Aegis of the Heavens

Aegis of the Heavens


Target creature gets +1/+7 until end of turn.

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Aegis of the Heavens Discussion

RaidenShogun69 on Azorius Testudo

2 months ago

cut Aegis of the Heavens , Lazotep Plating , and Gauntlets of Light . you don't need buff spells, you need removal so you can get in unblocked attacks in the first place. buffs won't help when your opponent can chump block with a 1/1.

Rorolith on mono white

6 months ago

So, take into account what kind of deck you want to play. Aggro? Cut the board wipes. Control? Add more removal, take most of your creatures out. I'm going to work ona n aggro gameplan since that looks like whre your deck is leaning towards.

Cut: Tragic Poet

Prowling Felidar

Lagonna-Band Trailblazer

Knight of New Benalia

Dwarven Priest

Archon of Emeria (You are an aggro deck and want to be able to cast more than one creature in the same turn)

Rustwing Falcon

Djeru, With Eyes Open (you run no planeswalkers, also a bad card)

Adamant Will

Aegis of the Heavens

Blessed Light

Divine Verdict

Squire's Devotion

Slash of Talons

Smite the Monstrous All your sorcerys

Lithoform Engine

Hieromancer's Cage


On Serra's Wings

Novice Knight you run no equipment

4 plains

Now this might seem like a lot, but I will give you some suggestions for cards that will help further your gameplan

Creatures: currently you are running some really good cards as one ofs and bad cards with more copies, such as; Dauntless Bodyguard , Leonin Vanguard , Hunted Witness , Luminarch Aspirant Venerated Loxodon which is a great finisher, and Speaker of the Heavens .

You could run 1 more Ajani's Pridemate and 4x Soul Warden

Legion's Landing  Flip is a very good card, so I would keep it.

Removal: If you want to go with some of the best white removal ever printed that is modern legal, but a little expensive, go with Path to Exile . If not Path to Exile would be much better than Hieromancer's Cage , Conclave Tribunal is pretty good, but I wouldn't run more than 5 removal spells since you want to be going wide with your creatures and a hand ful of removal will just stall the game and you will lose in the end. You want to end the game fast while maintaining a high life score.


1 year ago

Here's what I recommend to cut:

Aegis of the Heavens: only buffs one creature.

Rootgrapple: 5 mana is a lot for this kind of removal and you have better removal.

Diabolic Tutor: Unless you digging for a specific combo, should be able to cut.

Garruk, Primal Hunter: Doesn't really fit the theme. If he had a great ult/emblem then maybe keep him since with walls you can defend PWs better.

Fruit of the First Tree: Too situational. Also, it would hurt to get hit by Path of Exile with this

Oblivion Ring: There are better options that are also cheap in Orzhov colors. You also have a good bit of removal. Better to have something be permanent.

Spirit Shackle: Fun and Janky but not much else.

Tawnos's Wand: You have Behind the Scenes, if you want more switch a utility land with Rogue's Passage.

Fireshrieker: Good card. Doesn't fit theme.

Cathar's Shield: Equip is too expensive. You're better off with a global enchantment that grants vigilance.

Nyx-Fleece Ram: One life per turn isn't the best rate.

Grizzled Leotau Not the easiest to cast and too vanilla.

Warmonger's Chariot: You have quite a few effects that already let your defenders attack but this only allows 1 to attack. Also, you don't have a ton of defenders.

Not quite 30, but that's what I believe to be easy-ish cuts.


1 year ago

I'd consider cutting Ajani, the Greathearted, Rally to Battle, Aegis of the Heavens, and I'd look for a card draw replacement for Return of the Wildspeaker since you'll probably never draw a lot off of it. a Pull from Tomorrow or a Blue Sun's Zenith might fit. A lot of the 1-shot combat effects in commander tend to fail, or at the very least are underwhelming. They look sweet, but you're better off packing your deck with removal and effects that stay on the board. I'd keep Tower Defense and nix the rest of the instant boosts.

trnx14 on $10 Deck Series: Boros Heroic

1 year ago

This looks like a really cool beginner friendly deck! I would just like to hear your opinions on Aegis of the Heavens. It wouldn't buff your creatures to the extent that Righteousness would, but at the same time it doesn't have the condition that it has to target a blocking creature. I could easily see it saving a creature in the damage step. Overall, great job!

xram666 on Arcades the new leadsinger of the Rolling Stones

1 year ago

@ TheLordOfTime: Thanks for the Up-vote and the suggestion. I might try it out but in an older version I played Aegis of the Heavens and to pump only one creature for additional 7 (or in the case of Shape the Sands 5) points of damage isn't worth the card slot.

Bezmoo on Walls in your face

1 year ago

jt1900 I see and thank you! I tested this Deck a few times today and I tested it with 34 Lands so far. I had no mana Problems, but some cards like Aegis of the Heavens really didn't have much impact. So I'll probably replace them. This deck performed quite good in 1v1, tomorrow I'll See how it will perform with more opponents. I will also check out your deck later! :)

jt1900 on Walls in your face

1 year ago

Hi there, i like what you have done but you should consider replacing some cards that have minimum utility for your deck and/or your commander, such as Eland Umbra and Aegis of the Heavens (you can have the same effects to all your creatures with Bar the Door and Tower Defense . Also i know the walls are so cheap but 33 lands with no mana rocks can really screw you in commander. i also have an Destructive Walls deck, check it if you want, might give you some extra ideas

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