Essence Harvest


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Common

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Essence Harvest


Target player loses X life and you gain X life, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Essence Harvest Discussion

droslag on Dimir Maniac

1 week ago

have you considered Rogue's Passage or Essence Harvest instead of artful dodge? but i guess you need the flash back eh :P

GregGreg on Nature's Wave

2 weeks ago

My perfect hand is, T1: forest + mana dork, T2: land + lightning greaves T3:Corpsejack Menace + land T4: land + attacking 24/24 Kalonian Hydra. I <3 hydras.

Sometimes i'm not so fast, but you know that 1 turn for us is very important, our hydras double/triple in power in one turn, sometimes i need life, Feed the Clan, good card, when you are still charging the cannon, or Essence Harvest great finisher, Also useful when you are against a fast deck. I run Vines of Vastwood over Blossoming Defense with vines you can stop your opponent from boosting with auras etc. their creatures.

GregGreg on Hyper-Stompy Limitless Growth Creatures

2 weeks ago

Hi, nice deck +1, i like hydras too, i suggest you to look at Essence Harvest, nice card, you can check out my hydra deck, Hydra's Menace, if you want

AtomicEmpire on Radiation Poisoning

1 month ago

OK, so I saw Rite of Consumption and I just wanted to point out another damage/life combo. Wall of Blood and either Rite of Consumption or Essence Harvest. Otherwise, nice deck! +1

Kemokyle on Blood-soaked Braids

1 month ago

Believe me, I considered it. But it came down to either Essence Harvest, Overwhelming Stampede, or Decimate. In which I went with Decimate due to my lack of enchantment/artifact removal. But I'll just trade it with Fling for now.

Tyr_W on Kreshing Elementals

1 month ago

hoardofnotions lol you mention all the cards I just got out rebuilding my previous Kresh-deck: Big Bob, the True Hero of Fight Club. That deck was all about swinging damage, in this deck, I try to make an attacking machine, while boosting Kresh along the way.

Let's see.

"Ancient Ziggurat, Rupture Spire could be basics i think."

With many , and manacosts, I need all the manafix I can get within reasonable limits of budget.

"Vandalblast could be Subterranean Tremors"

The blast is one of my favorites, since it says "each artifact you don't control". But the Tremors is versatile and wipes well. I'll keep it in mind.

"Tropical Storm could be Arashi, the Sky Asunder"

Great suggestion. Arashi costs more, but can be regenerated, found with Birthing Pod and keep those pesky flies under control.

"Apprentice Necromancer could be Doomed Necromancer"

I might use both. Haste can make the difference in multiplayer EDH and the necromancer is slightly cheaper.

"Essence Harvest, Rupture, Soul's Fire, Stalking Vengeance, seems like a good complement to Fling"

Essence Harvest, Soul's Fire are very nice, tnx.Rupture is not so good. It's a sorcery, so no response to a kill, and can be suicidal. I have tried Stalking Vengeance, but somehow found it to be too expensive most of the times. When it is really useful (when Kresh is big), I tend to win anyway.

"Quietus Spike, Elbrus, the Binding Blade possible cut?"

Why? I especially like Elbrus that can easily be flipped onto a crashing elemental. And the Spike would make the attacks much more effective. Every time.

"Back to Nature over Tranquil Path"

Good point.

"Chandra's Ignition and Blasphemous Act"

I know, but I'm trying to get away from the swinging damage, and getting the attack-machine to work.

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