Welcome to Garth's Brown Eye: A tavern with an attached magic dueling arena. All you need to know is this is Garth One-Eye's house, he cheats, and at some point he's going to try to bend over, show you his gaping Door to Nothingness, and collapse your mind.

This deck is all about putting on a show and pleasing the Captive Audience with big flashy moves while trying to win in unconventional (non-combat) ways. The aforementioned Goatse Door, Hellkite Tyrant, or using all the tokens to deal lethal damage with Burn at the Stake or Goblin Bombardment are all brutal ways to win.

A group of pirate recruiters, spending some plunder on a night of drinks and gambling.

Political pieces, abilities that draw out removal as well as assist with combos. Almost always used to test the waters for removal early, and can be brought back late game after things get going.

Mana fixing and ramp is the name of the game. Various mana dorks and a few ways of pulling out exactly the land you need. Fetch lands get honourable mention here.

Just a few obscene ways this deck can synergize and get out of control. The best way to play this deck is let it do its own thing, it's a wild ride.

Garth soulbonded to Deadeye Navigator with haste (Tyvar, Jubilant Brawler, Fervor, Hammer of Purphoros, Dynaheir, Invoker Adept). Flicker Garth for 2, Black Lotus with haste to generate 3 mana. You now have infinite mana.

Manifold Key and Ral Zarek allow you to crack open Door to Nothingness the turn it comes out, which you can do again if Garth puts it back in your hand. Keep showing people the exit.

Smothering Tithe can do more than just get you some extra mana. With Nettlecyst and Cranial Plating out you can be pumping up your creatures. Put out Hellkite Tyrant and see how much your opponent is willing to pay to prevent you from winning.

Token walls. Many cards generate tokens, twice as much with Parallel Lives out, and those creatures can be blinked to make even more tokens.

Phylactery Lich can give you some early breathing room when you drop it's counter on an indestructible artifact land. Some decent removal will have to be used on it instead of Garth.

There are a few ways of temporarily stealing cards. These can be used to remove your opponents creatures when used with Makeshift Munitions or Goblin Bombardment out. Pair this with Zara, Renegade Recruiter and you get to look at someone's hand, hit them with something from it, then sac that creature to hurt them more.

Burn at the Stake or Blasphemous Act your own Body of Knowledge to draw as many cards as you can. You should either be able to play another "no maximum hand size" card, or get yourself set up to go infinite


Updates Add

After a few playtests against different decks, I decided to cut Maze's End and all guildgates from the deck. I've replaced them with 9 check lands, Blast Zone and Kessig Wolf Run and wow has it ever sped the deck up.

Being able to use your ramp spells one turn sooner jumps your mana base ahead twice as fast now, and rarely do you get stuck playing a check land that enters tapped. Your fetch lands always hit for one of your types that you need to accelerate your hand, and honestly the only times you get stuck for land with this deck you can see coming from a mile away and they are rare.

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