Elvish Rejuvenator


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common
FNM Promos (FNM) None

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Elvish Rejuvenator

Creature — Elf Druid

When Elvish Rejuvenator enters the battlefield, look at the top five cards of your library. You may put a land card from among them onto the battlefield tapped. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.

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Elvish Rejuvenator Discussion

nzznzn on Explorers of Ixalan

2 weeks ago

This deck no longer ramps. You only have 4 cards which ramp. Druid of the Cowl, Gift of Paradise/New Horizons, Blossom Dryad, Elvish Rejuvenator, and Wayward Swordtooth. Particularly Druid of the Cowl, Elvish Rejuvenator, and Wayward Swordtooth.

Your deck can't be hurt at all by putting in Vivien Reid, an astounding planeswalker which belongs in any green deck.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of white mass-removal floating around with Jeskai control being a top deck and that doesn't give a damn about hexproof.

DemonDragonJ on Primal Sovereign

3 weeks ago

Funkydiscogod, MagicalHacker, the fact that WotC is using certain mechanics less frequenter does not mean that players who make their own custom cards need to do so, as well, and I dislike effects such Elvish Rejuvenator because they are too unreliable; what if there is no card that meets the criteria in the cards that are revealed?

legendofa, Flooremoji Defense of the Heart and Tooth and Nail have no restrictions on what they can find, so why should this card?

MagicalHacker on Primal Sovereign

3 weeks ago

I've noticed recently that WotC has been shying away from tutors and has almost replaced them entirely with Elvish Rejuvenator effects, especially on creature ETBs.

To address some of the previous comments as well, what about this?

Primal Sovereign

Casting Cost: 5GG

Creature - elemental avatar

Power/Toughness: 6/6


When primal sovereign enters the battlefield, reveal the top seven cards of your library, put up to one creature card from among them or from your hand onto the battlefield, then put the rest of the revealed cards onto the bottom of your library in a random order.

Minrat on Tempo mono green (needs help)

3 weeks ago

Have put in maybeboard all cards i'm considering. My broken "not this" version at the moment on MTGA lacks the midrange and loses frequency. It affirms in my mind that overstatted 4 drops are the key.

That said, Ranging Raptors is performing less well than i'd like at pulling land and stopping aggression. Thinking Elvish Rejuvenator or Blossom Dryad may be better

5c0r910n on Trample them to Dust (Advice Needed)

3 weeks ago

i think Elvish Rejuvenator really isn't that good, but that my opinion, i think you want more Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma, the ramp from him is really good.

I believe you are setting your curve pretty high, Impervious Greatwurm, Arboretum Elemental and Aggressive Mammoth are pretty ambitious, and Hungering Hydra isn't that great either. Good replecements are cards like Carnage Tyrant, Nullhide Ferox, and Vine Mare. Vine mare doesn't seem that good but in the end it hits for five, killing your opponents pretty quick. I like the idea of Elvish Rejuvenator, seeing that playing a Llanowar Elves turn 1 increases your chances of winning immensely, the druid should do a similar thing.

I think that Broken Bond in the main board doesn't make alot of sense, but it depends on what your facing often. I suggest swapping it out for your Adventurous Impulse.

Crash the Ramparts is a questionable card in this deck, its a dead card in hand most game, given that more of your creatures alreadly have trample or are given trample by another creature.

Root Snare also doesn't make any sense, its a very defensive card in a very aggresive deck. The idea of the mono green is to tempo enough pressure to force your opponent to stay on the defensive. If you think it work really well against what your facing maybe sideboard it.

I think Prodigious Growth is definitely interesting, but i feel like if you want the stats on its your could play a better six drop creatures, and if you want some burst to finish your opponent off, just play Bounty of Might

Vivien Reid is another card that requires a defensive strategy to pay off, and yet its in this deck. If it is value you are looking for i suggest Find / Finality Even thought you can only cast the first half its still pretty good in the late game

Also mono green want more lands, i suggest 22-23 lands

Ratgut on Guildgate Artifacts

1 month ago

Personally, I like the idea of this deck a lot, but I don't see a lot of synergies going on except for 'look, I'm playing a lot of guildgates'. I don't know a lot of MTG cards by heart, so in the next statement will be a fair bit of guesswork, but I believe it should be possible to have a more refined strategy and win condition going on while milking the gates for gains.

