Solidarity of Heroes


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Uncommon
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Uncommon

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Solidarity of Heroes


Strive &mashl Solidarity of Heroes costs more to cast for each target beyond the first.

Choose any number of target creatures. Double the number of +1/+1 counters on each of them.

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Solidarity of Heroes Discussion

Roccovsky on Hydra Deck

1 week ago

I love big, silly green decks like this. Here are some affordable suggestions to smooth this out some, and make it more consistent.

I recommend:

4x Utopia Sprawl, 3x Arbor Elf (Instead of Elvish Mystic), 3x Voyaging Satyr

This alone lowers your curve a bit. I think 23 lands is fine.

filthyc4sual on Hail Hydras

3 weeks ago

I guess Kalonian Hydra is the closest you can get to a hydra lord, huh? ;)

I think I would add more Hardened Scales and Metallic Mimic, and possibly Adaptive Automaton. This also looks like a deck that could benefit from some copies of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, especially when you only run 20 lands right now.

I would definitely add more ramp. I like Elvish Mystic and Sakura-Tribe Elder. another good one is Heartbeat of Spring. Yes, it benefits both players, but chances are you have more ways to take advantage of it.

I would cut Nissa's Pilgrimage and Solidarity of Heroes. Solidarity feels super win-more, and Pilgrimage is just not as good as some other ramp is. I would also cut Heroes' Bane, which is incredibly slow.

I love the pun in the title.

zin1000 on Counters for days

1 month ago

Sorry I couldn't get to it earlier. Anyways The Build is alright but i think we can patch it up a little bit. First Off, why Tezzerets Gambit? I know you have gear sage but I just don't think you will be able put on the battlefield too much. Replacing it with either Solidarity of Heroes since its costs less mana and is very powerful or Rancor for trample might be a better idea, or the best choice is probably Prey Upon, which is kinda like a destroy creature spell which is very useful since green almost never gets spells in that category. Also, since your not going budget why not Doubling Season? The price is really steep but it pays off, also if you want more mana you can try Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. I mean I know you have Hangarback Walker and Walking Ballista but I think it still would be a great addition, also Nissa, Voice of Zendikar seems a little slow, and in general a lot of your cards kinda need some time to start running which is odd for mono-green, especially since your avg cmc is not that much, it should start off strong and end off strong. But a lot of your cards are more late game oriented, its not necessarily a bad thing but keep that in mind. Kinda costly but Omnath, Locus of Mana might be a good idea to speed things up, especially good in the late game so its pretty great with your deck. Exploration will also speed things up dramatically from the start, Although Pricey. If your not willing to spend that much money, Burgeoning is a cheaper alternative, but not cheap enough to be considered "budget", but for the money its worth every penny in my opinion. If you add some mana ramp in there you might end up with a pretty deadly deck. Overall its pretty nice, I appreciate you asking me for help and I hope my response was of any use!

bigcraig666 on Jund -1/-1 Counters!

1 month ago

Solidarity of Heroes works well with Kresh when you get a lot of counters. I've killed many players by casting after they didn't block.

Wanderlust814 on +1/+1 Evolve

1 month ago

Just getting back into magic and found the evolve mechanic on the Elusive Krasis. I tinkered with building a (casual) deck and liked it. So much so that after discovering a bundle of cards I would like to incorporate I thought maybe a commander build? Down at my shop they often play commander, and I have dallied but not really committed. I thought I would try my hand at building an evolve commander, so I ran a search for ideas, and found you deck. It is exactly what I was framing out for my deck.

I wanted to say thank you for a great, fun and AFFORDABLE build; the Ooze Flux and Experiment Kraj made me say "oh my!!", and the Gilder Bairn definitely to be used elsewhere too. In parting, a question, what is the point for Ongoing Investigation and .... the investigate/clues? I would swap them out for Gilder Bairn and Solidarity of Heroes from your maybe column.

Lastly, again thank you for the awesome deck, and a toe into the commander community.

TheVectornaut on Test deck

1 month ago

It looks like this deck was built from a limited collection of cards. While not an invalid strategy, you'll probably have more success by brewing a prototype here and purchasing the singles. If your expectations aren't too high, it's pretty easy to make a solid deck on a budget. To start with, I'd identify what cards, abilities, or strategies you like in green/blue and focus in one 1 or 2. Then, search around to see if anyone else has built decks with similar ideas. This may give you some inspiration for what cards and combos you want to build around. Just from what you have here, I see some paths you could take. Satyr Wayfinder and Tome Scour could be in a graveyard focused deck with cards like Splinterfright and Mindshrieker. Axebane Guardian and Crush of Tentacles could be in a ramp control deck with cards like Kruphix, God of Horizons and Plasm Capture. Setessan Oathsworn and Stratus Walk could be in U/G heroic with cards like Battlefield Thaumaturge and Solidarity of Heroes. All of that is just scratching the surface though. With some exploration, you should be able to find an archetype that fits your style. Then, you can get to adding the meat of the deck.

CommanderEesha on Green Counters

2 months ago

WarlordDesto, Since my curve tops out at only 4 4-drops, I think the 22 land count is reasonable, and possibly even a land too high. This is meant to be a hyper-aggro huge creatures build. Kalonian Hydra is tempting, but it lands turn 5 and attacks turn 6 at best. I want to have won already by turns 4-5. Solidarity of Heroes is a very interesting possibility. I enjoy the idea of using this as a combat trick or a sudden "I-win-the-game" card. I'm not sure if this is the best build yet, as splashing black and going mid-range for more powerful cards (like hydra, constrictor, and Abrupt Decay) may be better. Thanks for the comment!

WetNightmare on Mono-Green Aggro

2 months ago

Solidarity of Heroes, Bow of Nylea are good ones. Nothing like deathtouch on top of trample

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