Clan Defiance

Clan Defiance



Choose one or more Clan Defiance deals X damage to target creature with flying; Clan Defiance deals X damage to target creature without flying; and/or Clan Defiance deals X damage to target player.

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Clan Defiance Discussion

Schmawl on Grantley91

10 hours ago

didnt have any extra ludevic's but i can add the 2x Clan Defiance

Grantley91 on Schmawl

16 hours ago

Do you have any more Test Subjects? If so I'd take them, if not then just toss in 2 Clan Defiances and we'll call it even.

CPD on Izzetarka--- Dragon/Mild-Control Budget

2 days ago

Re-working the sideboard a bit for more control, in case I decide to do some competative play with it. I think the two Red Sun's Zenith's, Mindswipe and Clan Defiance are the four main cards that I would substitute out, along with a forest and a mountain for islands to bring in more blue mana. Also added a fog directly into the deck, just in case I need it. I'm not quite sure what I'll be facing, but I'm guessing there'll be plenty of decks in modern card-shop play that are much faster than mine.

kvttrs on Can you say "hit by a freight train"?

2 weeks ago
  • I'd get rid of black and just go full aggro, your power is very strong and any mana wasted on removal would be a shame. Let's let your trample monsters and combat tricks become your removal. I feel with the hard punches and combat tricks, you will not miss black. Also black is asking too much in this aggro deck right now.
  • -3 Clan Defiance
  • -3Savage Summoning
  • Xenagos, God of Revels adds immense power, +1
  • +4Burning-Tree Emissary will help you ramp up and smack em before they could answer
  • +4Ghor-Clan Rampager so much value +4+4 and TRAMPLE?! when they least expect it, and it cannot be countered! only stifled.
  • +4Madcap Skills My all time favorite card in gatecrash, just too powerful. hmmm Burning tree into madcap skills? so good. or burning tree into whatever.
  • +2Savageborn Hydra
  • +1Signal the Clans
  • +2Slaughterhorn (could be used as a giant growth or creature when you need a body) or just replace with Giant Growth, will save the life of your mana dork to spend future mana or just go in for damage.

Scyxx on Gruul Midrange Budget

2 weeks ago

NoviceMagician Thank you for sharing! I'm not a huge fan of the Zhur-Taa Druid due to its specific cost with (in my opinion) little benefit. I'm sure in some scenarios it would be wonderful but it doesn't fit well into my meta.Clan Defiance is a card I am excited to use but I dropped it to fit in more creatures. I hadn't considered, however, that it could replace the Lightning Bolt altogether. Hammerhand I've seen the combo work well in other decks but I'm not sure if I can fit it into this one.Legion Loyalist will take some consideration; I'll need to play a few games and decide on it.Again, thank you for your input!

NoviceMagician on 2015-05-23 update of Savagely Shamanic ...

3 weeks ago

Hey there! What's up? So, I see that suggestions are desired. Well, that makes me all giddy inside! So I's gots me some!

  • Zhur-Taa Druid, I like it better than Elvish Mystic but that's just me. The only problem is that it's CMC is two, but that effect seriously does make up for it.

  • Utvara Hellkite, like dragons? Well, he does too.

  • Wild Slash, just a good burn. And probably will get that Ferocious to activate.

  • Clan Defiance, another burn. It really knows how to spread the love. Know what I mean?

  • Legion Loyalist, makes your dragons even beastier. If that's a word . . .

  • Titan's Strength, just a troll card. I hate it. And love it. So much. :)

Good luck, and let me know if you ever need anything! ;)

NoviceMagician on Gruul Midrange Budget

3 weeks ago

Hello! I really like the deck! Besides blue control, gruul is really high up on my favorites list, so I just got to, GOT TO! . . . Leave some suggestions. :)

  • Zhur-Taa Druid, costs one more, but is basically Elvish Mystic with more awesomeness.

  • Clan Defiance, I honestly have no idea why this was taken out. The only explanation I see in the comments is that in "My experience. with Clan Defiance is never a good one. I never really used it in games. Maybe quicker burn like lightning strikes even?" If that was enough, doesn't really matter if this one person choose not to play it in games. The fact is that it gets the job done, times three. Lightning Bolt is indeed beautiful, but it'd be more beautiful if it dealt that same amount, or more, damage to three targets, not just one.

  • Hammerhand, would go well with Rancor.

  • Legion Loyalist, I run him in my own, and he just turns already awesome creatures into even more of roid ragers.

Any of these cards could even go into the sideboard seeing as how it still has plenty of room. Good luck wi all future builds!

jj4622 on A work in progress

3 weeks ago

Zapo360: Thanks for the tips, they've given me some ideas. Charmbreaker Devils is definitely going to be better than Nucklavee but I'm not sure about removing Elvish Aberration for Gilded Lotus, if only because aberration is a decent body and can cycle early game if needs be. Obviously lotus doesn't die to creature removal, but to be honest I like the idea of having both. I also really like Clan Defiance. If I'm reading that right I can choose all three effects at once? That seems insane for the cost. I'm assuming Riku interacts with X spells in the way you'd imagine (X is whatever it was for the first copy) but if I'm wrong then that's a great spell anyway. Considering running that and Bonfire of the Damned as my awesome damage spells/sweepers etc. As for the rest of it I'm gonna work out what I'm aiming for first.Also Temporal Mastery and Form of the Dragon are gonna make homes in here somewhere. Because yes.

Color(s) Red Green
Cost XRG
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 1.31
Avg. cube pick 3.97


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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