for a drink. And if you know anything about goblins, you know that where there's one goblin, there's more.
A group of pirate recruiters, spending some plunder on a night of drinks and gambling.

Cards to be used to draw removal away from your commander, or use their board wipe before you put your commander out.

I'm going to try and keep a list of all the crazy things this deck is capable of pulling off.

Garth with either Fervor or Hammer of Purphoros out and soulbonded to Deadeye Navigator is a recipe for infinite mana. Flashing Garth takes 1U and allows you to create a Black Lotus copy to generate 3 blue mana. You say to your opponent "I'm going to do this until I have 500 floating blue mana, do you respond?" You then use that mana to cast a Braingeyser copy to pick up your entire deck and play whatever you want. All of the following combos don't require this, but are all options once you pull it off. (You could also use that infinite mana and Braingeyser each of your opponents for the win, but only if you want to never be allowed to use this deck with your friends again)

Manifold Key allows you to crack open Door to Nothingness the turn it comes out, or get two opponents in one turn to walk through it.

Smothering Tithe can do more than just get you some extra mana. With Nettlecyst and Cranial Plating out you can be pumping up your creatures. Put out Hellkite Tyrant and see how much your opponent is willing to pay to prevent you from winning.

Kodama of the East Tree and Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith pair together to put every land from your hand on the battlefield. Play a land, Toggo puts down a rock. Rock let's you play a land and so on. Add Scroll Rack to the mix, and you can filter all lands out of your upcoming draws. Then use all that land to throw rocks at your opponents until you bury them.

Ral Zarek is mostly used to untap my main man Garth so you can make two copies that turn, but he can also be used to pop Door to Nothingness the turn it comes out or twice in one turn just like Manifold Key

No Deadeye? No problem! There are still ways to reset Garth to keep pumping out those copies. Sentinel of the Pearl Trident gives Garth a moment to catch his breath. Cloudshift and Ghostly Flicker turns him into mist to make any targeting spell miss

Use Garth to make a Regrowth copy, then hit it with a Reverberate to return Reverb and another card to your hand, ready to cast again when you flash Garth and have another regrowth up your sleeve. Multiple turns of Render Silent or Cyclonic Rift anyone?

Token walls and ETB damage. Many cards generate tokens, twice as much with Parallel Lives out, and those creatures can be flashed to make even more tokens. Assemble the Legion slowly grows into a giant threat. Pair any of these with Purphoros, God of the Forge and you're ticking damage with every token you make. Intangible Virtue gives your tokens a little stopping power as well.

Soulbond Deadeye Navigator with Sentinel of the Pearl Trident and you can spare some permenants from an impending boardwipe by having them return after the destruction

Problems getting your Phylactery Lich to stick? Not anymore! With 6 indestructible artifact lands and card draw, you are sure to have one out to put that counter on. And why not flash him a couple times and make a few more counters just in case

Scion of Draco is a powerful card in this deck and the buffs it gives your various creatures are extremely helpful. You have the potential to drop this card on turn 3 or 4 if you get the right shock lands, use Farseek to find one you need, or Dryad of the Ilysian Grove/Nylea's Presence dropping its price from 12 to 2

Finders keepers. There are a bunch of temporary theft cards like Mark of Mutiny listed in the Pirate Tricks. These are meant to be used to remove your opponents creatures when used with Barrage of Expendables or Goblin Bombardment. Or for even more fun, take your opponents commander, hit them in the face with it, then play Solitude and gain life from putting their commander into exile.

Burn at the Stake your own Body of Knowledge to draw as many cards as you can. You should either be able to play another "no maximum hand size" card, or get yourself set up to go infinite

With Parallel Lives out, you can grow Pentavus into a walking aircraft carrier that just gets larger the more you use its ability


Updates Add

After a few playtests against different decks, I decided to cut Maze's End and all guildgates from the deck. I've replaced them with 9 check lands, Blast Zone and Kessig Wolf Run and wow has it ever sped the deck up.

Being able to use your ramp spells one turn sooner jumps your mana base ahead twice as fast now, and rarely do you get stuck playing a check land that enters tapped. Your fetch lands always hit for one of your types that you need to accelerate your hand, and honestly the only times you get stuck for land with this deck you can see coming from a mile away and they are rare.

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