Anointed Procession

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Anointed Procession


If an effect would create one or more tokens under your control, it creates twice that many of those tokens instead.

orcopollo on Angels We Have Heard On High [PRIMER]

1 day ago

I see your point NV_1980 and I think you were absolutely right in suggesting them, thanks again! To be fair another issue I have is simply finding room for more control cards, because in general I prefer running higher on my own synergy. So if I have to choose between a more synergistic (say lifegain or token-generation) card and control one that would slow down my opponents but add relatively little to my gameplan, then I'd always choose the former. As of now I simply wouldn't know what to cut to make space for them haha. But yes I absolutely agree about Anointed Procession, I would love to have one but it's just too expensive and I always build my decks on a budget (as much as I can). I was lucky enough to pull a Mondrak, Glory Dominus from a pack a couple of years back though, so at least I have one token doubler :D

NV_1980 on Angels We Have Heard On High [PRIMER]

1 day ago

You're welcome! Admonition/Serenity/Arbiter angels were mostly meant to augment your control options. They are indeed a bit more expensive to cast, but you've got a number of options in this deck that allows you to reduce their casting cost AND your description said the deck wasn't meant to win within just a couple of turns anyway, which is why I thought: what the hell, might as well offer these as suggestions :) Love the token-theme you're running though; too bad Anointed Procession is so expensive these days, it would be perfect in here.

Abaques on Death by Tokens

1 week ago

Kambal is a pretty sweet design, though I think you're maybe trying to go in a few too many directions.

Since Kambal's second ability doesn't care how many tokens are created, I would consider cutting Mondrak, Glory Dominus and Anointed Procession even though they are both amazing cards otherwise. But if you really want to lean into Kambal they don't directly help your game plan.

In general you've got a sizable aristocrats package, but only a few sac outlets. If you want to go aristocrats I think you want to lean further into it. So either add some more sac outlets or dial it way back and focus on the other aspects of how Kambal works. Mind you a card like Suture Priest is probably good whatever route you go there.

You've got a couple of slower and not consistent token creators like Halo Fountain and Battle Angels of Tyr that I think could be cut.

I also think your protection package is too large. I think you'd be better off with maybe 3-4 protection pieces maximum, and ideally ones that synergize with the rest of your game plan like Grand Crescendo and Fanatical Devotion. I'd remove all the enchantment options you have there.

I'd also dial your board wipes down, though that could be meta-dependent, but 5 seems like 3-4 too many for your deck.

There are a handful of cards that probably aren't advancing your game plan too.

  • Bloodchief Ascension is a crazy powerful card, but you don't directly leverage it. That card also points a massive target on whomever plays it, so I don't run it unless the deck fully leverages it.
  • Cathars' Crusade is very powerful but slower and makes managing the board state a nightmare. I've actually taken it out of most of my decks just because I hate having to deal with all the different counters.
  • Tainted Remedy is an okay card in the right deck, but I'm not seeing what it's doing for you here unless your meta is filled with lifegain decks.

Good luck with your build!

lhetrick13 on Anim's Automotives

2 weeks ago

muzack - I know right? Anim Pakal, Thousandth Moon is surprising fun to play and is a very overlooked commander.

The deck could go in multiple directions but the direction I was taking this in was more of a burn deck with the inclusion of various ways to hit opponents with non-combat damage with cards like Impact Tremors and Sunshot Militia, compounding that damage with multipliers like Fiery Emancipation or trying to trigger it multiple times per turn with extra combat via cards like Aurelia, the Warleader. The entire concept of the deck is trying to either make gnomes and ping for damage or just creatures to ping for damage. The inclusion of Roaming Throne made me want to give the deck a tribal feel so that is why you see a strong human theme as Roaming Throne will let me trigger Anim twice.

I won a game with this deck by getting out Anointed Procession, Fiery Emancipation, and Impact Tremors throughout the game and in a single turn created 18 gnomes for a total of 72 damage directly to each opponent :) Keep an eye on this as I recently just put in a order to Cardkingdom to pick up better support cards. Many of the cards in this deck were just what I had one hand and are not exactly a good fit. So I will be altering it heavily in the near future.

Regardless, thank you for the compliments and feedback! I am pretty humbled that you legitly piloted the deck. That is pretty cool!

Quickspell on Build a Deck with Me …

3 weeks ago

If I may add a few other notes to your thought process.

At this point, you are already on the track of using known combos and putting them into a Naya shell. There are many other combos that can go with this, you just need to tutor for them.

Note that haste is an important aspect to this. Zealous Conscripts is much better than Hyrax Tower Scout or Sparring Mummy for this reason, even though both have cheaper mana value. Without haste, your million tokens will just be board-wiped. You could argue for redundancy, but the truth is that tutors and recursion such as Eternal Witness and Skullwinder are much better, because they add to your strategy with more flexibility.

Most creature tutors are green non-creature spells that search for green creatures. However, you want to keep the amount of non-creature spells low, because Ghired's ability doesn't apply to them. But there are some great tutors that can help you find your pieces:

Most of these cards use ETBs. If you can give them haste - ideally with creatures - you can cast them, make use of their ETB, and directly tap them with Ghired for value. Anger comes to mind, Hellraiser Goblin is great (you won't be attacking, because you are going to tap your creatures with Ghired), Yarus, Roar of the Old Gods can be okay. As for non-creature spells, you have Mass Hysteria, Concordant Crossroads, Fervor, Rising of the Day. Though I would probably only consider Hammer of Purphoros as it can create tokens.

As for the token doublers, I'm not sure if they really fit the deck. Sure, they are staples for token strategies. But what's the point of making infinite tokens go double? Mondrak, Glory Dominus and Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundation  Flip will put a bounty on your head which is not a good thing in a combo-deck. You want to stay under the radar until you can go off.
Mondrak only doubles creature tokens, so you are not making more treasures. And the other doublers like Anointed Procession, Parallel Lives etc. will not tap with Ghired. Since you also want to put in all the other Naya-staple enchantments like Smothering Tithe and Guardian Project etc., you will just fill your deck with non-creatures that don't synergize with your commander.

Some cards worth mentioning are:
- Illusionist's Bracers - Cloudstone Curio (create a creature token, return a creature with an ETB to your hand). - Helm of the Host

hydrothermia on Treasure for Nothin' and Constructs for Free

3 weeks ago

Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundation  Flip would give you three times as many tokens on top of using Anointed Procession and Mondrak, Glory Dominus, so in theory you can get 7 tokens off of one token. Only issue I see is that you're unlikely to attack(Though cannon fodder 1/1's would do the trick.) with 3 or more creatures to turn Temple of Civilization back over to Ojer Taq when and if he dies.

Case42 on "Wake Up, Wasteland! It's Me, Three Dog!"

2 months ago

Have you considered including Mondrak, Glory Dominus and Anointed Procession? Doubling the token aura copies that Three Dog makes seems like it would be wild. Though that does just add to your stress of having to track more auras.

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