Three Dreams


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase 2012 Edition Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Three Dreams


Search your library for up to three Aura cards with different names, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Three Dreams Discussion

Gamer101Reborn on Srams Shiny Stuff

1 week ago

schaning27 I know you looked at my deck and I have a few questions for you. I am really not sure if I should run more or less lands. I have token out some auras and tutors like Three Dreams because my deck does not run a a lot of auras. I can also see that you are not running Weathered Wayfarer, Land Tax, or Explorer's Scope (basically, do I need less ramp?).

 You also have way less creatures then me, which is not a bad thing. I'm just wondering, how can you choose what to cut and what to keep. I have a really hard time choosing if I should keep said card or not (especially for equipment, not sure if I should add more or less).Then, there is the mana curve. I tested my deck out little bit (on tappedout) and the deck seemed fine, except there were two problems. 1) too many creatures 2) I was never really able to unload and play a bunch of cards (probably a land problem)How can I test my deck out against other players? Honestly, it will be very ineffective to print proxys for all of those cards. I don't have a ton of money to spend and the best way to see what is good or not is to test the deck.Anyways, I am probably going to add some more nonbasic lands, remove Weathered Wayfarer and Explorer's Scope so I can add Thran Dynamo. Also, how many board wipes and pieces of removal should I run?

Daedalus19876 on The Hero we All Deserve

3 weeks ago


Well in that case you honestly have most of the major Auras I can think of. Your removal is solid enough. Possibly add more tutors? Worldly Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, Three Dreams...

DaringApprentice on Did I Just Deck Myself?

1 month ago

Hey thanks for the name-drop, discipleofgary73!

Looks like a fun build so far, wyatt0781! I also think you should consider Krond the Dawn-Clad as a possible replacement for Dragonlord Dromoka, but watch out for that prohibitive cost!

I built a prototype Krond the Dawn-Clad budget deck, Krond the Junior Chipmunk (Concept), if you want to check it out. Some of the enchantment/aura tribal cards I put in there that I haven't seen mentioned yet are Ethereal Armor, Flickerform, Sage's Reverie, Sigarda's Aid, Aura Gnarlid, Auramancer, Dreampod Druid, Eidolon of Countless Battles, Elderwood Scion, Endless Wurm, Heliod's Pilgrim, Hero of Iroas, Kitsune Mystic, Monk Idealist, Nomad Mythmaker, Silent Sentinel, Sram, Senior Edificer, Tragic Poet, Umbra Mystic, Dawn to Dusk, Open the Armory, Retether, Reviving Melody, Three Dreams, Winds of Rath, Crown of the Ages, Crystal Chimes, Helm of the Gods.

firecast92 on Kynaios Artifacts and Enchantments

1 month ago

how about the vow cycle, Vow of Duty, Vow of Flight and such and tutoring them with Three Dreams and Plea for Guidance, let your opponents kill each other?

Panas on Cromat, collector of the Shinies

2 months ago

oook... I get you are planning to go all in on the enchantress subtheme. Perfect! You are in 5 colours so include more card draw enchantments: Phyrexian Arena, Rhystic Study and the likes can work wonders, and circumvent the occasional missing enchantress piece. I would also include Celestial Dawn and Chromatic Lantern to have all the mana fixing you will ever need for Cromat's abilities.

For protection, include the swords! Sword of Feast and Famine is my personal favourite.

Clean up your random buff auras. You don't need them. Instead, include a couple of #KillYouNow auras such as Battle Mastery, Eldrazi Conscription and Phyresis and/or Corrupted Conscience. Of course Sterling Grove is beautiful, but you should include some more tutoring in Three Dreams to get those auras!

Of course keep Sage's Reverie, Ethereal Armor, Ancestral Mask and Auramancer's Guise. All in all, keep a couple that grant double strike, indestructibility and unblockability. Hexproof and haste are probably the best things to give your Cromat and I would keep a myriad of such effects. Asceticism and Privileged Position are the best for hexproof!

