Clan Defiance

Clan Defiance


Choose one or more Clan Defiance deals X damage to target creature with flying; Clan Defiance deals X damage to target creature without flying; and/or Clan Defiance deals X damage to target player.

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Clan Defiance Discussion

Spootyone on Gruul Battleground

3 days ago

Clan Defiance is a powerful spell given the right set up and can cause fantastic 2 for 1s. Is it overpowered? Probably not. But few things are when compared to something like Black Lotus .

Please, lookoutimscary, try to be a bit less abrasive and a bit more constructive when commenting. It's better for the community and for the players as a whole.

chogosuu: Are you limited by budget and/or new to modern? I'm not big on Modern myself, but I know many of these cards are considered non-playable in such a quick format.

w00tthehuk182 on Castle von Trampleburn

3 days ago

I like it. What about Clan Defiance ? I love that card, since it gets rid of multiple threads.

lookoutimscary on Gruul Battleground

3 days ago

HAHAHA Clan Defiance overpowered? Ever seen Black Lotus ..?

JPODS0717 on Surrak beatdown

1 week ago

Maelstrom Wanderer is a most definite yes for this deck. Especially if it can't be countered, and has flash. Guided Passage is perfect. Also, Intet, the Dreamer , Apocalypse Hydra , Clan Defiance , Decimate , Domri Rade , Firespout , Manamorphose , et cetera, et cetera.

AricMcDonald on Token Land, Anyone? Suggestions?

1 week ago

I lament that this is not an elven thing, but there is one modern legal infinite land combo.

Life and Limb + Sporemound

If you don't see it immediately, read them back & forth and you'll see it. Sprout makes it instant speed infinite lands. Let's say end step infinite lands, attack next turn or what ever you're doing with your infinite mana. Just swinging with <><> saprolings works perfectly well.

This deck seems functional as it is though, and I wouldn't recommend scrapping it. If you did decide to, say, turn it fungus tribal for that purpose you could splash red for burn with X spells,(Red Sun's Zenith , Devil's Play , Clan Defiance , Comet Storm - these are the best modern legal burn X spells in my opinion.) and take out the all the replication stuff (Doubling Season is useless with infinite combos. Lol. 2x infinite land tokens.). There are some really cool fungus out there if you haven't checked. Also, with fungus you could make it Bad Tribal format legal*, and you wouldn't need replication, so that would open up plenty of creature slots.

*Any creature type in Magic outside of a select few are eligible to be used in this format, (more on that later). You build a (minimum) 60 card deck (no sideboards are used) that has at least 25 creatures from the chosen Tribe. Everything else in the deck has to follow the current Modern format rules (including Banned List), but your tribe's creatures can go back to Alpha, if you want to, as any sets are allowed, including special sets like dual decks & commander! (keep in mind that OTHER creatures in your deck that aren't related to your tribe have to be Modern legal).

Now, for the Banned Tribes List!:

(some are color-specific, for example, you can't use BLUE Wizards, but any other color Wizards are fine): Beasts, White Clerics, Elemental, Green Elves, Blue Faeries, Zombies, Red Goblins, Merfolk, Slivers, Soldiers, Black Vampires, and Blue Wizards. No creatures from these tribes can be used in this format. Note that Shapeshifters that have the "Changeling" keyword ability are exempted from this rule and may be used to represent any tribe (they'll definitely help you in a Kobold deck!)

Also, anything after the hyphen on a creature card (example: "creature- human wizard." (Xathrid Necromancer .)) is it's creature type! I overheard some people at FNM saying Obelisk of Urd wouldn't work with warriors, and while I've never heard this anywhere else I'll clarify: creature type does include subtype

blazegod on prossh deck

2 weeks ago

I would consider Clan Defiance and Nissa's Expedition for the deck, but otherwise it looks great!

Seismic_Raptor on Farmer Ulasht

2 weeks ago

Possible cuts: Coat of Arms , just as likely to kill you.

Restore , not being abused at all.

Mizzium Mortars , not nearly as good as it's blue counterpart in EDH. It's decent early but late game it's not guaranteed to kill the things you would need it for. Plus you have others.

Genesis Wave . Currently you are running too many spells for me to run this, but the deck could be shifted to utilize it better.

Reincarnation . It's hard to make it work like you want it to without explicitly running a graveyard strategy.

Momentous Fall is a one time effect that you already have the cheaper version of. The life isn't typically that relevant.

Gruul Charm is versatile, but could be replaced with a stronger card. More often than not its relevant mode will be to nuke the skies and there's stronger effects for that.

Where Ancients Tread probably doesn't pull its weight.

Night Soil isn't strong enough without a graveyard theme.

Spontaneous Generation is too conditional for my liking.

Thromok the Insatiable , super cool, but he nukes your board to be good, then dies before he even could swing.

Saber Ants isn't getting pumped or evasive, and isn't pulling it's weight.

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed , isn't on theme, awesome however.

Ivy Lane Denizen , not good enough.

Inferno Titan , not on theme.

Hornet Nest . The deck isn't currently abusing this, adjusted to this could be great.

Possible additions:

If you end up leaning more toward goblins

-Krenko, Mob Boss

More toward Saporlings

Keep your hand stocked- Skullmulcher

Good stuff to be considered:

Angel_Of_Deathx666 on I Hear You Like Noncreature spells

4 weeks ago

Let me just start by saying "Welcome to EDH!" :D ... First off I'd like to tell you that EDH is a WHOLE other beast to conquer compared to other formats... And while on the topic of "beasts" I must say that Advocate of the Beast is definitely not a good fit for the deck since it's a 2/3 for 3 with an ability that will barely activate seeing as how you have only 3 beasts in the whole deck... I'd also suggest shifting your curve from peaking at 2 to peaking around 4... You want big beefy creatures that upon hitting the field can be a threat! Cause drawing a Riot Piker on turn 8 when you need something huge is gonna hurt... Some really cheap cards I like in decks like this are: Deus of Calamity , Gruul Ragebeast and Garruk's Horde ... All have great abilities in commander and I recommend dropping some of your low cost creatures like Nyxborn Rollicker , Sedge Scorpion , Riot Piker , etc. for bigger creatures with useful abilities like them... In Commander, I find that the first 3-4 turns should be spent casting ramp cards like Sakura-Tribe Elder , Rampant Growth , Cultivate , or Kodama's Reach or casting mana rocks like Gruul Signet or Darksteel Ingot instead of dropping low cost creatures that only scratch the surface of your opponents' life totals... That way you can explode out of the gate early with your commander and force a control deck to use precious removal and voluntarily take 6 to the face xD... Sorry for writing so much but I'm just trying to help cause I remember how daunting Commander seems at first... My final suggestion is that you play at least some X casting cost spells to really take advantage of the copious amounts of mana Zhur-Taa Ancient can help generate... Savage Twister would be a decent way of wiping out decks with creatures smaller than yours if you do have a meaty board and Clan Defiance to finish off an opponent low on life... There are also X-cost hydras which can come in as massive bombs late game and usually have incredible abilities and have trample... Phew lol hope that helped!... _ Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.12 $0.26 $1.3 $1.23
Color(s) Red Green
Cost XRG
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.54
Avg. cube pick 3.67


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare


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