Squire's Devotion

Squire's Devotion

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has lifelink.

When Squire's Devotion enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Vampire creature token with lifelink.

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Squire's Devotion Discussion

Rorolith on mono white

5 months ago

So, take into account what kind of deck you want to play. Aggro? Cut the board wipes. Control? Add more removal, take most of your creatures out. I'm going to work ona n aggro gameplan since that looks like whre your deck is leaning towards.

Cut: Tragic Poet

Prowling Felidar

Lagonna-Band Trailblazer

Knight of New Benalia

Dwarven Priest

Archon of Emeria (You are an aggro deck and want to be able to cast more than one creature in the same turn)

Rustwing Falcon

Djeru, With Eyes Open (you run no planeswalkers, also a bad card)

Adamant Will

Aegis of the Heavens

Blessed Light

Divine Verdict

Squire's Devotion

Slash of Talons

Smite the Monstrous All your sorcerys

Lithoform Engine

Hieromancer's Cage


On Serra's Wings

Novice Knight you run no equipment

4 plains

Now this might seem like a lot, but I will give you some suggestions for cards that will help further your gameplan

Creatures: currently you are running some really good cards as one ofs and bad cards with more copies, such as; Dauntless Bodyguard , Leonin Vanguard , Hunted Witness , Luminarch Aspirant Venerated Loxodon which is a great finisher, and Speaker of the Heavens .

You could run 1 more Ajani's Pridemate and 4x Soul Warden

Legion's Landing  Flip is a very good card, so I would keep it.

Removal: If you want to go with some of the best white removal ever printed that is modern legal, but a little expensive, go with Path to Exile . If not Path to Exile would be much better than Hieromancer's Cage , Conclave Tribunal is pretty good, but I wouldn't run more than 5 removal spells since you want to be going wide with your creatures and a hand ful of removal will just stall the game and you will lose in the end. You want to end the game fast while maintaining a high life score.

CalmChip on Wand of Death

2 years ago

Why do you play Settle the Wreckage in an aggro deck in the main board? I don't see many turn 4 where you want to play nothing and wait for a settle. Without Ajani's Pridemate , Squire's Devotion is far from optimal and does not really help your gameplan, on turn 3.

Since this deck is aggro, your turn 3 and 4 plays must be game changing, else you will run out of gas against any control / mid range deck.

I'd say - 4 Squire's Devotion for + 4 History of Benalia , - 2 Settle the Wreckage for + 1 Gideon Blackblade and +1 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants .

Murphy77 on Tap it to me

2 years ago

OK - very janky, but great fun. I just had to get in on the discussion here.

Early lifegain to keep Famished Paladin untapping and giving you some board presence before you get your combo going could come from Fountain of Renewal .

If you are going to play Fountain, why not Ajani's Pridemate for an extra win-con?

A second option to provide life-link to your Paladin seems like a must and Squire's Devotion seems to do the trick, but I would tend to go with 3 Devotion and 3 Sentinel's Mark .

I really feel the need for at least 9 spell counters in the deck.

All of the above changes rather cut down on the number of search cards that you can fit in, but so what? they will only get you to your win-con 1 or 2 turns earlier at best. I would go with Shimmer of Possibility as the only search card.

Siren Stormtamer with Adamant Will , or any other card that gives your Paladin indestructible for the turn seem like must-haves in the deck.

i think that I would replace Baffling End in your side-board with something like Sheltering Light .

That leaves Sorcerer's Wand , which creates your endless loop. We really need to concentrate on protecting the wand - hence the added counter-spells.

9-lives on Testudo Tactic Holy Cadre

2 years ago

Thank you very much, MontaukMonster

I plan on using my 1-drop Duskborne Skymarcher in the beginning, 2-drops Martyr of Dusk or more Duskborne Skymarchers, and saving up enough mana so that I can counterspell with Negate or especially Essence Capture which would give me time to gather more Lands and give +1/+1 to whoever needs it. Then hopefully I will be able to cast, most of all Benalish Marshal , or Radiant Destiny which would be somewhat helpful as long as I still have some Vampires on the field, or Queen's Commission or even Squire's Devotion . As long as I have some 1/1 Vampires with Lifelink, I'll be able to block enemy creatures without trample for some life and more time for Lands. The main problem I have is Mana cost, as most of my cards are 3 and 4 drops: Unbreakable Formation , Sanguine Glorifier , Benalish Marshal , Radiant Destiny , Squire's Devotion , Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle , Queen's Commission . I'll have to change my deck entirely in order to make a better Azorius Deck as those are my main White Vampire cards to choose from.