Also get more effects like Flickerform! Vanishing is quite impressive in a pinch!

Last but not least, try to replace any auras going out for auras that ramp you. Utopia Sprawl, Fertile Ground, Font of Fertility, Dawn's Reflection, Trace of Abundance and the baddest of them all Mana Reflection will help push Cromat into overdrive earlier.

Diakaine on My very first commander

2 months ago

the other Isperia, Supreme Judge ( or Bruna, Light of Alabaster if you really like a voltron enchantment build) is better. she'll give you card advantage, which pulls you ahead. then replace most of the lands with basics, running more basic lands will help you more then Phyrexia's Core with no artifacts or Grixis Panorama in blue white, basics are the way to go. Ruination and Back to Basics are somewhat common in EDH. It also seems like your deck is trying to different side is control, the other is creatures, and the other is voltron. try to get down to 2 ( like voltron and control) somewhat budget cards at about $2.50 each are Ghostly Prison Propaganda and Sphere of Safety ( these cards work well with an enchantment voltron type deck) higher quality creature is also important. Archon of the Triumvirate Blazing Archon Angelic Arbiter Sun Titan Resolute Archangel Lavinia of the Tenth Daxos of Meletis Angel of Serenity Medomai the Ageless Sunblast Angel Stonehorn Dignitary Angelic Skirmisher Frost Titan Auramancer Monk Idealist Sram, Senior Edificer. then with control Curse of the Swine, Reality Shift Render Silent Stubborn Denial Arcane Denial AEtherize Judge's Familiar Rewind Swords to Plowshares Detention Sphere Oblivion Ring Journey to Nowhere board wipes are kinda expensive so idealy its Wrath of God but on a budget Day of Judgment Planar Cleansing and if youre going for a heavier enchantment build then Winds of Rath will put you far ahead. card advantage Blue Sun's Zenith Brainstorm Preordain Ponder Mind Spring Stroke of Genius Think Twice and enchantments Righteous Authority Ethereal Armor Vow of Flight Vow of Duty Gift of Immortality Spectra Ward Favorable Winds Gravitational Shift Blind Obedience tokens and valueSigil of the Empty Throne Ajani's Chosen Decree of Justice tutors Plea for Guidance Three Dreams and lastly mana rocks are very good at ramping your mana, which is important for being ahead in the game and not falling behind. Azorius Signet Azorius Cluestone Fellwar Stone Coldsteel Heart Darksteel Ingot Mind Stone Worn Powerstone Commander's Sphere and very important is a Sol Ring! i hope this helps you a lot, i tried to stay with in a below $2 for every card and about 98% are within that budget. and i wish you the best of luck playing commander!

RogueArtificer on Saskia Enchantress

2 months ago

The biggest thing I see is that you might not have enough creatures to get your auras on in enough time, Saskia is going to be a big enough threat on her own.

Also, a lot of your enchantments don't do nearly enough on their own to turn the tide or impact the board and it seems like you have got more quantity than quality going on here. Triggering constellation and your Enchantresses is going to be great, but if you can't put that towards winning, what's the point. It might be worth looking at things like bounce auras ie: Rancor or Flickering Ward

If you have enough Rancor like auras, you can sink a bunch of your mana into playing them over and over again to draw cards or even sac them to an Auratog or Thaumatog which can help get you some huge swings later on.

Three Dreams can help you dig out key auras which is great for one card. Ramp is hard, but you have access to Green, so it shouldn't be so bad.

The Heartless Hidetsugu/Wound Reflection combo is great. If you want to keep the creature count down, I'd almost recommend running Worldly Tutor so you can grab a key Enchantress or Hidetsugu when the time is right.

Just some overarching ideas. Let me know if any of that helps. Also, how is your mana base? It seems like you're hurting for Green mana more than not and probably have more Red and Black than you need. Land ratios are super wonky in 3+ color decks when things aren't evenly divided. If you don't have a problem, just ignore the query.

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