Right now, I think you've gto something nice going on with Chamber Sentry, Voltaic Servant and Glaive of the Guildpact. District Guide is a staple, but I'm not sure about Elvish Rejuvenator as it might not help you find the diversity you need in mid-late. Arn't there some 2 drop elves that let you look for lands?

Tezzeret is nice although I think he, as well as the rest of the deck, might grow too late for you to be still alive? Maby I'm doing the math wrong, but it seems as if this deck is building up all the way trough early game without a lot of protection. Sure, Voltaic Servant is a great card (actually, i'm taking notes here), but beyond that all you have is an elf or 2 to chum block with.

And it is great that by turn 4 you can cast a 5/5 Awakened Amalgam Which then can be equipped with Glaive of the Guildpact and next turn possibly hit for 11, but since it's an artifact creature (and by then, your only threat on the board) I don't expect it to live long.

The way I see it, this deck has some great potential, but needs to focus more on 1 particular win condition. Would you like to overrun you enemies with an Awakened Amalgam or Gatekeeper Gargoyle on gate-steroids? Make sure they survive long enough (and possibly have trampleGate Smasher). In that case, get a full set of Suspicious Bookcase in your main. Also don't underestimate what Lightning Greaves can do here

Maby also consider putting in some 1-2 drops that give you an edge (or protection) early game. Maby I'm making a too big deal out of this, but personally I'm a player that focusses a lot on the first 6 turns.. most of my decks either win or lose by turn 4-5-6. I'm not sure in what meta you playing but personally I'd perpare for that kind of agression.

For the rest; I would feel Blood Sun is more of a side deck card, Phyrexian Scriptures might be hard to get on the board due to the double black cost, and the guildgates have amazing art which is enough reason to play this deck in the first place... that should have gone on top.

Last; I notice quite a few ETB triggers. Maby it could be profitable to build some triggers on that by either bouncing or flickering or ...

Anyway, I think the deck is really interesting, and has the potential to be a mean machine if the strategy can be refined more. Good luck!

jwingzero1 on No ATs Golgari Undergrowth

1 month ago

Week one of FNM with this deck:

1) People are afraid of Lotleth Giant, but Unmoored Ego removes all of them. It seems due to cards like that, running a 4-set of the giant, spider, etc is not advised b/c any given set can be removed. The deck either needs to get faster or have more threat, or both.

2) I did not have any copies of Duress yet, and this was a bad thing.

3) At least twice, Elvish Rejuvenator did not pull land. Once though, it fished Memorial to Folly for me. In short, might replace for more explore.

4) Hatchery Spider is not as feared by opponents and for good reason - it is expensive and was often sitting in my hand. When I was doing well enough, I had preferred target cards to spend mana on instead. Considering swapping in Izoni, Thousand-Eyed back in for the spiders, as when it pops it is more formidable. It was dropped on a previous iteration due to facing mass removal, but this past week would've worked well against some G/W token plays.

5) Isareth the Awakener did not help much, but this may have been circumstantial to the particular matchups. Ravenous Chupacabra was instrumental, as was Plaguecrafter.

6) Explore mechanic did well and was praised by opponents on my behalf. Golgari Findbroker was very strong. Prioritize upgrading with Jadelight Ranger.

7) The Enchantments all did their jobs as expected.

8) Other than Necrotic Wound, which works great, some flying creatures (e.g. Nical Bolas or midsize drakes) gave some trouble.

In summary, the undergrowth play is strong and the exploring helps a bunch. When the engine RUNS here, this deck keeps pace and has viable balance of threats and removals it would be expected to have, but at present form, it is expensive-weighted and still a tad slow, and lacks some variety in big bomb finishers.

FogonaFrog66 on Muldrotha the Wealthy

1 month ago

I really like your list! Thank you for looking at mine and giving suggestions. As I look at your list, I would:

Remove: Burnished Hart District Guide Slum Reaper

Add: Underrealm Lich Elvish Rejuvenator Venser, Shaper Savant OR Scapeshift Lazav, the Multifarious Jalira, Master Polymorphist

The best thing about her is there is really no way to do it “wrong”. Good luck!

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