MontaukMonster on Testudo Tactic Holy Cadre

2 years ago

I can't advise you on specific cards to add because my set knowledge stops at around 2011.


I ran this against Psychatog and got smashed 100% of the time. A good contemporary standard deck should beat Psychatog.

Your mana curve is horrible. You have a win condition that feels like it wants to be aggressive but it doesn't start building until turn 3. You're missing a 2-drop. What your deck kept wanting to do was turn 1, vampire, turn 2, vampire, turn 3 Radiant Destiny , turn 4 sit on counterspells and combat tricks

You have too much boost for not enough creatures. Time after time, Squire's Devotion kept getting stranded in my hand waiting for a critter to put it on, only to get killed by a Repulse (remember Psychatog was once standard). As a general rule, creature enchantments suck. Unless it's on the order of Rancor don't waste the space.

You have a serious color problem. Picture this: your three drop is Benalish Marshal and your 4-drop is Essence Capture . The only way to pull that off is by skipping an early clock to play a guildgate, which neutralizes the marshal. You want that on turn 3, you're attacking with 5 damage.

You have absolutely no board control. I have always argued in favor of maindecking Disenchant (obviously the variant that's current in this format) based on the observation that decks that tend to win major events tend to do this. That and spot removal for creatures, planeswalkers, and problematic lands is useful.

You're not using blue. Not really, anyway. Divination is poo. The power of a good draw spell is that it's an instant so it gives you something to spend when your opponent fails to walk into your counterspells and it's cheap so it helps you early on to dig for creatures when your opening hand is weak. Think: Impulse For a sorcery draw spell it needs to fill my hand. As for counterspells, yours are just not versatile to be worth it. You're going to end up with a Negate When your opponent kicks a Desolation Angel or an Essence Capture when your opponent throws out a Wrath of God . Or whatever the contemporary version of these events, you get the idea. If you can ramp up your creature assault you might look at something like Remand , Memory Lapse , or some other form of Time Walk often mistaken for counterspells.

If there aren't any good draw/counter spells in this environment or decent tricks like Ray of Command you're probably better of going mono-white.

This concludes my TED talk =)

TheGoldenTim on

2 years ago

I think it would be a good idea to up the cards that generate vampires. Stuff like Legion's Landing  Flip, more Squire's Devotion , and Queen's Commission . If this was my deck, I would be running Esper (Blue/Black/white) as you have more options for control. Also if you just keep it Azorious, focus on the tribal aspect of these cards, since the focus is on vampires.

saveen1 on vampire sorcerer infinite combo

2 years ago

It's an infinite damage combo.

  1. Equip Famished Paladin with Sorcerer's Wand .

  2. Give him lifelink with Squire's Devotion or On Serra's Wings (I actually found a better enchantment in the new ravnica allegiance set. It cost less, but only gives lifelink for one turn, which is all we need.)

  3. Paladin taps to deal 1 damage to opponent (the wand gives him the ability, but it is the paladin that does the damage.) With lifelink, he untaps. repeat, repeat, until the opponent is dead.

Deadpoo111 on Super Budget Standard Combo (Rotation Proof)

2 years ago

Thanks for the comment! To answer your question, I run Healer's Hawk because my first goal is to gain a comfortable amount of life, then combo off or win with attacking. The first version of this deck primarily focused on combo ex: I had four Forerunner of the Legion and four Sorcerer's Wand. That deck didn't really work bc I died to aggro, control and occasionally midrange decks. Since the deck mainly focused on the combo instead of any other plan, if I couldn't get the combo (which was often) I lost. With this deck I have won through aggro and combo! You are correct that Sorcerer's Wand is important but unlike the other combo pieces eg. Famished Paladin, Squire's Devotion, and On Serra's Wings, it can only really be used combo instead of being used to power up a creature. Forerunner of the Legion is also a nice card but is kind of clunky. I have one in the main deck as a last hope if I really need a Famished Paladin. Orzhov is coming up though and when that comes out, I may have to see what additions I add!

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